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Webb's Cavalry      
Company Unknown
Robert W. McCracken - Private   
Robert W. McCracken, Private, enlisted in Tennessee on September 1, 1862, lived in 2nd District, Washington County, Tennessee. He was discharged at the close of the war on June 5, 1865, in Nashville, Tennessee, per records of Mountain Home, Tennessee. He was in the 1st Tennessee Cavalry (USA), 1st Regiment.
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Company A
James H. Blakely - Private   
Rank: Privt
Age: 18
Enlisted: Mar 20 62 at Camp Garber,Ky Mustered: Nov 1 62
Remarks: Was the oldest son of William A. Blakely and enlisted on the same day as his father. Was the last member of the Union 1st Tenn Cav wounded in the Civil War. ' Ambushed while scouting the retreating Confederate Army of Tenn Feb,1865.'
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Date Added:  6/12/2006
Company A
William A. Blakely - Private   
Rank: Privt
Age: 30
Enlisted: Mar 20 62 at Camp Garber, Ky Mustered: Nov 1 62
Remarks: William gave his age in the 1860 census of Sullivan County, 36. He joined up to ' go fight Johnny Reb ' on the same day as his 18 year-old son, James H. and may have been concerned about his actual age,if they would take him or not. He may have been closer to 40-43 than 30 !!!! In the 1890 Census of Civil War Veterans he tells of being ' mashed by a wagon.' He was a great- Uncle of my paternal grandmother, Annie Blakely Land.
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Date Added:  6/12/2006
Company A
Michael Hensley - Private   
Co A/H 1st Regiment, Tennessee Cavalry 19 March 1862 - 04 April 1865
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Company A
Landon C. H. Long - Private   
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Company A
Rufus K Ward - Private   
Rufus K Ward enlisted Nov 15th 1861 at Sneedville Tn. His records state his age is 36 yrs, height is 5’ 7’, blue eyes & light colour hair. He’s listed in the Federal Civil War Roster for the 4th Infantry Regiment Company F. Also, listed in the roster of the 1st Cavalry Regiment, Company A, H, & M. He served in both Infantry & Cavalry. The 1st Cavalry Regiment was organized in Nov 1862 from the 4th Tennessee Infantry.
Rufus K Ward applied for and received a Civil War Pension till his death in Hawkins Co., Tennessee 1907.

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Rufus K Ward deposition for Pension.----------------------------------------------
'Deposition A

Case of Rufus K Ward, No. 487626

On this Thirtenth day of November, 1889, at Grassy Creek. County of Hawkins State of Tennessee, before me D D Luke, a Special Examiner of the Pension Office, personally appeared Rufus K Ward, who, being by me first duly sworn to answer truly all interrogatories propounded to him during this Special Examination of aforesaid pension claim, deposes and says: My age 63 years (?part) farmer P.O. Van Hill Hawkins Co Tenn. I am the identical Rufus K Ward who served in Co A 1st Tenn Cavalry and who is now claiming pension for Rheumatism contracted in the service and in line of duty. I am also troubled with pulpulation of the heart which I am told is caused by Rheumatism, but I have based my claim on Rheumatism (?simply). I enlisted the 15th day of Nov 61 in Green Co Tenn with Capt David Fry and on the 17th day of Dec 61 I was captured by the rebels in the edge of Green Co, I was taken with fifteen others. I was kept on fatigue duty by the rebals until the 27th night of Aug 62. I escaped from them that night and swam the tennessee river between Chattanooga and Harrison, and made my way through the mountains until i got back to Chimny Top Mountain in Hawkins Co Tenn. Then I enlisted squad of men and made my way to Camp Dennison Ohio with my men. We went afoot until we got to Lexington Ky. and there I got transportation to (?Covington) Ky and there the Col met me. I had telegraphed him from Lexington. I had about a hundred men by time I got through to Lexington. It was about the 15th of October, or a few

days thereabout when I got to the command. I was offered a Captaincy but I said I didn’t want it, that I preferred to serve as private and the men then went to other companies. I returned with Co A of said regiment until I was discharged the 19th of June 65

