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 2 Lt Alexander Sanders Alford  
36th Mississippi Infantry - Co. E   
I’m a direct descendant of Alexander Alford through my maternal line. I’d be very interested in learning more about the regiment and hopefully finding a photo of him that I could keep. -Samuel
  Ancestor added by Samuel Adams on 5/13/2021
 Pvt Isadore Benoir  
47th Ohio Infantry - Co. I   
In 47th Reg from Dec 26, 1861 to June 25, 1865. Was discharged due to wounds received July 22, 1864 in the Battle of Atlanta, GA. (Veteran)
  Ancestor added by Don Bovia on 5/11/2021
 Pvt Aaron James Joye  
8th South Carolina Infantry - Co. A   
Aaron was born in Williamsburg Co SC in Jan 1838. He enlisted at Darlington Co. SC 27 May 1861. His Regiment was sent to Virginia. His service was short lived as he suffered from severe medical problems. 21 July 1861 he is a patient with Measles at CSA Hosp. at Charlottesville, Va and is discharged and returned to duty 13 Aug. He is still sick and was sent back to the hospital on 30 Sept. He has Chronic Opthalmia and his vision is not expected to improve. He is discharged 6 Jan 1861. He died 27 Aug 1884 in Scranton, Florence Co. SC
  Ancestor added by Phillip Thomas on 5/4/2021
 3rd Sgt Joel C Bollinger  
2nd Missouri Cavalry - Co. B   
  Ancestor added by George Hill on 4/29/2021
 Sgt Cleland Washington Cockfield  
10th South Carolina Infantry - Co. E   
Cleland was born in Williamsburg, County SC in 1822. He was about 38 years old when he enlisted 14 July 1861 at Camp Marion, SC. He died at the 2nd battle of Murfreesboro Tenn. aka Battle of Stone River on the first day of battle on 31 Dec 1862. He is buried on the battlefield. He is the father in law of my cousin...
  Ancestor added by Phillip Thomas on 4/24/2021
 Pvt John Clarke McGrew  
2nd Alabama Infantry - Co. D   
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  Ancestor added by Vonda on 4/22/2021
 2 Lt John Thomas Key  
10th Georgia Infantry - Co. C   
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  Ancestor added by Sheryl Lee on 4/21/2021
 Pvt William F Kendall  
5th Tennessee Infantry - Co. G   
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  Ancestor added by Mark Watkins on 4/21/2021
 Pvt Adolphus Lafayette Orrell  
27th North Carolina Infantry - Co. B   
Adolphus was born in Greensboro, Guilford Co. NC 10 Nov 1838. He was abt 22 y/o when he enlisted at Fort Macon, Greensboro 20 April 1861. He was slightly wounded at Battle of Bristo Station and given a 30 day wounded furlough. He was a mechanic and was transferred to the Confederate Navy on 1 April 1864. He was captured near Richmond and imprisoned in LIbby Prison. He has 25 cards in his archival file. He died 7 June 1906. He was the father in law of my 4th cousin 3 x removed.
  Ancestor added by Phillip Thomas on 4/13/2021
 3rd Cpl James M Gibson  
21st South Carolina Infantry - Co. F   
James was born in Richmond County in 1831. He was 30 years old when he enlisted 25 Dec 1861 at Bennettsville, Marlboro Co. SC in Capt J.A.W. Thomas' Company. Company mustered at Georgetown, SC on 10 Jan 1862. He served in the defense of Charleston and its harbor. Then moved into Virginia. He was in the battle of Port Walthall Junction in an effort to keep the rail line open. He was Killed in Action [KIA] in the defense of Petersburg in the battle of Swift Creek on 9 May 1864. He was the father in law of my 4th cousin 3 x removed Nancy Fletcher.
  Ancestor added by Phillip Thomas on 4/12/2021
 Pvt Owen Gideon  
44th United States Colored Infantry - Co. E   
I am not a relative, but a neighbor to an estate in Gordon County Georgia where Owen lived as a slave of Dr. Berry W. Gideon.
Owen was captured while in service with the 44th, USCT. Private Gideon escaped and returned home sick where Dr Berry Gideon doctored and cured him. Owen returned to his unit and was honorably discharged in the fall of 1866.
Owen later moved to Hamilton County Tenn. but he returned to Gordon County in the 1870's to testify as a witness on behalf of Dr. Gideon. The Dr. had filed a claim with the SCC for reimbursement of damages to property, (the doctors home was burned by the Union Army in 1864)
Owen is buried in the Johnson Cemetery off Turkey Foot rd. near the Booker T. Washington state park in Hamilton County Tenn.
  Ancestor added by Jeff Henderson on 4/10/2021
 Pvt John James Misskelley  
Palmetto Sharpshooters - Co. G   
John James Misskelley, born 1845 in York County, SC in 1845. Enlisted on August 15, 1863 in Yorkville, SC. Fought thru the rest of the war only missing July & August 1864 due to sickness. Paroled with the regiment at Appomattox.
  Ancestor added by John T. Misskelley on 4/8/2021
 Sgt Edward Keenan  
Consolidated Crescent Regiment Louisiana Infantry - Co. B   
Edward was born in Ireland in 1831 He enlisted at New Orleans 5 May 1862 in Capt Andrew F. Haynes' Co Crescent Regiment Louisiana Militia and assigned to 1st Lieut Stephen M Routh's Signal Corps. He was taken as POW at Labadieville on 27 Oct 1862 and paroled on the 29th. He appears on a Payment List dated 1 Sept - 31 Dec as Sergeant. He fought at Shiloh and the Red River Campaign. He was the father in law of my 4th cousin 3 x removed. He died 20 Feb 1913 in New Orleans, La.

