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11th Virginia Cavalry      
Company Unknown
John Bushong Hess - Private   
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Company Unknown
Thomas Lee Settle - Surgeon   
Asst Surgeon, 7th VA Cav Rgt & later the surgeon of the 11th VA Cav Rgt, 1863.

Dr. Settle was eventually captured on Feb. 18, 1865--his 29th birthday--in Warren County, Va., and sent to Fort McHenry near Baltimore. His arrest papers bore the notation: “Guerrilla--not to be exchanged during the war--by order of Major General Sheridan.” The notation reflects the hatred that developed among Federal officers for partisan rangers such as John Singleton Mosby, the “Gray Ghost” of the Confederacy.

The war ended less than two months later, and Settle was released from prison May 4 after taking the Oath of Allegiance. He died in 1920.
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Company A
James William Ritter - 1st Corporal   
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Company B
William Crites - Private   
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Company C
.Ahab Dove - Private   
Ahab Dove was my Great-Great Uncle
Born: OCT 31 1834 Rockingham Co. VA
Enlisted: JUN 20 1861 C Company 11th VA CAV.
Captured: @ Cross Roads APR 16 1862.
Exchanged: @ Aikens Landing, VA AUG 05 1862.
Records have him still enlisted till DEC 1864.
Died: JUN 17 1917 Rockingham Co. VA.
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Company C
Ruben Dove - Private   
Born in Brocks Gap region of western Rockingham County.Enlisted at Cootes Store June 1861 originally in 7th Va. cavalry. Served in early parts of Jacksons Valley campaign until captured and sent to Fort Delaware. Was released and assigned to 11th Va cavalry in 1862.Served at Brandy station and at Fairfield and retreat from Gettysburg. Captured again at Culpepper in September 1863 and sent to the Old Capitol prision and then Point Lookout, Md and finally to the dreadful Elmira prisionin New York. Was released in late 1864 and was present in Richmond by December. Collected $14 in pension yearly for injuries including small pox and having an horse fall on him and dislocate his left knee. Died 1927 and burried at Caplingers cemetery in Criders,Va. Respectfully submitted by his great great grandson.
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Company E
Benjamin Franklin Watson - Private   
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Company F
David Gwin Cleek - Corporal   
David Gwin Cleek was my great-grandfather. He enlisted in Company F, 17th Virginia Cavalry on 10 November 1862 at Green Springs, Virginia. On 5 February 1863, he was mustered out of that unit & into Company F, 11th Virginia Cavalry. He was wounded 6 May 1864 during the Battle of the Wilderness, Spotsylvania County, Virginia. This wound was probably enough for him to be mustered out at that time. According to his statement when he asked for compensation, 'Bath Co., Virginia Court House, 27 June 1878. 'I was wounded the 6th day of May 1864 in battle near the Wildes (Wilderness) was in Spottsylvania Co, VA. I was shot in my right arm by a minie ball entering my arm above and near my wrist and passing out above my elbow, partially breaking the bone and so injuring the nerve as to permanently disable my arm.' “Roster of Confederate Soldiers Pg 153,”, 2 May 2009.'
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Company G
Gilbert Desmond Siron - Private   
Born November 12, 1839 in Pendleton County, Virginia. Note that Pendleton County is now in West Virginia. Note also that Highland County was formed from parts of Pendleton and Bath Counties in 1847.
Private, Co. G, 11th VA. Cavalry. Enlisted 1864. Served under Brig. Gen. Thomas L. Rosser in the Laurel Brigade. Paroled at Staunton, Va.; May 19, 1865. Age 25, height 5'8", fair complexion, dark hair, dark eyes. He was given a Southern Cross of Honor by the United Daughters of The Confederacy, Highland Chapter, on June 9, 1914 (Book 11 page 520). Note that he received his parole about a month after Appomattox. This is because Rosser didn't surrender on April 5th, 1865. He tried to rally his men and continue the fight. After Rosser was captured he had a chance to talk to Lee in Richmond. Lee Persuaded Rosser that the war was over and that he should return to the Valley and disperse his men. Rosser consented. On May 4th, 1865, the 4th Pennsylvania Cavalry was ordered to Staunton "to receive the surrender" of Rosser's command.
Gilbert is listed in the 1870 census as a Farmer. The value of his real property was $1000 in 1870. The value of his personal property was $950.
At the end of his life he had a long white beard.
Died January 1, 1929. Buried in McDowell Cemetery, McDowell, Highland County, Virginia.
His obituary was published in the Highland Recorder Volume 51, No. 1, Friday January 4 1929 and states that:
"Today at 1:30 the venerable Gilbert Siron passed to his reward. He had been failing rapidly for several weeks.
Born Nov. 12, 1839 at McKendree, and was 89 years, 1 mo. and 29 days. He served in the Confederate army, belonging to the cavalry.
For a number of years he was an elder in the Presbyterian church, and was regular in his attendance until the past year, his health would not permit him.
He is survived by four sons, Howard, McDowell; Charles, Dallas, Texas; Luther, Idaho, and Oscar, Missouri, also two daughters--Jennie Rhoades, Columbus, Ohio, and Edna at home.
His character and influence will last long, as he was an example of an humble Christian reverent, in his attitude toward God's word and place of worship.
Funeral services will be held Thursday by his pastor, Rev. L. M. Moffett."
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Company G
William Woodzell - Private   
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