at Nashville Tenn. I served as private all the time. I never served in

any other organization, military or naval except as I said doing fa-

tigue duty with the rebel while a prisoner. I was in Co K 29 Tenn

Confederate Infy. Samuel Powel was Colonel. On the 12th day of (? January) 63 I went on a recruiting tour from Louisville Ky into the mountainous part of Ky, returning to the regiment about

the first of (???) 63. The Commander of the post gave me (? The mision/Permission). I don’t now remember the number of men I

enlisted, but quite a number- my recruiting papers and the (? Descriptive) roll of men enlisted are on file at Washington. I was absent from the command only after that when down with rheumatism. I contracted rheumatism in June or July 63 either in Tenn or Ala. I don’t remember the place. The rheumatism was in leggs and feet and all over the body. I was not able to walk. I never had rheumatism before in my life I never knew what is was before I have rheumatism. I was a sound healthy man at date of my enlistment and when I found my command at (?Covington) Ky.

Sometime in June 64 I suffered so with rheumatism that I was

(????) traveling and I was (? Taken) (? on my) (? home) with the command but I did no duty. I mean by (?traveling) that I was not able to walk on account of my suffering from rheumatism. In Dec 64 at the time of the Nashville fight and when my company left Nashville to go to (?waterlou) I was not able to go with it and I was left at Nashville and (???) Brooks left a man in charge of me. William (? Simpson) left with me. (? Now dead.) in a few days I got on a train and came to Tyners station Tenn and lay there sick until the 7th day of April 1865. I was at a (?????) (?home.) Michael Hensly was in the same Co with me, and I remained at his (?home) Tyner Station and his wife took care of me. The soldiers who were guarding the place fixed up a cot and placed me on it and sent me to Knoxville Tenn where my wife took care of me. I remained there till some time in May when I was sent to Nashville to be mustard out. I was then only able to stand on crutches. I could

not walk a step without them. I came home to Hawkins Co where

I (?lived) previous to my enlistment. I had to use crutches

about 18 months after my return. I have been obliged to use a

cane ever since in walking. I took no (????????) in the army and never was in a hospital. I have treated myself since the service, never taken any medicine from a physician. From 65 to 70 I was not able to do any work, much of the time I was not able to get around except on crutches. From 70 to 80 I did some work but I never have been able to do any work without suffering great pain from rheumatism. In march 72 I moved to Miss. in Pontotic Co and hired hands and ran a cotton farm there. I remained there four years then moved to Whitfield Co GA and remained there about six years. My P.O. in Missippi was Sherman (Stu???.) Jesse

(???) on where (????) I lived knows me in Miss. In GA Samuel Prince and Samuel Dover P.O. Tunnel Hill Whitfield Co. I then came back to Hawkins Co and have been here since. Comrads who will know of my disabilities in the army are, Arthur Arnold, william Bleckley, Blevins Gap, (??) Joseph (????) Sneedville

Hancock Co, Simeon Collins, near to (????.) I don’t care to present in the examination of my claim. I have understood your questions and my answers are correctly written.

Rufus K Ward. Deponent

Sworn to and subscribed before me this 13th day of Nov 1889, and I certify that the contents were fully made to depondent before signing. D. D. Lukes Special Examiner'
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Company B
Andrew Jackson Greene - Private   
Andrew Jackson Greene was barely 15 years old when he left his Hancock County, Tenn. home in March 1862 to join the Union Army at Camp Garber, Flat Lick, Ky.
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Company B
Emanuel Wolfe - Sergeant   
Son of George Franklin Wolfe & Jane Allen. Nephew of my Wife's Ancestor, Catherine Wolfe Lane of Scott Co.Va. Birth: ABT 1833 in War Creek, Tennessee. Company B Organized at Sneedville, Hancock County, in March, 1862. Soldier's Rank_In Pvt. Enlisted: Mar 8 62. Mustered: Nov 1 62. Age: 29. Soldier's Rank_Out Sgt: Pro to Sergt from Privt Nov 1 62 captd by enemy Jan 1 64 near Knoxville,Tn. ' never heard from again.' Reportedly died 1 MAR, 1864 a p.o.w. in Richmond, Virginia.

