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 Pvt John Baxter Parsons  
Braxton's Battalion, Confederate Artillery - Co. G   
Enlisted in 1862 In 64 VA company G. Was discharged 3 days later by Colonel Slemp. After Colonel Slemp found out his 2 brothers and both uncles and cousin's where all enlisted.
  Ancestor added by Richard Parsons on 10/18/2020
 Pvt Wade Hampton Philips  
14th South Carolina Infantry - Co. C   
My great great grand father,
Served with C co. 14th SC Infantry, wounded at Sharpsburg, wounded and let in the hands of the enemy Gettysburg July 1863, paroled and returned home at end of war.
  Ancestor added by PHILIP McDaniel on 10/1/2020
 Unk Jacob C. Kern  
3rd Indiana Cavalry - Co. A   
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  Ancestor added by Dennis Kern on 9/27/2020
 Pvt William M Campbell  
4th Missouri Cavalry - Co. F   
William was born in Kentucky in1833. He has 5 cards in his archival file. Enlisted 12 Oct 1862 in Howell Co. Mo. by Capt Febris for 3 years. He mustered 13 Nov 1862 at Mountain Home, Marion Co Ark. His horse is valued at $125 and equipment at $15. It is 25 miles to rendezvous. Joined Capt John W Jacob's Co. Burbridge's Regiment of Missouri Partisan Rangers which became Co F 4th Missouri Cavalry.
The history of this Regiment is one of heroic actions over evil...A great read if you want to know what the government can do to you if you are in their way...
William died 21 April 1914 and is buried at Uniontown, Crawford Co. Ark. May he rest in peace
Deo Vindice

  Ancestor added by phillip thomas on 9/23/2020
 Pvt Robert Lee Elmore  
11th Alabama Infantry - Co. D   
11th Alabama Regiment, Company D - The Canebrake Legion

31 May 1862 • Henrico County, Virginia, USA
Wounded at the Battle of Seven Pines - Finger of left hand shot off

05 May 1864 • Fredericksburg, Virginia, USA
Wounded at The Battle of the Wilderness - Shot in the Hip

Returned home to Marengo Co., Alabama and was cared for by the widow Araminta Bonds who lost her husband and sons in the war. Ms. Bonds died at Gaineswood Plantation in Demopolis, AL on 10/30/1898
  Ancestor added by Marcus Pierce on 9/17/2020
 Pvt John A Stevens  
35th Texas Cavalry (Likens') - Co. G   
Two days after his 17th birthday, young John became a substitute for his father Squire Stevens (probably a local militia company at the time). When Capt Gus Warren's company was called to Tyler in Sept 1863 to organize into Likens' Battalion CSA, Squire took his son's place and sent him home. John sold his father's best mule, bought a horse, returned to the company and enlisted under his own name in October 1863. Likens and Burns Battalions were consolidated at Houston in November 1863 and 3 independent companies from Terrell's Regiment were added to form Likens' 35th Texas Cavalry. The regiment served on the Texas Gulf Coast until March 1864 when they were ordered to support Gen Richard Taylor in the Red River Campaign. After Gen Banks' Federal army was driven back to the Mississippi River, the 35th served along the upper Atchafalaya River until February 1865. The regiment was dismounted and stationed at Galveston until the end of the war. Private John A. Stevens was given a Soldier's Discharge on May 25, 1865 which is still in possession of the family along with 22 confederate bills he brought home after the war.
  Ancestor added by John Stevens on 9/10/2020
 Pvt Robert Polson  
21st South Carolina Infantry - Co. E   
Robert was born in Cole Hill Township, Chesterfield Co SC 20 Mar 1815. He has 8 cards in his archival file. He enlisted at Chesterfield, SC on 20 Dec 1861 with the first call to arms in B.T. Davis' Company of SC Vols. for one year. He mustered 10 Jan 1862 at Georgetown, SC. Assigned to Hagood's Brigade at Charleston Harbor, SC. He was discharged on Morris Island 8 Jan 1863 when the terms of his enlistment expired. We are related by a distant marriage. He died 9 June 1892 and is buried at Kati Polson Cem. on Wilkerson Lane in Chesterfield Co. SC.
  Ancestor added by phillip thomas on 8/20/2020
 Unk David H Melton  
50th North Carolina Infantry - Co. G   
David Melton is my ancestry and he is from Rutherford county North Carolina. He is my great great grandfather. I am very proud of him and proud that I came from him! I'd love more information on company G 50th North Carolina, the Rutherford farmers. I would love to know about their battles and would love to find any pictures or letters.
  Ancestor added by Candi Hollifield on 8/16/2020
 Pvt Morgan Donahue  
Capt. Kelly's Company Light Artillery (Chesterfield Artillery) - Co.   
