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97th Ohio Infantry      
Company Unknown
Jerome Buckner Egbert - Asst Surgeon   
With the regiment during it's full term of servive[.His father was Captain L.J.Egbet C.Co.59th Ohio.A brother Corydon served in medical corp as a veterinarian.]Jerome Egbert lived in Georgetown Ohio at the time of his enlistment.His letters indicate how the stress of the war built up.He had hopes that the rebels would cease fighting,and all would be well again.As the war continued he came to believe that the only way it would end would be by killing every rebel and the complete destruction of the south.Althouh he was wounded in the leg,he refused convalesent leave and continued with his duties.Shortly after being wounded,he volunteered for mounted courier duty to obtain urgent supplies for the wounded.After the war he settled in La Salle Co.Illinois,where he was dedicated to his medical practice.His views of the rebels and the south mellowed.Among his friends in Illinois were former Confederates,who like him had come to make a fresh start.His experience at Shiloh helped him in his writing on treatment of mass casualties,which was used in ww1.Jerome Egbert died as a result of exhaustion after treating victims of an epidemic .
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Date Added:  8/20/2008
Company A
Ebenezer Gooden - Private   
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Company A
Oscar Hall - Private   
1rst cousin 4 times removed. He died on 23 Jan 1863, Gallatin, Sumner Co., Tennessee.
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Company B
John H. Carlisle - Captain   
John H. Carlisle was a first lieutenant of Company A and later promoted to Captain of Company B
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Date Added:  1/23/2008
Company C
Charles Mummey - Private   
Charles was born in Harrison County, Ohio in 1835 and moved to Morgan County, Ohio in 1848. After enlisting, he developed chronic bronchis and was discharged after about one year of service. After the war, he was a farmer in Morgan County. He died in 1909 and is buried in Mt. Olivet Cemetery.
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Company C
Asa Beale Smith - Private   
Born in Morgan County, Ohio, Asa Smith's family moved to Iowa while he was in the service. He was wounded at Missionary Ridge, but returned to fight at Kennesaw Mountain, Rocky Face, Resca, Franklin and Nashville. After the war, he was a farmer in Sac County, Iowa and served in the state legislature. He is buried in Odebolt Cemetery.
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Company C
Philip Stout - Corporal   
I am the great grandson of Pilip Stought who was born in McConnelsville, Ohio in 1843. At age of 18 at the start of the war in the spring of 1961, he answered the call for 90 day enlistments and served in the 3rd OVI with his surname listed as 'Stout' in Union Army records. The 3rd OVI crossed the Ohio River and marched around in what was then the western part of Virginia (before West Virginia broke away from Virginia about 2 years later).
About one year after his discharge, when the Confederates threatened to invade Ohio in the late summer of 1862, he married his young sweetheart Margaret Porter and again answered the call to duty, this time to join Company C of the 97th OVI at its formation in September 1862 (and mentioned a comrade as Asa Smith. In the winter of 1863 he suffered from scurvy while in Chattanooga at which time the 97th OVI was on garrison duty and its' supply line was cut off by the rebels, thus resulting in not enough fresh vegetables or fruit in his diet for good health.
The following spring of 1864 he was sick again when part of the march on Atlanta. But he rallied and after the fall of Atlanta, the 97th was made part General Schofield's Army of Ohio, General Wagner's 2nd Division and Colonel Lane's 2nd Brigade with orders to detach from General Sherman's main army at Atlanta and return to Nashville and reenforce General Thomas' forces there.
Enroute on the evening of Nov 29th, 1864 General Hood's rebel Army of Tennessee was entrenched across the road near Spring Hill TN in front of the Army of Ohio and anticipated winning a great battle for the South. However the Union forces quietly slipped by during the night. The next morning Hood was furious with his lost chance to win an easy victory and mounted a hasty pursuit of the Union Army.
Late the that afternoon of Nov 30, 1864 as the sun was low in the sky, Wagner's 2nd Division was bringing up the rear of the Army of Ohio as it established a line of defence at the southern perimeter of Franklin TN in order to allow time to build a bridge across the nearby river. When rebels mounted a furious mass assault which the 97th was no match for, there was a mad scramble by 97th OVI personnel to get to safety the Union lines to their rear where artillery pieces were located.
Knowing the Union forces on the line could not fire without danger of hitting their own people, the rebels took advantage and the assault became all the more fierce in order to breach the Union line (which they succeeded at doing).
Aparently Philip Stout was one of last to be bringing up the rear and still facing the enemy as he was wounded by friendly cannon fire, having received burns on the back of the neck and impaired hearing (for which he received a veteran's pension until his death in 1903).
He was discharged in 1865 and had a large family when he divorced his wife Margaret in 1872 possibly because (according to my uncle) he was a very angry, embittered man the rest of his life; possibly the result of post traumatic stress syndrome long before anyone knew such a condition existed.

As his great grandson I had USMC service 1950-57 (including one year in Korea in 1952/53) and USAF service 1957-70 (one year in Vietnam in 1968/69) and retired in 1970. But there is no way my 20 years military service was anywhere near as difficult as his approximately 3 years in uniform for one reason alone.
That is because I cannot imagine any war more terrible than one in which, regardless of which side one served, it meant Americans killing other Americans in greater numbers than all of the dead of all other U.S wars combined, something on the order of 650,000 in 4 years!! That was an average of about 13,542 DEATHS PER MONTH!!!
As I recall, there were about 4,000 to die at the Battle of Franklin, TN in less than 4 hours, as many as what there has been in the 5 years of the current US War In Iraq!!!

I was able to get much of this information in my ancestor's veteran's pension records (from Washington, D.C. military archives) and the rest from my uncle in the early 1990's.

Robert L. Stought
Retired; Columbus, OH

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Date Added:  4/6/2008
Company D
William H. H. Hammond - Private   
William was severely wounded at Missionary Ridge on 25 Nov 1863 by shot to the left lung. He died at Chattanooga, TN on 3 Dec 1863. Buried in Chattanooga National Cemetery Section D Site 12659.

A 22-year-old farmer, he had been born in Belmont Co., OH, but enlisted at Chesterfield, Morgan Co., OH.
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Company D
Godfrey Engle Huffman - Unknown   
This is a brother of my Great Great Grandfather
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Date Added:  3/26/2010
Company E
Frederick Geiger - 2nd Lieutenant   
Buried in College Hill Cemetery on Ohio State Route 4 in Chatfield, Ohio.
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Company G
Jacob Francis - Corporal   
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Company H
Newton G Dunn - Corporal   
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Company H
Sylvester Collier Wolford - Corporal   
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