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Company C
James Houston Bell - Private   
James Houston Bell went North from Jefferson Co., Tn in May of 1862 and joined the Union Army @ Cumberland Ford on May 27th. His first engagement was @ Cumberland Gap in June of 1862. He was captured in a Rear Guard action on Sept. 20, 1862, as the Union Forces retreated. Paroled, he went North to Indiana and keep his word not to fight again. James Houston Bell was my wife's Great-Grandfather.
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Company D
Calvin Coffee - Private   
collateral ancestor
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Company D
Andrew Jackson Gahagan - 1st Lieutenant   
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Company E
Andrew Jackson Thomas - Corporal   
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Company G
Claiborne Cook - Private   
Claiborne Cook, Co. G, 1st Regiment, Tennessee Infantry, Private

Andersonville Prison, Exchanged 5 Apr 1865. Listed as Claybone Cook
Film Number M392 roll 3

Brother of Tennessee Cook, both from Claiborne County TN.

Regiment lost during service 4 Officers and 56 Enlisted men killed and mortally wounded and 3 Officers and 293 Enlisted men by disease. Total 356.

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Company G
Tennessee Cook - Sergeant   
AKA- Tenneford or Tennison
Served in the Civil War in Company G 1st Regiment, Tennessee Cavalry, Sergeant
Film Number M392 roll 3

Duty at Camp Dennison, Ohio, till December 24, 1862. Moved to Cincinnati, Ohio, thence to Louisville, Ky.; to Shepherdsville, Ky., and return to Louisville, Ky., thence moved to Nashville, Tenn., January 9-17, 1863. Reconnoissance to Franklin and Brentwood and occupation of Franklin February 2,1863. Moved to Concord Church February 2, and duty there till February 28. Expedition from Lexington to Clifton February 17-20 (Detachment). Moved to Triune February 28, and duty there till June. Petersburg March 2. Action at Harpeth River, near Triune, March 8. Franklin April 10. Near Chapel Hill April 13(Detachment). Rigg's Cross Roads April 16.
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Company G
William Joseph Crockett Crandall - Captain   
Father Asa H Crandall-brothers in same company were:
George TJ Crandall, Jacob B Crandall, Stewart a Crandall. George was killed by a fellow soldier.
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Company H
William D. McLelland - Major   
William joined the Union cause at Cumberlan Gap TN as a Private in 'H' company of the 4th Regiment, Tennessee Infantry (To later become the 1st TN Cavalry) on July 15, 1862. He was quickly promoted to Captain in October 1862 and to Major in 1863. He was present and accounted for until August 1863 when he was declared 'Absent without Leave'. His AWOL status was rectified with a 'Casualty Report' following the death of his soldier son Oliver in January 1864.
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Company H
John Melton Wolfenbarger - Private   
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Company I
James H Elkins - Captain   
Born June 29, 1834/Died Abt. 1900. Hawkins County, Tn. Joined June, 1862 at Cumberland Gap, TN. Promoted from Private to Lieutenant Aug 12, 1862. Fought at Franklin, Tn, East Tn siege of Knoxville, Dandridge. Took leave of absent to go home to Rogersville and protect his property where some was being damaged. In 1863, he raised his own Company. Mustered out in 1865.
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Company M
Daniel Bales - Private   
Daniel Bales was born in Greene Co., TN. Married Sarah Jane Shields. Daniel met the regiment at Triune, TN. Mustered out with the regiment in Nashville. Returned to Greene Co. Contracted catarrh and jaundice while in the service. Unable to perform hard, manual labor, Daniel's occupation is listed as 'physician'. He was, in fact, an herb doctor. Moved to Chestnut Hill, Jefferson Co., TN and worked with his son, John Alexander Bales, who was a merchant. Daniel was a clerk. Daniel died (1902)from complications stemming from his illness contracted during the war. Buried in Chestnut Hill, Jefferson Co., TN at the Methodist church.
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Company M
Franklin Gardner Thomas - Private   
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