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 (1863) Battle of Gettysburg
Larry Purtell
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Sgt. Charles Osborne 95th NY infantry
Posted on: 10/25/2018 8:47:03 AM
Survived three days at Gettysburg PA only to die in the Wilderness.

Residence was not listed; 23 years old.

Enlisted on 11/20/1861 at New York City, NY as a Sergeant.

On 11/21/1861 he mustered into "B" Co. NY 95th Infantry
He Re-enlisted on 1/26/1864
He was Killed on 5/6/1864 at Wilderness, VA

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Michigan Dave
Muskegon, Michigan, MI, USA
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Re: Sgt. Charles Osborne 95th NY infantry
Posted on: 10/25/2018 9:36:17 AM
Hi Larry,

This points to the fact warfare is like Russian Roulette, you survive 1 battle, only to parish in a later one!?

nice picture of a poor CW soldier,

"The brave men, living and dead, who struggled here, have consecrated it, far above our poor power to add or detract."

Phil andrade
London, UK
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Re: Sgt. Charles Osborne 95th NY infantry
Posted on: 10/27/2018 2:47:42 AM
A timely reminder, I think, that - huge and momentous as Gettysburg was - it did not diminish the ensuing bloodshed one iota. Indeed, in a sense it might have sharpened the combat skills of the soldiers on both sides, ensuring that the following campaigns would produce unprecedented loss of life for the American people.

Nothing illustrates this better than the Battle of the Wilderness, that would cost Charles Osborne his life.

The fighting on 6 May 1864 cost the Union close to the same number of lives as Day Two at Gettysburg , by far the worst day of the battle for the North ...and there was still Spotsylvania, Cold Harbor and Petersburg to come.

Regards, Phil
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