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Civil War Genealogy
Civil War Genealogy
Ancient ( - 1AD)
Greek-Persian Wars
Peloponnesian Wars
Conquests of Alexander
Macedonian Wars
Punic Wars
Gallic Wars
Roman Empire (31 BC - 476 AD)
Rhine/ Danube Campaigns
Conquest of Britain
Parthian War (Trajan)
2nd Parthian War
Defeat of Persia
Reign of Constantine
Battles of Sparta
Fall of Rome
Medieval (500 AD - 1450 AD)
Belisarius & Narses
Muslim Wars
Holy Roman Empire
Wars of the Normans
Battle of Hastings
The Crusades
Mongol Wars 
Scottish War of Independence
Hundred Years' War
15th Century 
Hussite Wars
War of the Roses 
Swiss Burgundian Wars
16th Century
Spanish Conquest of the Americas
Charles V and Francis I
French Wars of Religion
Netherlands War of Independence
17th Century
Thirty Years War
First English Civil War
Second English Civil War
Indian Wars
King Philip's War
War of the League of Augsburg
War of the English Revolution
King William's War
18th Century
Great Northern War
War of Spanish Secession 
War of Austrian Secession
Seven Years War
American Revolutionary War
French Revolution
19th Century
Napoleonic Wars
US-British War of 1812
Italian Unification
United States - Mexican War
Crimean War
Indian Mutiny
American Civil War
Franco-Prussian War
British-Zulu War 
Boer Wars 
20th Century
Russo-Japanese War
Spanish Civil War
Sino-Japanese War

Israeli-Arab War
Korean War
Vietnam War
Six Days War
Iran-Iraq War
Russo-Afghan War
First Gulf War (Desert Storm)
21st Century
Operation Iraqi Freedom
Archived Articles
Motivation of the Einsatzgruppen
by᬴er S. Zapotoczny

Trafalgar Remembered
by Nitin K. Shankar

A Hill Called White Horse
Pearl Harbor and Midway
Amphibious Assaults during WWII
The Black Death
The 9th SS Panzer Division
The Role of Air Power
Wild Weasels
Effects of Vietnamization
Sea Lion vs. Overlord
French in Mexico
Rorke's Drift
Sir Grenville and The Revenge
Roosevelt and the Rough Riders
Yoshida Shoin
Katsu Kaishu
Sakamoto Ryoma
Fighting for Respect
Kerensky Offensive, July 1917
Battle of An Nasiriyah
Maginot Line
Franco-Siamese War of 1941
The Battle of Nomonhan
The Battle of Tsushima
Battle of Anzio
Battle for Leyte Gulf
Battle of Mers-el-Kebir
Rivers of Blood
Wilhelm Gustloff
Hitler's Adlerhorst
The 88th in Italy
Armada: Largest Invasion
Michael Collins
Patton and Ike
Airlift to China
Cossack Battle at Korsun
Brasidas - Spartan Commander
Battle of Kadesh
Battle of Plataea
King Arthur
Roman Invasion of Anglesey
Fall of Roman Republic
Agricola - The Final Invasion
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