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 (1863) Battle of Gettysburg
Scott Brown
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E-4 Corporal
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Red Bailey's Day 2 Timeline?
Posted on: 7/3/2018 8:27:46 PM
Howdy folks,

Hope everybody is well!

It's a long shot, but does anybody still have Red's Day 2 timeline?

Thanks in advance and best regards,
Scott B.

P.S. Nevermind, I found it!

Scott Brown
top 40
E-4 Corporal
Posts: 178

Red Bailey's Day 2 Timeline?
Posted on: 7/3/2018 8:34:00 PM

Finally managed to get a correct transfer from Word to MHO. I haven't worked on it or changed it for several years.

July 2nd March & Countermarch of Longstreet’s two divisions to reach Warfield Ridge, and Anderson’s division march to reach South Seminary ridge:

Midnight - McLaws division reaches Marsh Creek east of Cashtown and camps.

1:00 am - Longstreet's artillery is ordered to march from Greenwood. Walton leads followed by
Alexander’s battalion.

3:00 am - Hood resumes march for GB from just east of Cashtown, and passes McLaws div.
Law's brigade leaves New Guilford.
Longstreet leaves his HQ at Cashtown to ride forward to Lee's HQ on Sem. Ridge.

4:00 am - McLaws receives orders to resume march which were promptly countermanded –
probably to allow Hood's division to pass.
Capt. Johnston starts on recon of the right.

4:03 am - Twilight – local time. (4:12 am EST had EST been in existence back then.)

4:35 am - Sunrise – local time. (4:44 am EST had EST been in existence back then.)

5:00 am - Lee, Longstreet, Hill, Hood seen by Fremantle conferring along Seminary ridge.

5:03 am - Kershaw says he arrived “in front of Gettysburg” about ½ hr after sunrise. (Way too
early to agree with other accounts.) (Bachelder Papers, Vol.1, p. 453)

5:30 am - Hood's troops pass by McLaw's division which is still encamped along Marsh Creek.

6:14 am - Full Moon sets – local time. (6:23 am EST had EST been in existence back then)

6:30 am - McLaws resumes march towards GB. (Doesn’t agree with Kershaw’s account in B.P.
Vol. 1, p. 453: Kershaw says he arrived in front of GB ½ hr after sunrise – 5:35 am.?)

7:00 am - Hood's division begins arriving on (behind) Seminary Ridge.
Johnston returns from his recon to report to Lee. Longstreet & Hill still with Lee.

(This appears to be where Lee’s “I think you better move on.” order was made.)

7:00 am - Anderson’s division starts to march from bivouac location along Knoxlyn Rd/Marsh
Creek area (Bachelder Map), or possibly from along Herr Ridge (Pfanz).

(If Anderson started at 7am from along Knoxlyn Rd/Marsh Creek bivouac area,
the march would have to cross Longstreet's path thus impeding any movement of
Longstreet's troops south until Anderson had cleared the road(s) he was using to
March eastward. If he was bivouacked along Herr Ridge Rd, he would have to
clear the ridge road before McLaws & Hood could occupy it. How long Anderson
waited behind Seminary Ridge (in column?), and exactly when he cleared the Herr
Ridge Road or the Black Horse Tavern area is still open to conjecture. I’m guessing
Anderson cleared the Tavern area by 10 am which would have allowed moving Alexander’s
battalion south, parking it, and then his ride back north to possibly join
Pleasanton as per Pleasanton’s account of riding with Alexander to the Point of Woods
Area where they heard the Wilcox/Berdan firefight to their right and rear.)

8:00 am - McLaws division begins arriving on (behind) Seminary Ridge & behind Hood's troops.
McLaws meets with Lee & Longstreet, & Lee corrects Longstreet's positioning
instructions. (Doesn’t agree with Kershaw’s Bach. Papers, Vol 1, p. 453 account!)

8:30 am - Alexander reports to Lee & Longstreet on Seminary Ridge, gets order to reconnoiter
South and leaves with a couple of riders.

9:00 am - Lee rides to Ewell's HQ to give Ewell instructions about the attack. (Military Memoirs)
Capt. Johnson joins Longstreet as ordered by Lee. (This may be when Longstreet
started moving Hood’s troops back towards Herr Ridge Road.)

9:30 am - Alexander finishes his recon and heads north to get his battalion plus inform Cabell &
Henry (with their divisions) about the location & projected positions down at Warfield

10:00am - Lee returns to Seminary ridge from Ewell's HQ. (Military Memoirs) He gets Long’s
and Pendleton’s reports on their recons to the south.

Longstreet is reconnoitering near Black Horse Tavern (Bream's Hill?). With Johnston
and Clarke?

11:00am - Lee orders Longstreet to move McLaws' & Hood's divisions to attack & gives
Longstreet the OK to await Law's brigade.

11:00am - Lee orders Anderson’s division to “extend Hill’s line along Seminary Ridge.”
(Military Memoirs)

11:00am - Alexander gets his artillery battalion down to the Samuel Pitzer pasture about
To 1500’ north of the Pitzer schoolhouse. (Logical area with grazing, water, cover, and
11:30am an escape route back north if needed.)

11:00am - Anderson’s division, Hill's corps, starts to move into line of battle along South
Seminary Ridge.

11:45am - Law's brigade joins Hood’s column along the Chambersburg Pike.

McLaws starts march south across Fairfield Rd from Herr Ridge Road in the Adam Butt
Farm area going to the west of the B.H. Tavern via farm lanes, then crossing the Fairfield
Rd. onto the Tavern-Pitzer School Rd at Black Horse Tavern.

Willcox runs into AOP troops in Pitzer's woods and firefight erupts.

11:55am - LRT Signal Station reports “our skirmishers give way.” This is the “Pitzer Wood’s
fire fight”.

12:00N - Hood starts march following McLaws along the Herr Ridge Road.

12:30pm (This should be around the time that Kershaw's van hove into view of LRT and paused
awaiting instructions)

Alexander comes upon stopped infantry column when riding back after parking his
Battalion near the school.

(12:30-1:00pm - Time spent deciding new route and making the countermarch.)

1:00 pm - Countermarch starts from turnaround point.

1:30 pm - LRT Signal Station reports about 10,000 infantry moving north past Doctor Hall’s
House. This can only be the countermarch of McLaws’ & Hood’s troops.
(See 1:30 & 2:10pm messages LRT messages in OR’s)

1:30 pm - Kershaw says he moved from near the Hoss house (on Herr Ridge). (B.P. Vol. 1, P. 453)
Seems like he’s describing moving westward to get on W side of Herr Ridge, & then
South to pass between BH Tavern & Marsh Ck Bridge, then on to the turnaround point.
Should this be 11:30 am? The 1:30 pm time correlates with his countermarch!

3:00 pm - Kershaw's brigade reaches stone fence along Warfield Ridge.

3:30 pm - Longstreet’s artillery opens fire.

4:00 pm - Longstreet's infantry begins attack with Hood's troops moving out from Warfield Ridge.

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