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3rd South Carolina Infantry      
Company A
Edward Melville Hix - Sergeant   
Captured 17 Feb 1864 sent to Lousiville Kentucky then sent to Fort Delaware 27 Feb 1864. Released on exchange - no date given
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Date Added:  2/5/2008
Company C
william b douberly - Private   
Born in beaufort SC...was a member of the 4th SC militia unit before getting combined with the 3rd SC infantry...served honorably in the 3rd until the close of the war in 1865...moved to savannah ga after the close of the war..married in 1870..died in the early 1880s
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Company C
Levi Gruber - Private   
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Company C
Joseph Martin - Private   
Pvt. Joseph Martin 1827-1895 is buried at Pleasant Union Missionary Bapt. Church, Horry SC. He was the son of Moses Martin & Mary E. Shelley Martin of Marion SC. He served in SC State Troops, CSA. Married Sarah Jane Rabon about 1858. My GG-grandfather via his son, Joseph Whiteford Martin 1879-1951 of Aynor, SC.
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Company C
William Cannon Sligh - Private   
William Cannon Sligh, the eldest son of George Augustus Sligh and the former Miss Elizabeth Alberta Cannon, was born in the bounds of Beth Eden Lutheran Church that his parents had helped organize.

William enlisted as a Private in Co. C, 3rd Regiment, South Carolina Infantry when the war broke out; serving until surrender in 1865.

On November 18, 1869, William married Miss Sarah 'Sallie' Cannon. This union was blessed with three children. William and Sallie made their home in the Jalapa section of Newberry County; where he was a successful farmer. William C. Sligh departed this life on January 31st 1923 and was laid to rest at Rosemont Cemetery in Newberry.
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Company C
Alison Winburn - Private   
Allison was born in 1848 in the Chesterfield Court House District in Chesterfield SC. He was about 16 when he enlisted in Aug 1864. Enlisting at Cheraw Hill, Chesterfield Co SC. His pension record is all that survives of his service. He was living in Barbour County Alabama when he applied 18 Sept. 1915. He died 23 March 1917. His unit surrendered March 1865.
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Company E
Noble Jackson Brown - Private   

He served in the 3rd Battalion of South Carolina Reserves, Co. E
Listed as N. J. BROWN on fold3 and other roster sites. He was mustered into service on Nov. 12th, 1864. He served throughout the Carolina Campaign and made it all the way to Bentonville. Unfortunately, he was wounded in the battle and died on March 30th, 1865.

He his likely buried in the mass confederate grave at Bentonville.
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Date Added:  11/21/2023
Company F
Alfred ( Alf ) ( A ) McCoy - Private   
Family history says Grandpa Alf was wounded at Gettysburg and captured at Cold Harbor and held prisoner in Maryland...

Looking for any information on this unit ...

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Date Added:  8/13/2009
Company F
John Young Wofford - 2nd Lieutenant   
John Young Wofford is my great grand uncle on my father's side of the family. John was the son of Dr. Benjamin and Julia Ann Woodruff Wofford.
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Company G
Robert Henry Jennings - Captain   
On February 6th, Company G (Aiken Guards), Fairfield District’s contribution, was assigned, thus forming the battalion commanded by Lieutenant Colonel George Strother James.
D. Augustus Dickert writes that Jennings commanded the battalion at Chickamauga as senior captain but research thus far has failed to determine if and when he was promoted to that rank.
Applied 7/29/64 for retirement in consequence of wound received at Chickamauga 9/20/63. Consequently lost his arm. He later became the Treasurer of South Carolina.

Captain Jennings' battle engagement history as a member of The South Carolina Third Voluntary Infantry Batallion:

As a Unit Assigned to the Third Military District of South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida

Slanns Island (White Point) Edisto Island, SC (December 26, 1861)
Pineberry Point Edisto Island, SC (February 21, 1862)

As a Unit of General Thomas F. Drayton’s Brigade

Second Manassas (August 28-30, 1862)
South Mountain-Fox’s Gap (September 14, 1862)
Sharpsburg (September 17, 1862)

As a Unit of General Joseph B. Kershaw’s Brigade

Fredericksburg (December 13, 1862)
Chancellorsville (May 1-2, 1863)
Salem Church (May 3, 1863)
Gettysburg (July 2, 1863)
Chickamauga (September 20, 1863)

