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2nd North Carolina Cavalry      
Company Unknown
John Eli Ingram - Lieutenant   
Most people do not know that the name Eli was his middle name, as his military records use 'Eli' almost exclusively. He saw lots of service in Thomas Legion of Indians and Highlanders. Buried at the city cemetery (IOOF) in Pryor, Mayes County,Oklahoma where they had removed to after the war. His wife was Mary Catherine Whitaker, daughter of Captain Stephen Whitaker of Walker's Battalion and Thomas's Legion of Indians and Highlanders. Her brother William Thomas Whitaker is known for founding the Whitaker Home for orphans in Pryor, and his deep commitment to the children and civil contributions.Eli is my Great Grandfather, and Stephen Whitaker my GG Grandfather through Eli's daughter Cornelia Ingram Cleveland, born in NC, died Craig County, OK.
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Company Unknown
Perry Renfrow - Corporal   
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Company Unknown
William Shoffner - Unknown   
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Company A
William Pinckney Gabriel - Private   
Younger brother of Abram Alburtus Gabriel of Company K, 23rd North Carolina Infantry Regiment. Enlisted 27 Sep 1864. Erroneously listed in records as 'Wm T. Gabrol.'

Source: John W. Moore's 'Roster of North Carolina Troops in the War Between the States,' Raleigh, 1882, Volume II, page 115.
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Company A
Nicholas McGuire - Private   
On June 18, 1861, enlisted as a private in the 2nd Regiment North Carolina Cavalry (CSA) 19th State Troops, Company A 'Cherokee Rangers.'

Promoted to Farrier on June 30, 1862.

Killed In Action (KIA), June 21, 1863 Upperville, Virginia.

Nicholas McGuire

Residence was not listed; 30 years old.Enlisted on 6/18/1861 at Cherokee County, NC as a Private.On 6/20/1861 he mustered into 'A' Co. NC 2nd Cavalry He was Killed on 6/21/1863 at Upperville, VAPromotions:* Farrier 6/30/1862 Sources used by Historical Data Systems, Inc.: - North Carolina Troops 1861-65, A Roster(c) Historical Data Systems, Inc. @

Soldier Details

McGuire , Nicholas
Battle Unit Name:2nd Regiment, North Carolina CavalrySide:ConfederacyCompany:ASoldier's Rank In:PrivateSoldier's Rank Out:FarrierAlternate name:Film Number:M230 ROLL 26Plaque Number:
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Company B
Calvin Pennell - Private   
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Company B
Miles Washington Shook - Private   
Enlisted June 1861 in Co.B, 2nd NC Cavalry, was transferred to Co.F, 38th NC Infantry on April 1, 1864. Captured May 24, 1864 at Hanover Junction and imprisoned at Point Lookout, MD. Exchanged as a POW on March 14, 1865.

I am his g-g-grandson.
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Company D
John A Braddy - Private   
Born on Feb, 23, 1827, in North Carolina. Enlisted in August 1861, for service with the NC 2nd Calvary Compmay D, raised at Cumberland Couny, NC. KIA: Gilletts Farm/Pebbly Run, NC April 13, 1862, age 35. Out numbered he bravely engaged in a heroic charge upon Union Troops who seized a farm and held a family captive. He died of wounds and was laid to rest at the farm, in the family cemetary, by members of the family who were held captive by the Union Troops.

His older brother Pvt. Nathan M Braddy, born March 15, 1824, in Johnston County, NC, enlisted on May 2, 1861, to serve with the 56th Infantry Company B, raised in Cumberland County, NC. He died while in service with the 5th Infantry Company A, on June 8, 1864, age 40, as a POW in Washington DC.

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Company D
John H Hubbard - Corporal   
Captured at Hanover, PA 30 Jun 1863 sent to Elmira, exchanged 10 Mar 1865
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Company D
George W Melvin - Private   
Dec 20, 1824 – Aug 21, 1904. He enlisted on Oct 15, 1861. On rolls but never joined unit. Disability made him unfit. He then joined McDougald’s NC Company in 1864.

• Edward Melvin 1797 – 1851 son of John Thomas Melvin, son of Daniel James Melvin
• Sarah Sutton.
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Company D
James Kelly Melvin - Private   
The NC 2nd Cavalry Regiment AKA 19th Regiment Volunteers “2nd Horse” was organized at Kittrell's Springs, North Carolina, in September, 1861.

He was born on May 5, 1826 and died Aug 11, 1902. He enlisted on Jan 1, 1864.

