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16th Wisconsin Infantry      
Company Unknown
Benjamin Allen - Colonel   
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Company Unknown
Asa J Moore - Private   
Died outside of Atlanta March 1865
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Company Unknown
Christian Nolte - Private   
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Company Unknown
Joseph Carpenter Quiner - Private   
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Company Unknown
Chancy Westcott - Unknown   
I had found the headstone of my great great grandfather in Seymour Wisconsin. Earlier I saw him on a list from the Civil War. The headstone read ' 16th Infantry, Co. A' I am trying to find info about what his role was in the Civil War.
Wendy Wilson Uhl
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Company A
John Bridgman - Unknown   
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Company A
Henry Faling Brown - Private   
My Great-Great Uncle. Re-enlisted Jan 4, 1864. Discharge July 25, 1865 following wounds in shoulder and leg at Battle of Atlanta.
Contact Name:  Greg Thurston
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Date Added:  1/30/2010
Company A
Horace Gillette Catlin - Private   
Horace Catlin is my great great grandfather. He is buried in Richland CO. WI. Having survived the war he lived out his life in richland co.My grandmother new him and said he was a kind gentle man.
Contact Name:  David White
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Date Added:  1/5/2017
Company A
James O Champlin - Sergeant   
Sgt. Champlin, my great-great grandfather, was wounded at Shiloh and was missing in action at Corinth. His body was not identified and is presumed to be buried in an 'Unknown' grave at Corinth National Cemetery.

The following is a deposition given by an infantry officer in support of a pension application for Champlin's orphaned children. This oath was given at the Office of the Clerk of the Circuit, on January 15, 1864. The original was penned in longhand and has been transcribed exactly as written.

State of Wisconsin
County of Green Lake

George Graves having duly sworn upon his oath says that he is 2nd Lieutenant of Co. A. 16th Regt. Of Wisconsin Volunteers, and was with said Company at the Battle of Pittsburgh Landing, fought on the 6th & 7th days of April 1862, and the Battle of Corinth fought on the 3rd day of October of the same year. Deponent further says that he was personally acquainted with James O. Champlin one of the sergeants of said Company; that the said James O. volunteered at the City of Berlin at the time of the organization of said Company; they then fought with the said Company at the said Battle of Pittsburgh Landing and also at the Battle of Corinth whereas this deponent verily believes he was killed by the enemy. Deponent further says that the reasons why he believes that the said James O. was killed at the Battle of Corinth as aforesaid are the following.

On the day of the battle said Co. A. was detached from the Regiment and marched out towards the enemy to support skirmishers; that while thus detached they were attacked by a large force of the enemy and driven back; that while said attack was made by the rebels the said James O. was in his place in said Company; that the said Co. was lying down when attacked, the said James O. with them, that the place where they were lying was swept by a terrific crossfire by the rebel troops but a short distance from them; that the Co. was forced to retire and when they did so the said James O. was missing and has not to the knowledge of this deponent, not to the knowledge of any one of the Co. so far as this deponent can ascertain been seen or heard of since that time. That at the time of said attack one of the members of said Co. was taken prisoner and remained with the rebels a prisoner for two or three months; that said soldier stated to this affiant that said James O. was not taken prisoner as then believed. That the killed after the battle were buried by negroes.

Deponent further says that the said James O. was a faithful and brave soldier and a true patriot; that he fought bravely at the Battle of Pittsburgh Landing, was wounded and sent home until he should recover from his wounds; after his recovery returned to his regiment and discharged his duties promptly and efficiently; that he knows as well as he can know such a fact that the said James O. did not desert, and that he has no doubt that he was killed in battle as above stated.

I corresponded with the Wisconsin Veterans Museum regarding the type of rifle issued to the 16th Wisconsin in 1861. I was told that they received the Dresden Rifle Musket. This firearm was manufactured in Liege, Belgium, and sold in Dresden, Germany, hence the name. The rifle was .58 caliber, 53-inches long, and weighed about 9-pounds.
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Company A
George W. Halsey - Private   
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Company A
Cyrus Barker Howe - Private   
Cyrus was Killed In Action April 6, 1862 during the Battle of Shiloh.

