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 (???? - 1799 AD) Pre-19th Century Battles
john hayward
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The Swedish Army
Posted on: 5/7/2019 10:56:21 AM
During the War of Spanish Succession 1702-1714 the Allied Armies of the Duke of Marlborough marched thru Germany, Belgium and northern France. There was the usual waste that large armies caused but very little deliberate acts of destruction. There were very few atrocities reported on the civilian population.

As the same time Swedish Army was descending on Poland like a plague of locust. It robbed the civilians of life's necessities. They slaughtered all the animals they couldn't carry away. Orders were given to kill all males over 15. Entire villages disappeared

In the village of Masovia, the soldiers rounded up the children, beat them, and then pretended to hang in front of their parents. Some units actually carried out the hangings

As to prisoners...after the Battle of Fraustadt in 1706, over 500 prisoners executed after the battle's end. They were herded together and "shot and cut down within the ring without mercy, like slaughtered sheep."

These don't seem to be isolated incidents

The Swedish Army behaved more like armies of The 30 Years War or even more telling like the German Army of the Second World War.

Any explanation for this behavior or why Marlborough's Army didn't?

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