• John Melvin 1800 - 1842 son of Daniel James Melvin Jr, son of Daniel James Melvin
• Sarah Ann Kelly Born 1806 and died 1857

Newspaper article
Fayetteville Observer, Mar 09, 1865
$200 Reward
STOLEN from the subscriber on the 21st inst., a large SORREL HORSE, about 14 hands high, with a white star in his face, 9 years old, 4 white feet, with saddle mark on his back. I will give the above reward if any person will deliver or inform me where I can get him. I believe he was carried off by men going home on detail.
Feb’y 22 J. K. Melvin, Co D. 2d NC Cav., Barringer’s Brig.
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Company D
Joshua Jefferson Melvin - Sergeant   
Born 1832 - July15, 1892. He enlisted in Bladen County for the war. He was mustered in as Private and appointed Corporal. May/June 1862. He was promoted to Sergeant July/August 1864. Was present or accounted for through Sept.1864. He was paroled at Appomattox Court House, VA, April 9 1865.

• Arthur Melvin - born March 05, 1796 and died August 02, 1885, son of Daniel James Melvin Jr son of Daniel James Melvin.
• Charlotte Mae Averitte

Newspaper article
Fayetteville Observer, Sept 8, 1861
Company D left Fayetteville for the war on Aug. 16, 1861, commanded by Captain J.W. Strange. (Long list of troop names). Melvin, Love and Melvin, Joshua Jefferson

Note: He named his son after his cousin Love Melvin who was killed during the war. His son would serve during the Spanish-American war.
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Company D
Love Melvin - Private   
1842 - Apr 24, 1862. He died at the Hospital at Kinston (My research leads me to believe it was General Hospital No. 3 – Goldsboro or a place called the Old Castle on the Neuse River in Kinston), from the effects of a gunshot wound in the left jaw, received the night of the Apr 13th skirmish with the enemy, at Gillett's Farm south of Pollocksville, NC. His family made the trip to bring his body home. After a five-day trip by wagon, he was returned home on the 29th April 1862 for burial.

Note: He initially joined the 18th NCST but chose to join the 19th NCST aka 2nd NC Cav instead.

• Robert Melvin 1801 - 1881. Farmer 6,500 acres. Son of John Thomas Melvin, son of Daniel James Melvin
• Martha Smith born September 13, 1813, and died January 16, 1871

Burial location unknow at this time. He maybe buried in his family cemetery in Beaver Dam NC but the cemetery is lost to time.

Newspaper article on wounding
Fayetteville Observer, April 4, 1862
THE CAVALRY SKIRMISH. – We have received from an officer engaged in the skirmish of a portion of Spruill’s Cavalry a detailed account, not written for publication, of that affair. The companies engaged were the larger part of four, vis: Strange’s Turner’s, Bryan’s, and Thomas’s with a few from Hayes’s, Andrews’s and Cole’s; in all about 200, under Lieut Colonel Robinson. They were scouting, when they heard from a negro that about an equal number of the enemy were at Gillett’s house, 13 miles from Newbern, and proceeded to attack them, about midnight of the 13th inst. Bryan’s company was arranged to charge the house in front, and Strange’s and Turner’s on the left and right. Owing to the misinformation as to distances, the effect of Capt Bryans’s charge in front was lost before the others could pull down fences and get up to their positions. The enemy were not unprepared, as was expected, for their fire was almost simultaneous with that of our men. The fight was kept up for some time with spirit, and some of the men in all the companies distinguished themselves for coolness and bravery. Captain Strange and Captain Bryan each made two distinct charges in front, side, and rear. Bryan had one man wounded through the breast. Of Captain Strange’s company, Love Melvin was badly wounded in the left check, his jaw bone being broken, Alex McDougald severely wounded in the thigh, Wm Vanghan a flesh wound in the right side. John A. Braddy missing, supposed to be killed. Col Robinson was not killed, but received a flesh wound and was taken prisoner. Capt Turner was wounded at the commencement of the fight. Several of the other companies had men wounded. 6 horses were killed and 2 wounded in Strange’s company.
The writer attributes the failure of the attack to the want of space in the yard to operate so many horses, over fences and ditches, too, and thinks that the original design of dismounting two of the companies would have been better.
Since the above was in type we find the following in the Hillsborough Recorder, doubtless furnished by Capt Joseph Turner Jr. of the place.

