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 Civil War - General
Gregory C. White
Canton, GA, USA
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Union desertion
Posted on: 2/28/2018 11:15:12 AM
In the April 2018 Civil War Times Illustrated (p.14), author/historian Gary Gallagher addresses the numbers of Confederate and Union desertions.

He indicated that 210,000 of 2.2 million Union soldiers deserted; and that 120,000 evaded conscription. He also estimated 85,0000 - 90,000 fled to Canada, and thousands more fled to regions of the United States beyond the reaches of the Federal government.

My question is did the Federal government ever pursue and prosecute those that evaded the Union service, during or after the war?
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John R. Price
Wilkes-Barre, PA, USA
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Re: Union desertion
Posted on: 2/28/2018 6:29:10 PM

I know that they executed one of the USCT supposedly killed in the Donalson massacre for desertion. He was wounded and made instead of going back to his unit when released from the hospital he just walked away. I've seen that there were about 500 men executed during the war and that about 300 of them were deserters. That's for both sides I believe
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Centre Hastings, ON, Canada
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Re: Union desertion
Posted on: 2/28/2018 9:33:54 PM
Was there not a conflict between the Union and the British over the return of draft dodgers at one point. Many were in my province which was a British colony in the 1860's?

If my memory serves me, the US had requested the return of 15,000 men that they had identified as being in Canada and the British refused to return them.

The border was pretty porous in those days.

Nick Spencer
IOW,United kingdom,
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Re: Union desertion
Posted on: 6/26/2018 7:56:16 AM

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