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64th North Carolina Infantry      
Company Unknown
William A Goldsmith - Unknown   
William A Goldsmith served in NC's 64 Infantry Regiment and was later at Camp Douglas.
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Company Unknown
Allison Woodville Norton - Private   
Died at Camp Douglass in Chicago, following capture at Cumberland Gap.
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Company Unknown
Jesse Norton - Private   
Jesse died at Camp Douglass in Chicago of smallpox, following his capture at Cumberland Gap.
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Company Unknown
benjamin parks - Private   
any info helpful
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Company Unknown
Thomas W Wells - Private   
Thomas was my gggf; he survived camp douglas and returned to Madison COunty where he was a witness in the trial of Col Allen. We have found some interesting information related to the Shelton Laurel Incident in the NC archives
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Company A
Clement Arledge - Private   
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Company A
Jonas Mace - Private   
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Company A
Isaac Murray - Private   
Issac Murray, neighbor and friend of William Watts served together with him in Co. A. Isaac was wounded and had lifelong damage and partial paralysis of his left arm, but survived the war.

The two families united when son of William Watts (James M. Watts) married Margurite Murray (daughter of Issac Murray and Mary Ann Penley a mix-blood Cherokee). They are my GG Grandparents
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Company A
Asa Washington Sams - Private   
Asa Washington Sams data: I have a beautiful rendered image of Asa W. Sams in a ten gallon hate available.

U.S. Civil War Soldiers 1861-1865
Name: Asa W. Sams Side: Confederate Regiment State/Origin: NC Regiment Name: 64 North Carolina Infantry (11 Battalion North Carolina Infantry.) (Allen's Regiment North Carolina Infantry.) Regiment Name Expanded: 64th Regiment, North Carolina Infantry (Allen's) Company: A Rank In: Private Rank In Expanded: Private Rank Out: Private Rank Out Expanded: Private Film No. M230 Roll 34

Military Service Records of Asa Washington Sams:
State Department of Archives and History in Raleigh, NC and the General Services Administration in Washington, D.C.
'Asa W. Sams volunteered into the Confederate Army on 10 May 1862 at Marshall, NC at the age of 28 years. During the battles of Seven Pines and Fredricksburg, was organized as a Private into Company A of the 64th Regiment of North Carolina's Infantry State Troops, 27 Feb 1863 under Colonel Lawrence M. Allen. He was in active service from New Bern to Goldsboro, NC and the battles of Murfreesboro and Stone River, TN, which was fought in the last part of 1862 and also in the Eastern TN Campaign in the summer and fall of 1863. He was captured at Cumberland Gap, TN on 9 Sep 1863 and was transferred to Camp Douglas, Illinois as a Prisoner of War. He remained there until 18 Apr 1865 at which time he was released from prison. He then re-enlisted in the 5th U.S. Volunteers under Colonel Lawrence M. Allen.'

Civil War Documents ~ State of North Carolina ~ Department of Cultural Resources ~ Division of Archives and History
The Great Seal of the State of North Carolina
This certifies that in John W. Moore’s Roster of NC Troops in the War Between the States Raleigh: 1882) Vol. IV Pg. 53: Name: Sams, Asa W. Military Unit: Company A - Sixty-fourth Regiment - Infantry Rank: Private Date Enlisted: May 10th, ‘62 County: Madison Other Info Detailed: This company was captured at Cumberland Gap ~ July 1863 Raleigh, North Carolina
Signed February 5, 1987 by Jesse R. Lankford, Jr., Chief, Archives and Records Section

§ § §

No. 307, 709 War Department, Surgeon General’s Office ~ Record and Pension Division
Washington, D. C.
28 Jun 1884
I have the honor to return herewith your request for a report of hospital treatment in Claim No. 300,328, with such information as is furnished by the records filed in this Office, viz: that Priv. Asa W. Sams, Co. K 5th US V, was admitted to Post Hosp. Fort Morgan, C. T. July 3, ‘66 with Inguinal hernia and returned to duty July 10 ‘66.
The records of Cp. Wardwell, Co. CT. Apl. 6, ‘66 (earliest date) to June 23, ‘66 furnish no information in the case. Ft. Morgan, C. T. was known as Camp Wardwell up to June 23, ‘66.
By order of the Surgeon General B. F. Pope,
Assistant Surgeon, U.S. Army
§ § §