Morgan was born in Chesterfield Co. SC in 1839. He was about 23 y/o when he enlisted at Cheraw, in aforesaid county on 12 April 1862 as a Pvt. in Capt James I Kelly's Co. SC light artillery. Assigned to Coit's Battalion of Artillery...Also served under Mosley's Arty. He has 9 cards in his archival file. Battles Kelly's Store, Suffock Campaign, Battery Huger, Drewry's Bluff, Petersburg Siege, & Carolina Campaign. He is listed as a POW at the end of the war..I found no documentation that would shed light on that event. He died in 1912 and is buried under a Confederate Stone at Rocky Creek Church, Jefferson Co. SC. He is in my ancestry family tree data base.
  Ancestor added by phillip thomas on 8/15/2020
 Pvt Charles David Boan  
21st South Carolina Infantry - Co. E   
Charles was born in Cole Hill Township, Chesterfield Co. SC 7 June 1844. He joined at age 17 on 20 Dec 1861 Capt. B.T. Davis' Co of SC Vols. This unit mustered into Confederate service at Georgetown SC and became Co E 21st South Carolina Infantry. Aug 1863 he is on detached service as a Sharp Shooter. 30 July 1864 he is a patient in Jackson Hosp at Richmond Va. suffering from a gunshot wound to his right side [mini ball] He is given a 60 day furlough. He was a patient in Gen Hosp # 10 at Salisbury, NC when the war ended. His unit saw action at Charleston Harbor,Port Walthall Junction, Swift Creek, Drewry's Bluff, Cold Harbor, Weldon Rail Road, 2nd Fort Harrison, 2nd Fort Fisher, Carolina Campaign and Bentonville...We are cousins thru a distant marriage. H and his wife Florence "Flora" D are buried at Bethesda UMC Cem. rural Cole Hill Twp, Chesterfield Co. SC
  Ancestor added by phillip thomas on 8/14/2020
 Pvt John Gresham Hubbard  
19th South Carolina Cavalry - Co. E   
John was born 9 Mar 1842 in the community of Hebron, Marlboro County SC. He enlisted 1 Jan 1864 at Bennettsville, Marlboro Co. SC . in Capt A. D. Sparks Co [ Ripley Rangers] He has 11 cards in his archival file. Assigned to Dept. of Fla, Ga, & SC. He is with his unit at Mount Pleasant, South Carolina near Charleston when he is detached to the Quarter Master as a Forage Agent. He saw action in the South and North Carolina Campaigns and moved west where he served with the Army of Tenn. until their surrender in April 1865. Few details remain of the operational combat. We are related by marriage. He He is buried in Hebron UMC Cem. Clio, Marlboro Co. SC
  Ancestor added by phillip thomas on 8/9/2020
 Pvt Jonathan Woodley  
24th South Carolina Infantry - Co. B   
Jonathan was born 16 Jan 1831 in Hebron, Marlboro Co. SC. He enlisted 20 March 1862 at Bennettsville in aforesaid county. Enlisted by Capt Spears into Co B 24th Regiment SC Infantry. He is in poor health and is home sick for the better part of the first year. In Dec 1863 he is in his company and paid. He has a CMR in Co C 16th SC Infantry...The 16th and 24 were consolidated 9 April 1865. He is assigned to General Gist's Brigade. He fought in 14 major battles and numerous skirmishes. His Brigade surrendered 26 April 1865. He and most of his company refused and walked home. He married my cousin Ellen Covington nee Spears. He died 20 July 1915 and is buried in Hebron Cem. Clio, Marlboro County, SC
  Ancestor added by phillip thomas on 8/6/2020
 1st Sgt James Alford Covington  
23rd South Carolina Infantry - Co. G   
James was born in 1834 in Marlboro District South Carolina. He enlisted as Pvt 12 June 1862 at Bennettsville, in aforesaid county in Hatch's Coast Rangers. aka [ Douglas Rifles ] This became Co G 23 SC Infantry. He has 22 cards in his archival file. His date of rank to 1st Sgt is unknown. He fought at Malvern Hill, Pappahannock Station, 2nd Manassas, Sharpsburg/Antietam, Siege of Jackson Miss. Bermuda Hundred, Petersburg Siege, The Crater, Fort Steadmen, Five Forks. Captured 3 April 1865 at Fairground Post Hospital at Petersburg, Va.
