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56th Pennsylvania Infantry      
Company Unknown
Philip McNelius - Unknown   
Unit record, vol. III, page 227. (sick - not present for muster out March 30, 1864)
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Company A
Henry Buchanan - Corporal   
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Company A
Daniel Rider - Private   
Daniel Rider my ggrandfather was drafted into company A 56th Pa and served his full term
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Company A
Alanson C. Surine - Private   
Alanson C. Surine is down in the 56th Pennsylvania Infantry as Alanson C. Surrine was in for about 7 months and was medically discharged.
Alanson Surine is the father of Willian Surine who was killed in the Battle of Bull Run.
Surrine, Alanson C. Private October 14, 1861 3 Discharged on Surgeon's Certificate, May 6, 1862
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Company A
William R. Surine - Sergeant   
William R. Surine is down in records of the Co. A, 56th PA Infantry as William R Surrine.
William Surine is the son of Alanson C. Surine of the same company and regiment.
Wm. R. Surrine Sergeant October 2, 1861 3 Killed at 2nd Bull Run, August 30, 1862
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Company A
Edson Williams - Sergeant   
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Company B
James Edward Kelly - Private   
James Kelly is my wife's great-great-grandfather. The following account is from his obiuary in the Blairsvill PA newspaper in 1913: James E Kelly, age 80 years, and a Civil War veteran, died at the home of Duncan McConnell, Burrel Township, 2 miles from Blairsville, on Sunday morning,
October 26th, at 5:00 ,death being due to infirmities of old age. His remains were taken to the home of his grandson, James K. McConnell, of Blairsville, where the funeral took
place Tuesday afternoon at 2 o’clock, Rev. W. R. Goff, pastor of the Blairsville Lutheran Church, conducting the services. Two daughters, Mrs. Ruth McConnell and Mrs. Margaret McConnell, both of Blairsville, survive the deceased. Mr. Kelly being a member of Findley Patch Post No. 137, G.A.R., of Blairsville, the members of that organization had charge of the service at the cemetery. During a skirmish on the
Rappahannock, Mr. Kelly was so badly wounded as to necessitate the amputation of his left leg at the hip joint, and the back of a photograph taken shortly after the operation
contains the following account of this marvelous piece of surgery:

Surgeon General’s Office: Army Medical Museum

Successful amputation at the hip joint: Private James E. Kelly, Company B, 56th Pennsylvania Volunteers, First Division, First Army Corps, 28 years old, was wounded
on April 29, 1863 in a skirmish nearly opposite “Pratt’s House”, below Fredericksburg. He was about three hundred yards from the enemy when a conoidal musket ball shattered
his left femur, the splintering of the bone extending as far as the lesser prochanter. He was wounded at 9 AM. A consultation of the surgeons of Brigades of the 1st Division,
decided that exarticulation of the femur was advisable. The operation was performed at 4PM by Surgeon Edward Shipen, U. S. Vols., Surgeon-chief of the 1st Division, First Army
Corps, at the “Fitzhugh House.” The double flap of procedure was adopted. The hemorrhage was slight. The patient was placed in the hospital tent. On May 22, he was
transferred to the Corps Hospital, doing well. By May 28 all the ligatures had been removed, there was no favorable symptom to the date of June 15, 1863, when the patient
was captured by the enemy and transferred to the Libby Prison in Richmond. On July 14 Kelly was exchanged and was sent to the U.S.A. General Hospital in Annapolis, Maryland.
On his arrival he was much exhausted by profuse diarrhea. The external portion of the wound had united, but the lower external portion was gangrenous. Applications of
bromine were made to the sloughing surface but without amelioration. Under the use of a chlorinated soda lotion, a healthy granulating surface was obtained. July 24, 1863, the patient now improved, and on December 23, 1863, his wound was
healed, and he visited Washington and obtained an honorable discharge from service and a pension. At this date the picture from which the photograph was taken, was drawn by
Hospital Steward Staunch, U.S.A., artist of the Army Medical Museum. In the spring of 1864 Kelly was in good health at his home near Black Lick P. O., Indiana County. The
femur is preserved at the Army Medical Museum and is numbered “specimen 1148.” GEORGE A. OTIS
Surgeon, U.S.A. Curator, A.M.M.

Mr. Kelly enlisted December 16th, 1861, and was a member of Capt. Cunningham’s company. He was discharged from the service December 7, 1863.
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Company B
Richard Kelly - Private   
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Company B
James McCrea - 3rd Corporal   
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Company D
Jacob Christ - Private   
Killed in action July 2, 1863
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Company G
George Shaffer - Private   
Pvt. George Shaffer, a farmer in Allegheny Twp. Somerset Co. was drafted into the Army from Somerset Co. PA in September of 1864 and discharged in May 1865. He saw action with Company ‘G’ of the 56th Penna. Volunteers [USA] during the Virginia Campaign 1864-65 and the Appomattox Campaign 1865. He participated in the battles of; Boydton Plank Road, Hicksford Raid, Dabney’s Mills, Hatchers Run, Lewis Farm, Gravelly Run, Five Forks and was present at the Confederate surrender at Appomattox.
George Shaffer was born in Lindheim, H-D, Germany on 4 Nov 1824 and migrated to Cumberland Maryland in 1846. He married Louisa Solomner Boehm of Lahr, Baden, Germany in Cumberland in 1851 and moved to Somerset Co. Pennsylvania in 1852. He was a farmer in Somerset Co. and died there in 1883.
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Company K
E.M. Bradshaw - Private   
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Company K
David C. Walter(s) - Private   
My great-great Uncle David.
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