His residence at time of enlistment October 1861, was Howes Corners, a county road intersection about 2 1/2 miles NE of Mt. Morris, Waushara County, Wisconsin.

He left a wife Evalenah, daughters Luella, (Ella) Abby, son Edward.

A year later, after Probate, his wife sold the 40 acre farm and returned to Androscrogging County, Maine with daughter Abby.

Ella and brother Edward stayed with paternal grandparents Epheraim Sherman Howe (who resided west accross that county road intersection.)

December 20, 1873 in the Town of Mt. Morris, Ella married area neighbor James Pullar Campbell, son of James M. and Christine (nee Clark) Campbell.

One of James and Ella sons, Sidney Cyrus Campbell, is my materal grandfather.

Morey D. Grove A gg grandson of Cyrus.
Contact Name:  Morey D. Grove
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Date Added:  6/24/2004
Company A
Wilhelm Ludwig Ferdinand Kollhoff - Private   
Wilhelm ' William' Ferdinand Ludwig Kollhoff;
Birth: Dec. 21, 1840
Gramzow, Uckermärk, Brandenburg, Prussia (Germany)

Death: Nov. 30, 1918
Sioux City,Woodbury County,Iowa, USA.

Written April 2017. This is my 2x great grandfather. He was born Wilhelm Ferdinand Ludwig Kollhoff , but after the Civil War used the name 'William'.
His father was *Friedrich Wilhelm Ferdinand Kollhoff (born April 1811 in Bertikow, Ukermark, Brandenburg, Prussia) .
His mother was *Fredericke ( SUHR) Kollhoff. Friedrich & Fredericke were married on Feb 30, 1839 in Bertikow Prussia.
*Friedrich is pronounced 'Free-Drick' and his wife's name was pronounced
'Fred-er-eek-Ahh' in the German language.

Wilhelm was born in the village of Gramzow, Brandenburg, Prussia (Current day; Germany).
He immigrated to America in July of 1850 at the age of 10 years old. He traveled with both parents and 4 of his siblings on the ship 'Universe' from the port of Beenz, Brandenburg,Prussia. They arrived in NYC port, on July 23, 1850. His youngest sister Julia was born in Butler County, Illinois USA.
Wilhelm served in the Army as a Private in company A,16th Wisconsin Infantry Regiment in the Civil War from July 12,1863- Jan 1865. He was in the Carolinas Campaign and the Battle of Bentonville. Both particularly brutal fights. In the Civil War he was at Battle of Shiloh
Battle of Corinth
Vicksburg Campaign
Battle of Kennesaw Mountain
Battle of Atlanta
Atlanta Campaign
March to the Sea.

After the war, he went by his more Americanized name of 'William'. He bought and farmed land in Butler Township in Illinois. It is there that he meet and married his only wife Caltha (Shannon) ~born in Liberty Township, Warren County, Indiana. They married February 4,1869 in Ford Co. Illinois. Caltha's parents & Wilhelms parents lived next door to each other. Caltha later in life is seen using the more Americanized name of ' Catherine'. Caltha's younger sister Johanna Shannon married Wilhelm's oldest brother Ernst Kollhoff. Later, Caltha & Wilhelm, with Ernst and Johanna are seen in the Census sharing a house together as newlywed couples. Wilhelm & Caltha they had 5 children together. Caltha was a trained Midwife, and worked on and off through out the years doing so. In 1880 they moved and farmed in Centerville, Nebraska(USA).This is aprox.10 miles Southwest of Lincoln, Nebraska. I see from the NE State Census, that his brother Earnst is already living on a farm in Centerville, when they arrive. In the 1880's there was a large German population in Centerville. Even an all speaking German Lutheran Church and community. They arrived as homesteaders. After 5 years of unsuccessful farming due to a terrible drought, Wilhelm and Earnst moved their families to Sioux City, Iowa area to farm until his advanced age. In his later years, he spent as an 'engine tech' for the Union Pacific Railroad, and retired on a pension. He son Charles was a Conductor for the railroad as well.