Wounded [ gunshot wound to right thigh and leg amputated] Admitted for wound 11 May 1865. He died 3 July 1865 and is buried near the not marked. He left behind a wife and two small children...Deo Vindice
  Ancestor added by phillip thomas on 8/5/2020
 2 Lt Silas Spears  
23rd South Carolina Infantry - Co. G   
Silas was born near Bennetsville, Marlboro District SC 1842. He was 19 when he enlisted 17 Oct 1861. Enlisted in Capt E.C. Emanuel's Co. Hatch's Battalion , Coast Rangers which became Co G 23rd SC Infantry aka [ Douglas Rifles] He has 7 cards in his archival file. He was elected to 4th Sgt on enlistment and while assigned to Evans Brigade he was promoted to 2nd Lieut. on 19 Oct 1862 while at Hamlin's Farm in Christ Church Parish, SC. He died of unknown cause on 28 Aug 1863 while serving in Charleston Harbor, SC
Battles: Malvern Hill, Rappahannoch Station, 2nd Manassas, South Mountain, Sharpsburg/ aka/ Antietam, Siege of Jackson Miss., Charleston Harbor, SC where he died 28 Aug 1863. May God rest his soul....
  Ancestor added by phillip thomas on 8/5/2020
 4th Sgt Lewis Spears  
4th South Carolina State Troops - Co. F   
Lewis was born18 Jan 1814 in Marlboro District, SC. He enlisted 1 Aug 1863 in Capt Nelson M Gibson;s Co from the 30th Regiment SC Militia. [6 months] He was 45 years old. The manpower situation was desperate in the south and this unit was made up of old men and young boys. On 1 Aug 1864 this Regiment was disbanded and the men absorbed into other units. Assigned to the 4th Military Dept. Sc, Ga, & Fla. Battles: Honey Hill, Adams Run, Green Pond, Cocsawatchie, Savannah, James Island, Evacuation of Charleston, Carolina Campaign and Raleigh, NC. He married Eleanor "Nellie" Covington, my 3rd cousin 4 x removed. She died in 1870 and is buried at Hebron Cem, Marlboro Co. SC and he died 9 June 1894 and is buried in the Spears Family Cem. in Marlboro Co. SC
  Ancestor added by phillip thomas on 8/4/2020
 Pvt Evander McIver Speights  
3rd South Carolina Cavalry - Co. A   
Evander was born 1840 in Saint Peters Parish, Beauford, SC. He Enlisted at age 22 in Green's 1st Mounted Militia date unknown. [ Saltketcher's Gorilla's ] Consolidated 19 March 1862 with Capt D.B. Heyward's Co [Marion men of Combahee ] SC Vol's. at Hendersonville, and mustered at Pocotaligo, SC on the 22nd. He is 20 miles from rendezvous. His horse is valued at $175 & equipment at $10. He fought in 2 battles..Coosawhatchie and Bluffton before he was substituted on 11 May 1863 by R.W. Benton. He married a distant cousin [ Clarissa "Clara" Baggett. They are buried in Live Oak Cem. Walterboro, Colleton Co. SC
  Ancestor added by phillip thomas on 8/3/2020
 Pvt Peter C Baggett  
6th South Carolina Cavalry - Co. G   
Peter was born in 1837 in Hebron, Marlboro District, SC. He is 23 in 1860. He has limited historical data and most comes from his obit and gravestone. I found his relatives but not him in the archival files. He died 9 July 1862 of Typhoid in Richmond County, Georgia and is buried in Magnolia Cem. West Augusta, Richmond Co. Ga. His gravestone reads [ Co. G John R Miot's Partisan Rangers. This company was a part of the 6th Regiment SC Cavalry. aka 16th Battalion aka 1st Akin's Regt.
  Ancestor added by phillip thomas on 8/2/2020
 Pvt Henry Clinton Baggett  
20th South Carolina Infantry - Co.   
Henry was born 29 Nov 1834 In Hebron, Marlboro District, SC. He enlisted at age 28 on 5 Oct 1862 for 2 years or the war. Enlisted in Capt J. A. Peterkin's Company of Cavalry. [aka Peterkin's Rangers] Henry had transferred from Capt. Spark's Company. He has 4 cards in his archival file. This became Co N of 20th Regiment SC Infantry, Henry served in the Calvary component of the 20th. This unit was disbanded on unknown date and served with Hampton's Legion of Cavalry. Assigned to General Kershaw's, Kennedy's & Conner's Brigade. Battles: Charleston Harbor. Cold Harbor, Petersburg Siege, Berryville, Near Port Republic, Strasburg, Cedar Creek, Carolina Campaign, Aversboro, & Bentonville. He never married and is buried at Live Oak Cem. Walterboro, Colleton Co. SC .. We are distantly related
  Ancestor added by phillip thomas on 8/2/2020
 Pvt Sion Wesley West  
29th Alabama Infantry - Co. I   
Sion was born 26 Oct 1827 in Coffee Co. Alabama. He has 7 cards in his archival file. He enlisted 3 Sept 1862 at about 34 years old. He enlisted at Camp Lee. One card has him in the guard house in camp, offense not given. He fought at Rosaca, New Hope Church, Peach Tree Creek and Atlanta Ga. He moved into Tennessee and was wounded 30 Nov 1864 at the battle of Franklin. No other data found. He survived the war and is buried at Pennington Town Cem. Trinity Co. Texas. He was the father in law of my 4th cousin 3 x removed Martha Clark.
