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 Pvt Alexander Hamilton Barrington  
26th South Carolina Infantry - Co. D   
Alexander was born 2 Dec 1823 in Martlboro Co. SC. He enlisted 4 Feb 1864 at age abt 45. He served in Elliott's and Wallace's Brigades in Va. Was engaged in the Siege of Petersburg The Crater. He was captured at Fort Steadman on 25 Mar 1865. A POW at Point Lookout, Md and released 14 May 1865 after swallowing the yellow dog. He married Caroline Mason and is buried at the LIles Cem, in Marlboro Co SC .
  Ancestor added by Phillip Thomas on 9/26/2021
 Pvt Cornelius S Newton  
4th South Carolina State Troops - Co. F   
Cornelius was born in 1817 in the Marlboro District of SC. He married Clarissa Stubbs. He was 46 years old when he enlisted in the 30th SC Militia. and merged with Capt. Nelson M Gibson's Co. which became Co F 4th State Troops. This unit was made up of the very young and very old men as all others were already in the fight. He has 4 cards in his CSA archival file. When it was learned that he was the Miller for his area back home it was determined he was essential to the community and was discharged 31 Oct 1863 for that reason. He died in 1865 the reason not know.
  Ancestor added by Phillip Thomas on 9/24/2021
 Pvt Harris A Stanton  
4th South Carolina Cavalry - Co. A   
Harris was born 31 Jul 1830 in Marlboro Co. South Carolina. He was married to Mary Caroline McLaurin. He has 3 cards in his CSA archival file. He was enlisted 26 Dec 1861 at Cheraw, SC by J.C. Craig for 12 months. This Regiment is also known as Co A 12th Battalion Cavalry 4th Squadron. Much of the history of the 4th Cavalry was burned it is difficult to follow the consolidations of units. After consolidation with the 10th SC Cavalry on 16 Dec 1862 it was re-designated as the 4th SC Cavalry. It remained in the Dept. of SC, Ga. & Fla and saw its first action on 4 May 1863 at Murray's Inlet. It moved north and saw action at The Wilderness, Spotsylvania C.H. , North Anna, Va. Hawe's Shop, Cold Harbor, Petersburg Siege. Vaughn Road and the Carolina Campaign. It ended its service under Logan's Brigade, Butlers Division, Hampton's Cavalry Command, Army of Tennessee April 1865. He died 2 May 1897 and is buried beside his wife in the family Stanton Cem. Clio, Marlboro Co. SC
  Ancestor added by Phillip Thomas on 9/24/2021
 Sgt James M Bostick  
38th North Carolina Infantry - Co. E   
James was born in the Fair Ground Twp of Richmond Co. NC in 1838. He enlisted at Troy, Montgomery Co. NC 13 May 1864 at age of abt 26. He was promoted to Sergeant 15 Oct 1864. He was captured 3 April 1865 at the battle of Hatchers Run. He was sent to Point Lookout and on to Harts Island in New York Harbor. He swallowed the yellow dog on 19 June 1865 and was released. He must have been very sick as he died that year. He is described as having a dark complexion and hair, grey eyes and 6 foot 1/2 inches tall. His battles were: The Petersburg Siege, Globe Tavern, Ream's Station, Fort Harrison, Jones Farm and Hatchers Run where he was captured. May God rest his soul.

  Ancestor added by Phillip Thomas on 9/23/2021
 Pvt George Thomas Gualt  
5th South Carolina Cavalry - Co. K   
George was born in Kelton, Union Co. SC Nov. 1844 he enlisted in Co K 5th SC Cavalry at Columbia on 27 Jan 1863[ Ferguson's] Co. K was known as [ The Mountain Rangers] He has 16 cards in his archival file. He is hospitalized twice for illness. He lost his horse and was on detached duty to find one from 19 Dec 1863 - 8 Jan 1864. He is sick in the hospital at Richmond with boil's on his arm, he has no horse. On 23 Aug 1864 he is in the Jackson Hosp at Richmond he is assigned to Butler's Brigade. His Regiment was in the following battles: Wilderness, Spotsylvania C.H., Haw's Shop, Cold Harbor, Siege at Petersburg, Louisa C.H., Trevilian Station, Reame's Station, Vaughn Road, Burges Mill and the Carolina Campaign. May God rest his soul. He is relate to me thru a distant marriage.
  Ancestor added by Phillip Thomas on 9/19/2021
 3rd Cpl John Farlow Wardlow  
60th Georgia Infantry - Co. C   
John was born 31 Dec 1843 In Whitfield Co. Ga. He was 15 in 1860. He enlisted 19 Sep 1861 in Walker's Independent's commanded by J.C. Wardlow. This became Co C 60th Ga. Infantry. He was wounded by a shell fragment in the back at the battle of Fredricksburg. He was appointed to the rank of 3rd Corporal on 1 April 1863. He served honorably thru the war. He is listed on a POW Roll dated 17 May 1865 at Columbus. Miss. He died in 1919 and is buried at Lafayette City Cem, Walker Co. Ga. He fought in every battle except for the wounded furlough of 60 days at Fredricksburg. Malvern Hill, Bristo Station, 2nd Manasses, Antietam, Chancelorsville, Gettysburg, Spotsolvania, Cedar Creek , Hatchers Run and Fort Steadman.