To: The Commissioner of Pensions

Pay Department, U. S. A. ~ Dated June 5th, 1866 ~ Paymaster of the 5th Reg’t. U. S .V. Infantry
I have this day paid Asa W. Sams, Private, Co. K, $32.00, in full from Feb 28, 1866, to April 30, 1866.
Charles Crawford, Paymaster U.S.A.

§ § §

[3--064] Department of the Interior, Pencion (sic) Office ~ Washington, D. C. dated July 19, 1884

A claim, No. 300, 328, has been filed in this Office by Nancy E. Sams, as Widow of Asa W. Sams, who was a Private in Co. “K,” 5th Reg’t., U.S. (Rebel) Vols., and is alleged to have died at Camp Wardwell - 1866. Will you please to furnish with the return of this Circular, a copy of such evidence as may be in your possession relative to the date of the Soldier’s last payment Report of the Abs. inclosed (sic).
Very respectfully,
Wm. W. Danstery, Commissioner
The Second Auditor, Treasury Department

§ § §

Asa W. Sams' U.S. Army records show that he was 5 feet 11 1/2' tall, had blue eyes, brown hair, fair complexion and that his occupation was farmer.
In a U.S. Army Certificate of Disability For Discharge dated March 9, 1866 and signed by Asa W. Sams' Commanding Officer, Captain R.D. Palmer, the following is part of a statement made by Captain Palmer.
'During the last two months said soldier has been unfit for duty for '60' days. 'By reason of Hernia which has physically disabled him to such an extent as to render him totally unfit for Service.' On that same certificate, Acting Surgeon in Charge, D. G. Wilson, states: I certify that I have carefully examined the said 'Asa W. Sams' of Captain Palmer's Company and find him incapable of performing the duties of a soldier because of 'Inguinal Hernia which has totally unfitted him for active service. The said Hernia was contracted in the service.
In a War Department, Adjutant General's Office document, it is stated in part that he 'was ordered to rejoin his reg't July 10, '66 from Ft. Morgan, C.T. failed to rejoin his reg't, and investigation fails to discover what became of him.''
In an untitled document handwritten and signed by Justice of the Peace Lyle Carpenter in the state of Kentucky, County of Laurel and dated Aug 5 1884, he states, in part, as follows: 'John W. Hall who Being Duly Sworn depose & says that the Last Letter he Received from Asa W. SAMS was writen (sic) at Collorado (sic) Hospital and he stated in his letter as follows, that his papers for discharge had come back disapproved and was ordered to Join his Command and was about a hundred miles through a very Dangerous Rout'…….

§ § §

Notations found on various said NARA documents show the following:
1. Asa W. Sams was assigned the duty of Hospital Steward/
Acting Ward Master at Camp Wardwell upon his appointment to 1st Sergeant on April 18,1866.
2. Camp Wardwell, Colorado Territory, was renamed Ft. Morgan on June 23, 1866.
3. A Pay Department document dated June 5, 1866 shows that, on that date, Asa W. Sams was 'paid in full from Feb 28 1866 to April 30 1866.'
4. A Hospital Muster Roll of U.S.A. Post Hospital, Ft. Morgan, Colorado Territory, indicates that Asa W. Sams was returned to duty July 10, 1866.
5. U.S. Army Muster Roll, Fort Leavenworth, KS, for 'Jany & Feby, 1866;' 'Asa W. Sams' Company K, 5 Reg't U.S. Vols. Present or absent ….'absent.'
Remarks: 'Resigned position as 1st Sgt on Jany 1, 1866. Sick in hospital Camp Wardwell, C.T. since Jany 1, 1866. Promoted from Private April 18, 1866.'

