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35th Virginia CavalryCSA Flag
Company A
Charles Fenton Galloway
- Private
also spelled Gallaway. Started as Sgt demoted to private for unknown reason maybe just reorganization, enlisted in waterford in 1862 from Berryville area originally, wounded Brandy Station, had 2 brothers William (8th VA INF) James Frank too young for war, Charles became a leather worker in Lincoln VA after the war.
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Company A
John T. Sloper
- Private
John enlisted on Mar. 11, 1862. He stayed with the regiment throughout the war (losing one horse). He surrendered with the regiment after Appomattox. John's brother Daniel was a deserter from the 8th VA Infantry.
Nothing is known of what became of John after the war.
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Company D
Nathaniel Freeman Harris
- Private
Nathaniel F. Harris FIRST joined the 41st Battalion Cav. Va. which was Capt. James F. Treyhern's Co., White's Batt'n, Partisan Rangers. He was 26 years old and assigned to 41st Battalion Cavalry, VA.

He was a Private in Capt James F. Trayhern's Co, White's Batt'n partisan Rangers**

He appears on the COMPANY MUSTER-IN ROLL of the organization above. Roll dated Staunton, VA Sept 9, 1862 Muster-in date Sept 9, 1862

When: July 15, 186_ (blank)
Where: Edinburg
By Whom: Capt. Trayhern**
Period: 3 years
No. of miles to rendezvous: 57
Valuation of horse, $200.00

** This company was divided about Sept 24, 1862: one part under Captain Trayhern was assigned to the 35th Battalion as Company D: (this one was the one that Nathaniel was in), the other part under Captain Makely subsequently became Company D, 18th Regiment Va Cavalry.

The 41st (also known as White's) Battalion Virginia Cavalry was organized by S.O. No 222 A & I.G.O. dated Sept 18, 1863, with four companies. It was later increased to seven companies and by S.O. No. 99. A.& I.G.O., dated April 28, 1864, two companies of O'Ferrall's Battalion Va. Cavalry and Capt Calmes' Company Va. Cavalry were added to it to form the 23rd Regiment Virginia Cavalry.

He was captured by the 21st PA Cavalry at White Port, VA on 21 Oct 1863. He was transferred to several prison camps and eventually to Rock Island, IL. He remained there till the end of the war.
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