Shortly after Wilhelm death, Caltha is living in Los Angeles,Los Angeles, California with their son William (Jr) . Wilhelm is buried in Graceland Cemetery in Sioux city, Iowa- but Caltha is buried in Hollywood,California.

Family links:
Friedrich Wilhelm Ferdinand Kollhoff (1811 - ____)
Friderike Suhr Kollhoff (1815 - 1896)

Caltha Shannon Kollhoff (1847 - 1928)*

Elinor Demarius Kollhoff Seney (1872 - 1950)*
Mary 'Rose' Kollhoff Bailor (1875 - 1961)*
Charles Arthur Kolhoff (1883 - 1946)*

Charles Frederich Kollhoff (1839 - 1922)**
Wilhelm Ludwig-Ferdinand Kollhoff (1840 - 1918)
Augusta M Friedericke Kollhoff Spann (1843 - 1924)**

Note: **I have ordred a Civil War plaque I need to add to his stone (soon) 3/2017

Graceland Park Cemetery
Sioux City
Woodbury County
Iowa, USA
Plot: Hope Section- plot 136

I've done (including his military history). Please feel to edit/ take what information you want for your website. I am Cathy W. (Nebraska).
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Date Added:  4/6/2017
Company B
Amos Brown - Private   
Amos was my Great-Great Grandfather. Wounded at Battle of Corinth
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Company B
Jesse Hill - Private   
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Company B
William Scranton - Private   
My gg grandfather, William Scranton,joined the 16th Inf in Feb. 1864. At the time, he lived in Springwater with his wife Jane [Coats] and 4 small children. I have searched for years for his burial site. All we have ever heard is he was buried in the South. His NARA medical card shows he died July 8, 1865 of typhoid in Brown USA Hospital in Louisville. His widows pension file shows date of death as July 24. The Wisconsin Red and Blue books have him mustered out July 11, with no discharge furnished. ?? Considering he died at the end of the war in a hospital, there must be a record of what they did with him. Any help appreciated. Thanks, Ken
Contact Name:  Ken Paul
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Date Added:  1/15/2009
Company D
Frederick Casebeer - Private   
Enlisted Christmas Day 1861. Mustered out Louisville, Ky July 1865. All active service with the 16th in Company D and E through Shiloh Campaign, Cornith, Vicksburg (at Lake Providence La), Atlanta Campaign from Kennesaw to burning of Altanta. March to the Sea. Carolina Campaign, Bentonville NC to the surrender of Johnston.
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Company D
Horace G Phillips - Private   
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Company D
Joseph Portman - Unknown   
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Company E
Frederick Gundlach - Unknown   
Frederick Gundlach entered service in Company E on
December 5,1861. His brother Jacob Gundlach September 23,1861.
Frederick died July 21, 1864 during the Siege of Atlanta,GA. In a letter home to brother Charles on July 25, 1864 Jacob wrote 'It's very hard to report to you that Frederick is no more. He was killed on the morning of July 21st in a charge on the field....shot in the right breast and he died in five minutes from the time he was hit. We gained the rebel work but with the loss of many brave men....Give my respects to father,mother,and the rest. Tell them to look at Fredericks death as lightly as possible. He died for his country and he now rests in peace.' He was 17 when he died.
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Date Added:  3/29/2009
Company E
Jacob Gundlach - Sergeant   
Jacob Gundlach entered service September 23,1861. His brother Frederick Gundlach joined the following December. Jacob servived the war and was mustered out of service July 13, 1865 after 16 engagements, 9 more than his brother Frederick. His discharge papers stated that he was from Grant County and that his occupation at time of enrolling was a 'lumbermann'.
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Company E
Almon Webster - Corporal   
He later was promoted to Full Sgt. He died of his wounds.
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Company F
Jonathan Forsythe Bennett - Private   
Died as the result of wounds suffered at the Battle of Shiloh
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Company F
