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 (1939-1945) WWII Battles

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Documents related to the Nuremberg Trials
Posted on: 10/12/2018 2:44:21 AM
 Link to the London Charter. [Read More]

 Link to text of judgments regarding the SS, SD, and GeStaPo as criminal organizations: [Read More] [Source stated as: Musmanno, Michael A., U.S.N.R, Military Tribunal II, Case 9: Opinion and Judgment of the Tribunal. Nuremberg: Palace of Justice. 8 April 1948. pp. 109 - 111 (original mimeographed copy)]

 The London Charter explicitly defines crimes against the peace, war crimes, and crimes against humanity. Useful to have the sources for defining these terms and the original text that declared specific organizations to be criminal in nature.


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