  Ancestor added by Phillip Thomas on 9/6/2021
 3rd Cpl Thomas Marion Richards  
21st Tennessee Cavalry - Co. A   
1832-1919 Enlisted on 1 Aug 1863. Wounded in the back at the Battle of Tishomingo Creek on 10 June 1864.
  Ancestor added by George Hill on 9/5/2021
 Pvt William James Harmon  
5th North Carolina Cavalry - Co. G   
William was born 25 June 1838 in Chatham Co. NC. He has 16 cards in his archival file. He enlisted at Pittsboro, on 8 Aug 1862 as Pvt. in Capt. John B McClenahan's Company NC Partisan Rangers. He is described as 25 y/o 5 foot 10 inches tall. He served thru out the war and there is no mention of illness or injury. In Aug 1863 it is noted that he has no horse. He was probably assigned as a teamster in support of the Regiment. His regimental record is brief but reveals he was engaged in the following battles: Brandy Station, Middleburg, Upperville, Wilderness, Spotsylvania, Five Forks. He served under Generals: Robertson, L.S. Baker, James B Gordon and Gen Barringer. He died 4 Jan 1915 and is buried at Pleasant Hill UMC Cem. in Chatham Co. NC. He was the father in law of my 1st cousin 3 x removed.
  Ancestor added by Phillip Thomas on 8/24/2021
 Pvt Joshua Bass Neighbors  
42nd Virginia Infantry - Co. E   
Joshua Neighbors was my wife’s great, great, great grandfather. He died in the union Prison Camp at Elmira, NY on 11/29/1864.
  Ancestor added by Christopher Connor on 8/21/2021
 Pvt James G Hall  
9th Maine Infantry - Co.   
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  Ancestor added by William Hall on 8/11/2021
 1st Cpl Newton Kile  
36th Georgia Infantry - Co. H   
Newton was born 12 July 1841 in Monroe Co. Tenn. He was 21 y/o when he enlisted for the war at Dalton, Ga on 24 April 1862 in Co H 36th Ga Infantry [ Broyles] He has 7 cards in his archival file. He was captured with the fall of Vicksburg on 4 July 1863. This unit was consolidated with and no other record for him has been found. He married Sarah C McDonald. He died in 1877 but have not found his grave. He was the father in law of my fourth cousin 3 x removed. Died at age 36.
  Ancestor added by Phillip Thomas on 8/9/2021
 Pvt Charles Behling  
26th Wisconsin Infantry - Co. K   
Charles Behling was my great grandfather. All that he experienced and witnessed must have tormented him to the end; he took his own life shortly after admission the the Milwaukee Soldiers Home in 1895.
  Ancestor added by Cheryl Geske on 8/8/2021
 Pvt George Caylor / Kaylor  
36th Georgia Infantry - Co. H   
George Was a cousin to Elli Caylor / Kaylor: He only has two cards in his archival file and they do not give the circumstances or date of his enlistment. The only data shown is that on his July 1862 Regimental card he is on sick furlough in Georgia. He was born in Blount Co Tenn.. in 1832. He died of Measles in May 1870 in Murray Co. Ga. He was the father in law of my 4th cousin 3 x removed.
  Ancestor added by Phillip Thomas on 8/5/2021
 Pvt Eli Caylor / Kayler  
36th Georgia Infantry - Co. H   
Eli was born in 1846 and was 14 y/o when the aggressive invasion began. He had been born in Blount Co. Tenn. He enlisted 24 April 1862 in Co H 36th Regiment at Dalton. Ga by Capt Robert's for the war. He has 7 cards in his archival file. He is captured at Vicksburg on 4th of July 1863 and paroled on the 9th. He rejoined his unit and fought until the end of the war. His Regiment served first in Tennessee then sent to Mississippi where it was assigned to Taylor's Brigade. This regiment was later consolidated with the 56th Georgia. Battles: Champions Hill, Vicksburg, Chattanooga, Nashville and into the Carolina Campaign. He married Mary Ann Dunn and they are buried at Calvary Baptist Ch. Crandall, Murray Co. Ga.
  Ancestor added by Phillip Thomas on 8/5/2021
 Pvt Ezekiel EB Bonner  
62nd Tennessee Infantry - Co. A   
This is my Great Grandfather who was a Confederate soldier in the 62nd Regiment TN Mounted Infantry (Rowan's 80 Inf,)
  Ancestor added by Kathryn E Bonner on 8/5/2021
 Pvt Daniel Esquerige Thomas  
17th Louisiana Infantry - Co. F   
Daniel was born 28 Nov 1841 in Macon Co. Ga. He has 20 cards in his CSA archival file. He enlisted 30 Sept 1861 at Camp Moore La. for one year in Capt. J.A. Jeter's Co. [Caddo Lake Boys] 12 Jan 1862 the is detailed as a Teamster. 4 July 1864 he is captured at Vicksburg and paroled/ exchanged. His Regiment was engaged at Shiloh, Chickasaw Bluff, Port Gibson & Vicksburg. Red River Campaign. He was the father in law of my 4th cousin 3 x removed. He married Martha Ann Wilker and they are buried in Spur Cemetery, Spur, Dickens Co. Texas.