George A Crooker - Sergeant   
In the spring of 1862, at the age of 35, George Crooker came to Wisconsin from New York, and enlisted as a soldier in the Civil War. Served in Co. F, 16th Wisc Inf., 1st Brigade, 3rd Div., 17th A.C. Part of the Force's Brigade-Leggett's Division, the year 1863 was spent in Louisana and Mississippi. During the spring and summer of 1863 stationed near Lake Providence, LA, proceding in August to Vicksburg, encamped there until the spring of 1864. On June 8, 1864 joined Sherman's Army at Ackworth, Georgia, then engaged on the Atlanta campaign. Marched with Sherman 'to the sea' and through the Carolinas.
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Date Added:  3/6/2009
Company F
Angus Sperry Northrop - Lieutenant   
Killed in Action, Oct 3, 1862,at the Battle of Corinth Missippi.
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Date Added:  6/15/2011
Company F
James Madison Smith - Unknown   
Born 27 April, 1835 in Newfield, Tompkins County, New York.
Enlisted on Christmas Day, 1863. Died 26 October 1916 in Lake Geneva, Washburn County, Wisconsin. Buried at Oak Hill Cemetery in Lake Geneva
Contact Name:  Mark Salisbury
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Company G
John H. Barsness - Private   
Entered service Feb. 1864 M.O. Jul 1865.
Contact Name:  Daniel Brunner
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Company G
Christian Brunner - Musician   
Christian had two brothers in 'G' of the 16th Wisconsin: Michael and Matthew. Michael and Christian survived the war, but Matthew succumbed to dystentery in Marietta, Ga in 1864. He is buried in the military cemetery in Marietta. Another brother, Gottlieb or Godfrey Brunner, served in the 50th Wisconsin Infantry. These Brunners, collateral relatives of mine, were from Canton Bern Switzerland having immigrated to Wisconsin in the 1850's.
Contact Name:  John Brunner
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Date Added:  6/16/2010
Company G
Charles Richardson - Sergeant   
Born in Silsoe, Bedfordshire, England January 15th, 1843. Lived in Arkansaw, Wisconsin when he enlisted in Eau Claire. Mustered in at Madison, January 31st, 1862. Wounded at Corith, Mississippi on October 3rd, 1862. Discharged on January 1st, 1864 and reenlisted January 2nd, 1864 in Redbone, Mississippi. Participated in postwar parade in Washington. Mustered out in Louisville, Kentucky on July 12th, 1865.
Contact Name:  Dave Richardson
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Date Added:  8/9/2005
Company G
James Almond Swan - Corporal   
Born: 8 Dec 1837 at Berlin, Rensselaer, NY (parents: Sylvester P. Swan & Margaret Roberts)
Died: 9 Nov 1913 at Bloomer, WI
Enlisted 4 Jan 1862 at Rock Falls, Dunn, WI. Wounded in shoulder 6 Apr 1862 at Battle of Pittsburg Landing, TN. Mustered out on 12 Jul 1865 at Louisville, KY.
Buried at Bloomer, WI cemetery.
Wife: Alice Falkener
Contact Name:  Catherine Fields
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Date Added:  11/24/2009
Company G
James Patrick Welsh - Unknown   
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Company I
Charles A Abbott - Private   
Enlisted Oct. 25, 1863, M.O. July 12, 1865
Contact Name:  Ross Abbott
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Date Added:  6/17/2007
Company I
Leonard Iliff - Private   
Leonard Iliff was a brother to my great-grandfather James Iliff. He participated in the 'March To The Sea'. Any info on this would be appreciated. Thanks.
Contact Name:  Charles
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Date Added:  2/26/2009
Company I
John Oates - Private   
Joined 16th Reg. Oct 1861. Mustered out July 1865.
Contact Name:  James H. Oates
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Date Added:  3/30/2004
Company I
Thomas Pirie - Private   
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Company I
Thomas Handley Tupper - Corporal   
Thomas Handley Tupper: DOB: 27 Sep 1831; POB: Cornwallis, Kings County, Nova Scotia, Canada; Passed On: 16 Nov 1862; Place Died: Grand Junction, Mississippi; Thomas' parents: father: James Henry Tupper (1808-1892); mother: Mary Ann Gates (1809-1899).

Thomas Handley Tupper married Elizabeth Augusta White on 24 May 1853 in Jefferson County, Wisconsin, USA.

