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 (1863) Battle of Gettysburg
Larry Purtell
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McClellen killed at Gettysburg?
Posted on: 8/7/2018 10:34:34 AM
First time I have seen Little Mac reported killed at Gettysburg. From the Staunton Spectator, Staunton VA. July 7, 1863

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tom ryan
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Re: McClellen killd at Gettysburg?
Posted on: 8/8/2018 11:54:23 AM
This newspaper article reflects how slow information was reaching the South. In addition to the inaccurate mention of McClellan being killed at Gettysburg, the report also states that Lee whipped Hooker's army instead of Meade's army near Gettysburg. There were other reports by high-ranking Rebel officers referring to Hooker's army rather than Meade's around this time as well.

The other story in this newspaper titled "Catherine Graham, A Yankee Spy" is also interesting, because it is accurate. Graham was Milroy's spy who gathered information through a variety of ways including his wife's travels around the countryside. Graham wrote a report to SecWar Stanton from Winchester on May 26, 1863 giving him a status report on the "Valley of Virginia." (OR, 25, pt. 2. 525-27.)


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