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In the Forest from Hell
The Wait
The Pig War

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Fiction Articles

Member Article: In the Forest from Hell
by Steven Woods

An instant after the shout the cool, calm forest air was torn asunder by a pair of Jerry machineguns. In absolute Panic I flopped down behind the log I was going to climb over and got a shower of wood splinters. As other guys hit the deck next to me I squirmed down further under the log, pulling my helmet's chinstrap down into place. "SHOOT BACK GOD DAMN IT!!"Sargent Earley bellowed from behind a nearby tree, pulling the bolt of his rifle back. "SHO-SHO! KILL THOSE HUNS!" The last of the fog was soon joined by gun smoke, the acrid smell of Cordite drifting through the trees. The firing sounded like several cobs of corn being popped at the same time, but thousands of times louder. The Chauchat Auto-Rifle man on my left got to a kneeling position, propped his ugly-as-sin Auto-Rifle on the log and pulled the trigger, raining bullets on the Jerry machineguns and hot brass cartridges on the side of my face.
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Member Article: The Wait
by Jeffrey A. Thomas

Seaman Third Class Lowell Webster, AKA "The Kid" lay in dozing in his bunk. He was in his skivvies, the tropical heat, even at seven something in the morning, being too much for anything more. His eyes were shut, but he wasn't really asleep, neither was he awake. It was Sunday, and the ship was in a relaxed state, unbuttoned for tomorrow's inspection. He didn't have anywhere to be for four hours. Around him, in the vast berthing compartment he could hear his shipmates; a few snoring, more asleep than he was; a card game, an argument, one or two men praying. All around him the USS West Virginia, BB-48, "the WeeVee" was just starting to wake up. He'd only been aboard the ship a short time, his first real assignment in the navy. It was taking some time to adjust. He was still the country bumpkin from a farm in Washington State. A few of the guys had teased him for awhile, playing tricks on him, but with one exception they mostly left him alone now. He was starting to make a few friends, but he knew he'd never make his section Chief happy. But he knew his mom was proud of him, even though he wasn't there to help his brothers with the farm.
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Member Article: The Pig War
by Jeffrey A. Thomas

The origins of "The Pig War" were rooted in the treaty of 1846, which settled the claims of the United States and Great Britain in the lands west of the Rocky Mountains. The treaty established the 49th parallel as the boundary between the United States and Canada, until it reached to "the middle of the channel separating the continent from Vancouver's Island."[1] The intention behind this was to leave all of Vancouver Island as British territory. Unfortunately the treaty state what was meant by "the main channel". The British believed it referred to Haro Straight, to the East of San Juan Island, the Americans believed it to be Rosario Straight, on the West.
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