  Ancestor added by Phillip Thomas on 8/4/2021
 Cpl James Sluss  
8th Virginia Cavalry - Co. H   
Enlisted along with his brother John.
Company H (The Tazewell Troop)
  Ancestor added by Mark Sluss on 8/3/2021
 Pvt James V Kenner  
65th Georgia Infantry - Co. A   
James was born Feb 1842 in Gilmer Co. Ga. He was 17 in 1860. I have found his Cover Sheet in the Georgia Archives as serving in Co A Smith's Legion which formed the core of the new 65th Infantry Regiment. He enlisted 12 May 1862 and was transferred to the 65th. He fought from Chickamauga, The Atlanta Campaign, Franklin & Nashville. He mustered out 26 April 1865 at Greensboro, NC
  Ancestor added by Phillip Thomas on 8/2/2021
 1st Sgt Henry Woodring  
11th Georgia Infantry - Co. F   
Henry was born 19 Oct 1832 He enlisted 2 Oct 1861 at camp near Fairfax Va. He is described as having dark eyes , dark hair and dark complexion at 5 ft. 9 inches tall. He was wounded 3 times and sent home to recover each time. He served honorably thru the invasion and died in 1901. He is buried at Ridgeway Baptist church in Ellijay, Gilmer Co. Ga. He has 20 cards in his archival file. He was the father in law of my cousin.
  Ancestor added by Phillip Thomas on 8/1/2021
 Pvt James Madison Lowrance  
42nd North Carolina Infantry - Co. B   
James was born in 1843 to parents Issac Newton Lowrance and Rachel Lowrance (Jones). He married Eliza Caroline Smith Nov. 19, 1868, in Rowan North Carolina. They had a daughter named Ava Delia Lowrance who was born 1879. According to the 1910 census he was living at 135 Powers Ferry Road, Marietta, Georgia. He could read and write and owned his home and he was a farmer. He died April 21, 1926 at age 83, and is buried in Marietta, Georgia.
  Ancestor added by Marc Anderson on 7/31/2021
 Pvt John S Elder  
60th Georgia Infantry - Co. F   
John was born in South Carolina in 1838 He married Mary Ann Pankey in Gilmer Co. Ga. 30 Aug 1860. He had one child when he enlisted 25 Feb 1862 in Elljay, Gilmer Co. in Co F Captain William P Jarrett's Co of Vol's. He died about 2 months later of Measles at Augusta, Georgia. He has 189 cards in his archival file , 2 CMR's and the rest documents filed by his wife for a Widows claim. He was the husband of my 3rd cousin 4 x removed.
  Ancestor added by Phillip Thomas on 7/29/2021
 Pvt William R Roots  
10th Battalion Texas Cavalry (Martin's) - Co. B   
1839 - Unknown Enlisted on 5 July 1862 in Sherman, Texas.
  Ancestor added by George Hill on 7/26/2021
 Pvt Columbus Hathcock  
3rd Texas Infantry - Co. E   
Columbus was born in New Market, Madison Co. Alabama 22 July 1837. He married Mary Elizabeth Gardner on 6 Jan 1865 at Castorville, Texas. He was enlisted at Salado, Bexar Co. Texas on 25 Nov. 1861 by W. J. Tucker for 12 months. It is 50 miles to rendezvous. Co E Arbuckle's Co. Luckett's Regiment. Men of this unit were primarily form central Tx. Bexar, Gillespie, San Patricio & Travis Co's. According to the Regimental history they were active along the coastal area repelling the invaders. The only battle they were in was in the Jenkins Ferry fight on 30 Apr 1864 in Louisiana during the Red River Campaign. His wife filed for and received a pension approved on 30 Sep 1902. She stated that he had served for 3 years but his archival records has a letter of discharge dated 13 June 1962 for consumption [ TB] which the letter states was contracted before he entered the army. He died 14 Dec 1895. He was the father in law of my 4th cousin 3 x removed.
  Ancestor added by Phillip Thomas on 7/25/2021
 Pvt John Eldridge D. (JED) Pearce  
53rd Georgia Infantry - Co. G   
(1832 - 1862) Native of Coweta County, Georgia. Mustered in on April 30, 1862. According to his service record, he died of measles in camp near Richmond, Virginia, July 28, 1862. The location of burial site is unknown.
  Ancestor added by Lee Pierce on 7/25/2021
 Pvt Sylvanus Bounds  
Perrin's Battalion, State Cavalry - Co. A   
1844 - 1864 Enlisted on 18 June 1863 in Scooba, MS. Died on 30 June 1864 in Kemper Co., MS.
  Ancestor added by George Hill on 7/16/2021

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