Submitted by Michael A. Rou II (Great-Great Grandson)
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Company G
W F Thomason - Private   
Looking for more information -
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Company H
Jacob James Cannon - Private   
Jacob J. Cannon was born at Chapin, Lexington County, South Carolina on June 5, 1840. He was the son of David M. Cannon and Eve Margaret Hartman Cannon.
He enlisted for service in the Confederate States Army on April 14, 1861, joining in the Dutch Fork section of South Carolina, for a period of 12 months. He reported for duty with Company H, 3rd Regiment, South Carolina Volunteers, under the command of Capt. Drury Nunamaker on June 6, 1861. On May 13, 1862, he reenlisted at Lexington, South Carolina, by W. D. Rutherford, for two years service. He served in several battles during this time, and on December 13, 1862, he was “wounded seriously “ in the battle of Fredericksburg, Virginia, and sent to the hospital for treatment. In January, 1863, he was back, present for duty and served throughout the next several months. On July 2, 1863, he was wounded in action and left in a hospital at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. He was included on a register of sick and wounded Confederates in the hospitals in and about Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, after the battle of July 1, 2 and 3, 1863, with “Complaint: Thigh (flesh)” and sent to Gen. Hospital on July 20, 1863. Jacob was listed on a Roll or Prisoners of War at the hospitals in and about Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, captured July 1, 2 and 3, 1865, and was was transferred to the Provost Marshal on July 20, 1863. His name also appears on a list of wounded Confederates sent to the Provost Marshal, New York, on the forenoon of July 21, 1863, from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. He later was one of a group a “Rebel Sick and Wounded Prisoners of War received at DeCamp General Hospital, Davids Island, New York Harbor, July 17,19, 22, 23, 24, 1863.” He was one 528 (five hundred twenty eight) Confederate Prisoners of War paroled at De Camp General Hospital Davids Island, New York Harbor, and delivered to City Point, Virginia, on September 16, 1863. He then was admitted to Episcopal Church Hospital, Williamsburg, Virginia, with a gunshot wound in the left thigh, on September 15, 1863. He was issued clothing at S.C. Hospital, Petersburg, Virginia, after he was released and was furloughed on September 24, 1863. He was back on duty November, 1863, and served for the remainder of the war, during which time this company served in the battles of the Wilderness, VA; Cold Harbor, VA; Petersburg, VA; Spotsylvania, VA; Salkahatchie, SC; Bentonville, NC, and others. When he died on Christmas Day, 1908, he still had the Yankee bullet in his hip that he received in the Battle of Gettysburg on July 2, 1863. He was buried in St. Peter Lutheran Church Cemetery, Chapin, SC, where he was a member.
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Company H
George Michael Fulmer - Private   
George enlisted on July 1, 1862 for the war at Lexington, South Carolina. Mustered in by Colonel Preston, he was the son of George Michael Fulmer and Nancy Eleazer. His wife's maiden name was Louisa Monts (1842-1909). He was admitted to Chimborazo Hospital Number 5 on February 20, 1863 with a diagnosis of Contin Fever. He died on February 24, 1863 from that fever. His wife Louisa filed a claim with the War Department for back pay and the return of his personal effects.
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Company H
Henry Junius Fulmer` - Private   
Enrolled in the army on April 14, 1861 at the Dutch Fork in South Carolina. He signed up for a 12 month tour of duty and was mustered into the regiment on June 6, 1861. After the expiration of his enlistment, he reenlisted for two more years. Records indicate that he was wounded in September 1862 at the Battle of Sharpsburg and furloughed home to recover. Back in the ranks, he was present for the Battle of Gettysburg and fought in the Peach Orchard. Wounded on November 17, 1863 at Knoxville, TN he was again sent to the hospital. Returning to the ranks, he was wounded again on May 6, 1864 at the Battle of the Wilderness. He survived the war, and returned to his wife, Nancy Ellen Freshley Fulmer. Born on August 8, 1841, Henry Junius died on March 9, 1917.
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Company H
John Edwin Fulmer` - Private   
John enlisted for the war on July 1, 1861 at Lexington, South Carolina under Colonel Preston. He was wounded in the battles leading up to Fredericksburg and sent to a hospital. For the next 6 months or so records indicate that he was in and out of several hospitals with various fevers. Also diagnosed with chronic rheumatism, he was transferred to Chimborazo in Richmond for a time in February of 1863. He returned to duty on April 2, 1863 but was back in the hospital by May 4, 1863 with pneumonia. He was transferred to Howard's Grove in Richmond on June 9th and most likely missed Gettysburg. John returned to duty on July 30, 1863, and no doubt participated in the Battle of Chickamauga and later battles with his regiment. He was paroled at Greensboro North Carolina on May 2, 1865.
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Company H
Oliver Perry Fulmer` - 1st Sergeant   
At 29 years of age, Oliver enrolled on April 14, 1861 and mustered in at the Dutch Fork on June 6, 1861. He was a 3rd Lieutenant and then reenlisted in June of 1862 as a 1st Sergeant in Company H. He was hospitalized in Richmond with Bronchitis in March of 1862 and returned to duty on April 5, 1862. Records indicate that he was wounded at the Battle of Fredericksburg on December 13, 1862 and sent to the hospital. He was sent to the hospital as sick on September 1, 1863, and may have missed the Battle of Chickamauga. He was wounded in the right shoulder at the Wilderness on May 6, 1864 and furloughed on June 6th for 60 days. He was captured on February 13, 1865 by Company D of the 10th Illinois Infantry near Orangeburg, South Carolina. It is not clear whether he returned to duty after the Battle of the Wilderness, although one record indicates that he did.
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Company H
Amos Bartley Guise - Private   
April 14, 1861: Enrolled at the Dutch Fork, Lexington District, SC
June 1861: Mustered into Confederate service at Columbia, SC.
June 14, 1861: Departed for Charlottsville, VA
Aug 31, 1861: Archive notes indicate paid up to this point.
Nov 20, 1861: date of death; surgeon's Certificate shows cause of death as pneumonia & typhoid.

in book - 'The Roll of the Dead' it shows Corporal; cause of death listed as smallpox -- died in Warren Springs, VA 'in South Carolina Hospital' - so reported on 'Report of Sick and Wounded'.

Buried in Virginia at unknown location 'close to Front Royal'

N.A.B. Guise on Monument of Civil War Dead which stands beside the old Lexington County Courthouse

Husband of Martha E Swittenberg, father of Margaret Elvie Guise
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Company I
John Samuel Brasington - Private   
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Company I
Andrew Pierce Butler - Unknown   
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Company I
martin van buren hinson - 3rd Corporal   
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Company K
Samuel Willis Tucker Lanham - 3rd Sergeant   

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