Spouse: Elizabeth Augusta White: DOB: 13 Jan 1838; POB: Augusta, Kennebec County, Maine, USA; Passed On: 26 Jun 1916; Place Died: Stevens Point, Portage County, Wisconsin, USA.

Children: Harriet Evelyn Tupper: DOB: 17 Mar 1856; POB: Polk County, Wisconsin, USA; Passed On: 21 Jan 1936; Place Died: Stevens Point, Portage County, Wisconsin, USA.

James Henry Tupper: DOB: 13 Aug 1858; POB: Belmont, Portage County, Wisconsin, USA; Passed On: 8 Feb 1910; Place Died: Darrington, Snohomish County, Washington, USA.

Alice Almeda Tupper: DOB: 10 Feb 1861; POB: Wisconsin, USA; Passed On: 30 Oct 1944; Place Died: Nisqually, Thurston County, Washington, USA.


This letter was written by 29 year-old Thomas H. Tupper (1832-1862) who enlisted as a corporal in Co. H, 16th Wisconsin Infantry. Due to the loss of men, companies H and I were consolidated into Company I in early November 1862.

Tupper wrote the letter on 17 March 1862 to his wife from Cairo while enroute to Pittsburg Landing on the Tennessee River where Gen. Grant hoped to concentrate his forces for a move on the rebel stronghold at Corinth. The 16th Wisconsin was as yet, without drill and untested, when they were instantly thrown into the melee of battle when Beauregard’s army lunched his surprise attack on the Union encampment in the early dawn of April 6th—three weeks after this letter was penned.

To say that the 16th Wisconsin was in the thick of the fight at Shiloh may be an understatement. Miraculously, the entire six-man color guard were all killed on 6 April 1862, the regiment fighting from 5 o’clock in the morning until 3 o’clock in the afternoon, without rations no less. Tupper survived this ordeal by fire only to die of disease at Grand Junction, Mississippi, on 16 November 1862, leaving behind a wife, Elizabeth, and two children, Harriet and James, ages 6 and 3.

Cairo [Illinois]
March 17, 1862

Dear wife,

I now take an hasty opportunity of address a few lines to you to let you know how I am getting along so far. I am getting better and if nothing happens to prevent, will be well in a few days. We are now in Cairo but will not stay long. We are all on board of the boat yet. We have been aboard of cars or boat ever since we left Madison. We do not know where we are going.

The boat has now started out again and we are going up the [Ohio] river but perhaps not far. I have not time to write much now. I want you to write as often as you can and let me know how you get along and how much money you have received. Tell me in every letter until I write back that I heard from your money.

I have no more time to write, I have to send it ashore to the post office.

From — Thom. H. Tupper

To E. Tupper
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Company K
Nelson Fields - Private   
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Company K
George Washinton Hadding - Corporal   
Hello I find some information about my 3rd great grandfather and was hoping that I could find out more about him it has him listed as



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Children (2)

John Hadding B: 1845
William W Hadding B: 1851

George W Hadding
B:1813 in Green County, Ohio, United States D:1898 in Putnam, Ottawa, Ohio, United States


Susan Cooke B: 1814 in Richland, Ohio, United States

ParentsJacob Haddin
Catherine 1856-


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George W. Hadding in the U.S. Civil War Soldiers, 1861-1865
George W. Hadding


Regiment State/Origin:

Regiment Name:
16 Wisconsin Infantry.

Regiment Name Expanded:
16th Regiment, Wisconsin Infantry


Rank In:

Rank In Expanded:

Rank Out:

Rank Out Expanded:

Alternate Name:
George W./Hedding

Film Number:
M559 roll 12

⌷1850 United States Federal Census
George W Hadding
⌷U.S. City Directories, 1821-1989
George W Hadding

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Company K
Michael Schneider - Private   
Michael Schneider enlisted at Fond du Lac on February 20, 1865 as a substitute for A. Walroot of Holland, Sheboygan County. He was assigned to Company K, 16 Regiment under the command of Captain Phillips. It is believed that he was the drummer for his outfit. Mustered out of service at Louisville on July 12, 1865.
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Company K
Sumner W. Wiggins - Private   
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Date Added:  9/19/2005
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