Newspaper article on death
Fayetteville Observer, May 5, 1862
Died, at the hospital at Kinston, on the 24th April, from the effects of a wound in the jaw, received the night of the 13th in a skirmish with the enemy, Private Love Melvin, of Captain Strange’s Company, 2nd Cavalry, 19th Regiment N.C.T. At the call of his country, like a patriot and lover of liberty, he was ready to sacrifice his life in his country’s cause rather than the ruthless hordes of Lincoln should ever succeed in subjugating the South. On the 29th June last he volunteered, not for 6 or 12 months, but for the period of the war. He was ever ready to perform any duty as a soldier, and was esteemed by all his officers and company. He received the fatal blow, as a valiant soldier, with his face to the enemy; and after ten days’ suffering, he yielded his spirit to God who gave it. He leaves an aged father and mother, three sisters and a brother, to mourn his departure, and many relations and friends and his entire company the same. Thus, we may say that Love was a good son and was beloved by all who knew him.
Oh Love, thou hast left us, whose absence we deeply feel; But the Lord who hath bereft us,
Can all our sorrows heal.
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Company D
Washington Adam Melvin - Private   
Enlisted Jun 1, 1861 and medical discharged on Sep 1, 1861 with a kidney disease.

• John Melvin 1800 - 1842 son of Daniel James Melvin Jr, son of Daniel James Melvin
• Sarah Ann Kelly Born 1806 and died 1857
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Company E
Thomas C. Land - Private   
Born abt 1836 in North Carolina, Son of John Land & Rebecca Taylor. Gr.Gr.Grandson of my English Ancestor,Curtis Land. Enlisted on 6/10/1861 at Wilson County, NC as a Private. 24 years old. On 8/30/1861 he mustered into 'E' Co. NC 2nd Cavalry. * On rolls present 9/30/1864.

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Company E
Larry Newsom - Private   
Enlisted as a Private on 10 June 1861 at the age of 21.
Mustered in Company E, 2nd Cavalry Regiment North Carolina on 30 August 1861.
Died of disease on 26 December 1861.
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Company E
Thomas M Tyson - 1st Corporal   
1838-1904 Enlisted on 13 June 1861 in Wilson County. Promoted to Corporal in June 1862. Served throughout war.
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Company G
John Tyler Fogleman - Private   
John Tyler FOGLEMAN was born 6/25/1841 in North Carolina (Orange Co.), and died 11/24/1910 in North Carolina (Alamance Co.). He was buried 11/1910 in St. Paul's Lutheran Church Cemetery. He was the son of Martin B. FOGLEMAN and Rebecca MOSER. He enlisted in Company G, 2nd Cavalry Regiment North Carolina as a Private on 3/3/1864, and was paroled on 5/22/1865 at Greensboro, North Carolina. He was the Justice of the Peace in Alamance County, in 1916.
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Company I
Alexander Chisholm - Private   
Alexander was born in 1818 in Moore County NC. He is found on the 1860 census as 41 living at Rollins Store in aforesaid county. He enlisted 13 July 1861 as Pvt. in Co. I 2nd NC Cavalry at Sloans. He has 13 cards in his archival file and served honorably until 20 Sept 1862 at Halifax, NC when he was discharged. No reason given for same. The battles he fought in were 5 May 1862, Williamsburg Va. 16 May 1862, Pollocksville, NC and 6 Sept 1862 Washington, NC. he was discharged about 2 weeks after the action at Washington. He is the Father-in-Law of my cousin Margaret Ferguson 1835 -1860. He and his wife are buried at Stewartsville Cem. Laurinburg, Scotland Co. NC.
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Company I
William Alfred Cox - 1st Corporal   
Searching for information on my Great great grandfather. I have a photo of grave and found a roster with his name, rank and enlistment date june 1861 Moore County NC
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Company I
Archibald Buie Nicholson - 1st Sergeant   
Both great-grandfathers survived the full four years of the civil war: both at Chancellorsville & Gettysburg. 1st Sgt. Nicholson was at Appromattox Court House when LEE surrendered. Sgt. Thomas G. West was at the first major battle at Manassas; was captured at Cedar Creek, and held as POW at Point Lookout MD.
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Company K
William Alexander Graham Jr - Major   
Enlisted as a 1st Lieutenant on 30 August 1861 at the age of 22.
Promoted to Full Captain on 8 November 1862.
Wounded in the thigh on 3 July 1863 at Gettysburg, PA.
Promoted to Full Major (As Assistant Adjutant Gen State of NC) on 30 September 1863.
Discharged for promotion on 12 December 1863.
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