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 (1939-1945) WWII Battles
Brian Williams
Atlanta, GA, USA

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Great set of WWII DVD's
Posted on: 1/25/2019 5:25:32 PM
I found this set of DVD's again and am watching them. They're British and very good and cheap...$12-$15 on Amazon for 3 DVD's. Mine actually are on 1 Blu-ray, but I don't see that as an option anymore.

Battlefield: Great European Battles of WWII
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There's a few sets in the Battlefield Series:
Battlefield: WWII Invasion
Battlefield: Great Sea Battles of WWII
Battlefield: Russia: The Eastern Front
Battlefield: - Vietnam: from Dien Bien Phu to Peace with Honor

brian grafton
Victoria, BC, Canada
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Re: Great set of WWII DVD's
Posted on: 2/17/2019 9:39:19 PM
Brian, that looks like it would be a good series indeed.

Some years ago I bought four discs in a WW2 series by Eagle Rock Entertainment. I still haven't opened two of the four. But one of the four (Hitler's War, 2005) I would recommend (after a fashion) for serious European WW2 folks only. It was the one that stopped me watching the discs (I think there are something like 17 discs in total in what Eagle Rock calls their "War Zone" series.

When I watched Hitler's War, I was struck increasingly with the information and footage being shown. The presentation was seductive and the editing quite compelling. But eventually I found myself muttering words like "bullshit" more and more often.

I've not had much luck tracking the history of this particular disc. But I think it is a David Irving production, or at least is based largely on his published Hitler's War. If I'm correct, that makes the disc both interesting and dangerous, and moves us from history to manipulation.

Irving lost much of his credibility as an historian in the years from 1975 to 1985, and further lost respect as his Holocaust denials became more blatant. He was often refused entry to various countries, and even if admitted was prohibited from speaking to certain issues. He was actually arrested in Victoria at one point. A Friday lunch buddy of mine, Bill, was at his speech that night, but left just scant minutes before Irving was taken into custody.

In 1996, Irving brought a suit against Penguin Books and the author Deborah Lipstadt. In her Denying the Holocaust, published by Penguin, she had named him as a Holocaust denier. The finding of the court was in Penguin/Lipstadt's favour.

One of Irving's earliest volumes created the historical climate in which the destruction of Dresden is still viewed. He has kept that controversy alive with two reissues of his work. I not this only because there has been a post that raised what happened at Dresden (MD's "This Day in History" in the General History thread).

Not trying to downplay the series you're recommending by any means. It's good to hear about a series from somebody who has good judgment.

I guess I'm just suggesting that there is some seductive stuff out there that just doesn't get it right, and that we should all be aware of that.

Brian G

"We have met the enemy, and he is us." Walt Kelly.

"The Best Things in Life Aren't Things" Bumper sticker.

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