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The Crusades Articles
The Order of St Lazarus
The Battle of Arsuf
The Crusades Articles
The Battle of Arsuf
by Dan Fratini

In the history of the Medieval world, perhaps no events have been as mystifying, studied, and complex as the Crusades. Lasting from 1095 to 1291, the traditional Crusades played a major role in the development of Western Europe, the Middle East, and the Byzantine Empire. Among the many figures who played a role in the Crusades, two names have stood out far beyond all others, Richard the Lion-Heart (1157-1199), and Saladin (1137-1193). Though these two men never met face to face, the full might of their respective armies met on the open battlefield on September 7, 1191, at Arsuf.
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The Order of St Lazarus in the Latin East
by Natalie Kohout

The First Crusade culminated with the capture of Jerusalem in 1099 and within decades new institutions military orders, were founded in the newly claimed Latin East.[1] These orders consisted of members who lived according to rules which resembled existing monastic regulations. The defining feature of these orders was that this religious way of life was combined with fighting.[2] They existed as the only authority to hold an always ready standing army. These orders also had many rights of exemption and often pursued their own policies, in effect making them a state within a state.[3] The Knights Templar, the Knights of St John and the Teutonic Order are all examples of military orders which were born out of the Latin East. However, one military order stood unique above the rest. No where else in Christendom had anyone conceived of forming a military organization which allowed lepers to join and fight. The Order of St Lazarus was a military order similar to the aforementioned ones, but it was very different in that it allowed lepers to take up military duties in its name.
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