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Three War Marine Hero: General Raymond G. Davis
By Colonel Richard Camp USMC (Ret)

Hardcover: 264 pages
Published: November 23, 2020

A Review by CW3 Larry Williams, USA, (Ret)

Three War Marine Hero is a compilation of the difficulties involved in the leadership and the fighting of three major wars and the problems that are identified in this book are problems that still exist to some extent.

The book follows the progression of General Raymond G. Davis as he advanced through the ranks. It illustrates how one determined man can bring instrumental changes, often in conflict with his superiors.

WWII is well-documented, however I venture to say that there are many people that do not know the full story behind the Korean war. It was a war that was different from the wars we've had in the past. This book explains unknown details of how this war was fought and the brutal sub-zero cold the participants endured. I was not knowledgeable of the extent of the Chinese army involvement in the Korean war, to me it was a real eye-opener.

Three War Marine Hero allows insight into decision-making during war-time crisis. General Davis identified problems that spanned three wars and implemented solutions often in conflict with established, but dated standard operating procedures. His journey as he shaped today's Marine Corps is a recommended read.

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