  Ancestor added by phillip thomas on 8/2/2020
 Capt Franklin S Manning  
8th South Carolina Infantry - Co. K   
Franklin was born in Marlboro Co SC 29 Dec 1841 He enlisted in the adjoining county of Chesterfield, in Chesterfield Court House District on 13 April 1861. Entered as Bvt. Lieut and promoted to Captain on 13 May 1862. He was wounded in the 3 day fight at Harper's Ferry 12 - 15 Sept 1862. Wounded on the 13th and captured on the 16th. Sent to Fort Monroe for exchange. He never recovered and was retired 24 Jan 1865. He served in Conners Brigade, Kershaw's Division, Longstreet's Corps. He has 49 items in his archival file. Battles: 1st Manassas, Yorktown siege, Williamsburg, Seven Days battle, Savage's Station and finally at Maryland Heights where he was wounded and captured. He married my distant cousin Clarissa Ann Covington in 1863. They are buried at Hebron Cem. Clio, Marlboro Co. SC
  Ancestor added by phillip thomas on 8/1/2020
 Capt Robert Cochran Emanuel  
23rd South Carolina Infantry - Co. G   
Robert was born 16 Aug 1825 in Bennettsville, Marlboro Co. SC. He enlisted 1 Nov 1861 in Hatch's Coastal Rangers which later became Co G 23rd SC Infantry. Elected to rank of Captain 17 Dec 1861. He fought the invaders until the end of the war. He has 7 cards in his archival file. He was the father in law of my 4th cousin 3 x removed [ Sarah Johnson Dupre ] He died early on 16 Jun 1866. Cause of death is not known but it is believed the stress and possibly wounds from the conflict led to an early death. He is buried at Brownsville Baptist Ch. in Blenheim, Marlboro Co SC.
  Ancestor added by phillip thomas on 8/1/2020
 Capt Harris C Covington  
26th South Carolina Infantry - Co. D   
Harris was born 25 March 1835 in Bennettsville, Marlboro County. SC. He was 26 years old when he was enlisted By capt. Sparks on 26 March 1862 for the war. He has 48 cards in his archival file. He was promoted to Capt. on 9 Feb 1865. Served in Evan's Brigade, Johnson's Division, Beauregard's Corps. He was assigned as CO of General Johnson's Provost Guards. Battles. Siege of Petersburg, Crater, Saylor's Creek, Fort Steadman, Five Forks, Bermuda Hundred. He was with Wallace's Brigade when his command surrendered at Appomattox C. H. on 9 April 1865. He died 29 Sept 1876 and is buried in Hebron Cem. Clio, Marlboro Co. SC.
  Ancestor added by phillip thomas on 7/31/2020
 Pvt Jonathan Harvey Bryan  
Capt. Grace's Company Mississippi (State Troops) - Co. D   
Jonathan is my 3rd great grandfather. He enlisted as a Private for three years in the Mississippi Infantry on Feb. 22, 1862. On Jan. 10, 1863, he was admitted to the CSA Post Hospital at Dalton, GA for "Anasarca", a severe and generalized form of edema, with subcutaneous tissue swelling throughout the body. A St.Mary's Hospital record shows Jonathan is age 52 and received a follow-up Smallpox vaccine on January 23, 1863, with his prior vaccine having been 9 months earlier. Next, a Dalton, GA Post Hospital record shows he was sent to St. Mary's Hospital in Dalton, GA on Feb. 12, 1863. Records show Jonathan died on Feb. 26, 1863 of "Vulnus Sclopetarium", which is a gunshot wound. Since the record reporting death shows he was admitted on Jan. 10th, I am assuming that he was in the hospital from January 10th through February 26th due to the gunshot would and complications, including the anasarca. Records also show that Jonathan had $19.60 that was turned over to the Quartermaster and that his belongings left at the hospital consisted of money $1.05, knapsack, and 2 pairs of pants.
  Ancestor added by Kim Andry on 7/31/2020
 Pvt James R Manning  
19th South Carolina Cavalry - Co. E   
James was born in Marlboro District of South Carolina 5 June 1839. He was about 24 when he enlisted in aforesaid county on 10 Oct 1863 for the war. He has 6 cards in his archival file. He enlisted in Capt A. D. Sparks Co. [Ripley Rangers] SC Cavalry. On 20 Dec 1864 this unit and several others were consolidated to form Co E of the19th Battalion SC Cavalry. It served in the North Carolina Campaign. The specifics have been lost to history. He married twice and all are buried in the Hebron UMC Cem. In Clio, Marlboro Co. SC .. May God grant him rest.
  Ancestor added by phillip thomas on 7/30/2020
 Cpl George Robert Clark  
8th North Carolina Infantry - Co. D   
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