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27th South Carolina Infantry      
Company Unknown
Abram Huguenin - Captain   
Born 5 Oct 1838. Served in the First Battalion, South Carolina Sharpshooters then in the 27th Volunteers. Died 11 Feb 1885.
Contact Name:  Sid Huguenin
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Date Added:  3/2/2011
Company Unknown
Hugh E Schnierle - Private   
Hugh E Schnierle was wounded at Petersburg on June 16, 1864, by shrapnel to the head. He died on the 18th. He was the son of General John Schnierle (South Carolina Militia) General Schnierle was a two time mayor of Charleston, and served one term in the South Carolina legislature.
Contact Name:  Gene Schnierle
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Date Added:  2/27/2007
Company B
Bloomfield Littlejohn - Private   
Enlisted 10/12/63 Charleston, SC., captured Ft. Anderson 2/19/65, arrived Point Lookout, MD 2/28/65, released 6/24/65 after Oath of Allegiance (William E.S. Littlejohn's son)
Contact Name:  David Sosnowski
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Date Added:  7/20/2010
Company B
William E. S. Littlejohn - Private   
Enlisted 9/20/63 Charleston, SC. William was captured near Petersburg 6/24/64, sent to Point Lookout, transferred to Elmira 8/16/64. Sent to James River for exchange 2/20/65. Admitted to Receiving and Wayside Hospital # 9 Richmond, VA 4 or 5 March 1865 and died there 5 or 6 March 1865. He is buried at Oakwood Cemetery in Richmond, VA Section G, Row K, Grave 022.(Bloomfield's father)
Contact Name:  David Sosnowski
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Date Added:  7/20/2010
Company B
Alfred Richardson Milam - Corporal   
Alfred R. Milam
Side: Confederate
Regiment State/Origin: South Carolina
Regiment Name: 3 Batt'n South Carolina Inf. ( Lauren's and James' Batt'n ) Combined to create the 27th South Carolina Infantry in 1863.
Rank In: Private
Rank Out: Corporal
Contact Name:  Fred Rose
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Date Added:  1/17/2009
Company B
Josiah D Sineath - Private   
Born 1827 in Marion SC. Enlisted in March 1862 into Co.B of the 1st South Carolina Infantry Battalion (aka: Charleston Battalion) Participated in the Battle of Secessionville, Ft.Wagner, Morris Island, Ft.Sumter and during the 1863 campaign against Charleston. Sept 1863 his unit merged with the 1st SC Sharpshooters and redesignated as the 27th SC Infantry Regiment. His unit transfered to Virginia in May 1864 and participated in the Bermuda Hundred Campaign. June 1864 engaged in the fighting before Petersburg. On June 24th 1864 was wounded in the left leg during a skirmish fight and taken prisoner. Taken to Ft.Monroe where he later died of his wounds on July 5th 1864. and buried in what is now Hampton Va.
Contact Name:  LtFrederick
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Date Added:  9/29/2009
Company B
Booka Gandy Tolson - 3rd Sergeant   
Booka enlisted on 25 Dec. 1861 in the 1st Battn: Co. B. . Byrd's South Carolina Sharpshooters.This is the unit on his stone. He saw the bombardment of of Fort Sumpter. Fought at Drurys Bluff, Bermuda Hundred, Cold Harbor, Petersburg, Weldon Road, Town Creek and Bentonville. He survived the war.
Contact Name:  Phillip Thomas
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Date Added:  10/3/2013
Company D
Arthur P. Gilliland - Sergeant   
Was a prisoner of war at Pointe Lookout, Maryland. Released June 27, 1865.
Contact Name:  Michael O'Neale
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Date Added:  2/14/2010
Company D
Edward G Taylor - Unknown   
Dear Sirs, I am not at all related to Mr. Taylor, but I purchased an old (mid 19th century) book at an estate sale which obviously belonged to this South Carolina veteran. It has a few notes in the cover by him which outlines his history. Those hand penned notes follow: - Edward G. Taylor. Charleston, S.C., 1859- Marlboro Institute. E.G. Taylor- May 8, 1863- Co. D 1st Batt. S.C.I. - E.G.Taylor- Oct. 29th, 1863- Co.D 27th S.C.I. Amalgamated.Wounded and captured at the battle of the Weldon & Petersburg R.R. Aug. 21, 1864, nine miles from Petersburg and confined at Point Lookout 6 months-returned home May 7th, 1865. E.G. Taylor- Vigilant Fire Engine Company, January 2nd, 1866

Contact Name:  Ronald McInnis
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Date Added:  9/15/2004
Company G
Edward Holman - Captain   
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Contact Name:  Tim Taylor
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Date Added:  12/30/2008
Company G
B.W. Waldrip - Private   
My Great-Great Grandfather, B.W Waldrip, was killed or died of sickness at Petersburg, Virginia and is buried at Old Blandford Church in Petersburg.
Contact Name:  John P. Waldrop III
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Date Added:  1/13/2006
Company K
Thomas M. Hendricks - Private   
Thomas M. Hendricks enlisted as a Private in Company K, 27th South Carolina Infantry on February 17, 1863 at Charleston, South Carolina. He was on detached service at Fort Sumter March - April 1864. He was captured near Petersburg, Virginia on June 24, 1864 and imprisoned at Bermuda Hundred yankee prison, Virginia and transferred to Fort Monroe yankee prison, Virginia on June 25, 1864. He was transferred to Point Lookout yankee prison, Maryland on June 27 and forwarded to Elmira yankee prion, New York onAugust 16, 1864. He died at Elmira of pneumonia on November 13, 1864. He was transferred to Company B of the 27th while a POW.
Contact Name:  Charles Hendrix
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Date Added:  7/10/2019
Company Field & Staff
Robert Press Smith, SR - Captain   
In Santa Rosa, CA, Rural Cemetery.

Contact Name:  Charles Christian
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Date Added:  7/14/2008
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