Among Sams researchers, it was thought for a period of about thirty years that Asa Washington Sams died somewhere in Indian Territory after he was absent for Muster, listed above in Number 5 of the NARA notes. Asa Washington Sams has been found alive and well long after his hospitalization in Camp Wardwell, Colorado Territory. He went to Colorado and married three more times, after leaving his wife and five children in North Carolina.
I also have Asa's obituary, considered 'THE find' of the last three decades. I want to personally thank everyone for their generous time and effort to 'bring Asa Washington Sams finally home to rest. The obituary is found in The Telluride Journal Newspaper (Colorado) dated 30 Mar 1911 on page 4.

Asa Washington Sams is my Great Great Grandfather.
Beck Sams, author of 'The Sons and Daughters of Sams' at
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Date Added:  11/22/2010
Company A
William G or J Watts - Private   
64th Regiment of the Confederate Army

Company A was raised in Madison County as Captain James A. Keith’s Company Partisan Rangers, N. C. Volunteers. It was mustered into service at Ivy on May 10th, 1862. First assigned to the 11th Battalion of the N. C. Infantry, which was very soon renamed Col. Lawrence Allen’s N.C. Legion. In October 1862, this Legion was formally organized as the 64th Regiment (Infantry).

William Watts (a great grandson of Cherokee Chief John Watts) died in Knoxville and is buried in a mass grave there
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Company B
William H Brown - Private   
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Company C
george nathaniel stine - Private   
information from gravestone
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Company D
William Alexander Buckner - Private   
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Company D
Rezi J. Callahan - Private   
Rezi enlisted on July 15, 1862, from Madison County, NC. He served as Private in the 64th North Carolina Infantry.He was captured at Cumberland Gap- and held as a prisoner of war at Rock Island, Illinois where he died December 8, 1864. He is buried at Rock Island Confederate Cemetery, Rock Island, Rock Island County, Illinois, USA, Plot: Grave # 1651

he was my 4th great uncle.
He was one of 8 brothers who fought in the Civil war.
My 3rd great Grandfather was Jabez B. Callahan .
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Company E
Robert Jones King - Private   
Joined Company E of the 64th North Carolina Infantry in 1864.
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Company E
Joseph William Ruff - Unknown   
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Company F
Jesse Woodson Duyck (AKA: Duck) - Sergeant   
Jesse was the younger brother of John Jackson Duyck (AKA: Duck) and died April 1, 1865 in Camp Douglas, Cook, Ill (POW CAMP)
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Company F
John Jackson Duyck (AKA: Duck) - Lieutenant   
John Jackson Duyck (AKA: Duck) was my great, great grandfather and also on the roster of the 5th Battalion Cavalry, North Carolina. He later moved his family to Arkansas where is buried. His father was Berry Duck of North Carolina. I am a member of Sons of Confederate Vertrans Camp 1627 Sacramento, CA and a Wildlife Officer in California with Animal Capture & Removal (707) 678-8604
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Company G
nathan black - Private   
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Company G
Elias Gosnell - Private   
Entered service from Madison Co, NC Company G 64th NC Inf Reg. (Allens) I Have no idea what happened to him. My GGrandfather's Brother.
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Company I
william cochran - Private   
my g g granfather and his two brothers were in the 64 nc (co I) inftry robert cochran died in camp creek tn. in march 1863,the other two died in camp douglas in aug 1864( william ) james cochran died in jan 1865 any info would be helpful.
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Company K
A J Guinn - Private   
My GGG Granfather on my mother's side, enlisted in Knoxville TN, in Co. K 64th NCST, he was a resident of Burke County NC, he left the 64th NCST and enlisted in the 5th TN Cav.
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Company K
Lewis Everette Humphrey - Private   
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Company K
Aaron Shehan - Private   
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Company K
William Tapp - Private   
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