  Ancestor added by Phillip Thomas on 4/5/2021
 Pvt Henry Hull McCrary  
9th Georgia Infantry - Co. E   
Son of Mathew & Sarah J. (FLETCHER) McCRARY. Born on 10 AUG 1827 in Talbot County, Georgia. Died in Richmond, VA Confederate Hospital on 8 Apr 1862. He had just enlisted on the 4th of March. Burial location unknown.
  Ancestor added by Cheri Amarna on 4/4/2021
 Sgt George A McCrary  
3rd Georgia Cavalry - Co. C   
Killed in the Battle of Sunshine Church on July 31, 1864 near Macon, Georgia. George was a lawyer. His burial place is unknown.
  Ancestor added by Cheri Amarna on 4/4/2021
 Pvt James Kimball  
46th Mississippi Infantry - Co.   
My ex wife's ancestor, We believe was James Kimball, served in the 46th. He was surrendered at Vicksburg, paroled, and supposedly returned in the fall that year for the unit. After the war, a neighbor that fought with him said he was killed at Chattanooga, but the 46th didn't get back to the Army until Chattanooga had fallen. Does anyone have any thougths what might have happened?
  Ancestor added by David Freese on 4/1/2021
 Cpl Ellis Richard Boaz  
30th Alabama Infantry - Co. A   
His own words, published in 1912 in "Reminiscences of the Boys in Gray, 1861-1865", compiled by Miss Mamie Yeary.

E. R. BOAZ, Lindale, Tex.
Was born May 22, 1838, near Talladega, Ala. and enlisted in the Confederate Army March 27, 1862, Talladega, as private in Company A, Thirtieth Alabama Regiment. Was in Gen. Barton's Brigade, then Gen. Tracy's, who was killed near Port Gibson, then Gen. Pettus, Brig. Gen. Stevenson's Division, Army of Tennessee. My first Captain was W .C. Patterson and first Colonel was Shelly. 1 received a flesh wound in the calf of the leg at Baker's Creek, Miss., where our colors were shot down five times. One bearer was killed and the others were wounded.
My first general engagement was at Port Gibson May 1, 1863. and then at Baker's Creek, May 16, 1863. Was in the siege of Vicksburg forty-eight days. Ate mule beef and pea bread, myself and two others ate a mule's head without bread. I got hungry enough to eat green persimmons.
When I was mustered into the service at Talladega, Ala., we were sent to Knoxville and from there to Cumberland Gap and went into Kentucky with Gen. Bragg. Was near Perryville, but was not in the light. Came to Rutledge, where I was taken sick and sent to Morristown, where I staid a short time and finally turned up at Murfreesboro, and thence to Vicksburg. Was in the skirmishes on Chickasaw Bayou. We left Vicksburg in April and went to Port Gibson, where we had a hard battle and fell back to Baker's Creek, where on the 16th of May we fought another battle and fell back to Vicksburg. On May 22 the Federals took one of our forts. Gen. Pettus' brigade and a Texas legion were ordered to retake it, which we did. but lost many men. My Captain and First Lieutenant and three others of my company were killed in a very few minutes. We were under fire forty- eight days and nights. Surrendered July 4, 1863, and on July 12 we were paroled and sent home. In a few days we went into parole camp at Demopolis. (It is supposed were exchanged). From there we were ordered to Chickamauga, and then to Lookout Mountain. Was at the battle of Missionary Ridge, or battle "above the clouds." We then went to Dalton. Ga., and went into winter quarters. About the first of March we had a battle at Rocky Faced Ridge. Was at Allatoona, Kennesaw, New Hope, Resaca and on to Atlanta. Was in the charges at Jonesboro, Ga. Then went to Dalton, then to Florence, Ala., crossed the Tennessee River, went to Columbia and charged the enemy, drove them back and followed them to Franklin, but did not get there until after night, had orders to renew the charge next morning at daylight, but the enemy commenced to fall back. As soon as the firing ceased I went over the battlefield. This was the worst slaughter I ever saw. Gen. Cleburne and his horse were killed near the breastworks. We followed the Federals to Nashville and had two days', fighting. Many men were barefooted. I saw many men take green beef hides and cut out moccasins and sew them on their feet with strings of the same kind.
When we crossed the Tennessee River there were two gunboats shelling our pontoon bridge. We went from there to Columbus, Miss., and from there to North and South Carolina. We surrendered at Greensboro, S. C, and were paroled on the 26th day of April, 1865. When I arrived at home I found my wife and two babies and two sisters-in-law almost destitute. I came to Texas Nov. 26, 1866, was on the road fifty-six days and settled near where the town of Bullard now stands.

Yeary, Mamie, ed. Reminiscences of the boys in gray, 1861-1865. Dallas, Texas: Smith & Lamar Publishing House, Wilkinson Printing Co., 1912. pp. 63-64.
  Ancestor added by Marta Noble Johnson on 3/31/2021
 Pvt Robert Winston Myers  
13th Kansas Infantry - Co. A   
My two times great grandfather joined the 13 Kansas Infantry on September 10, 1862, at Camp Stanton in Atchison, Kansas. It mustered in on September 20, 1862. His eldest son William H. Myers also joined at the same time. Robert Winston Myers was disabled March 1863 due to illness.
  Ancestor added by JUDY HANWAY on 3/31/2021
 Pvt Elijah Alonzo Autrey  
3rd Alabama Cavalry - Co. C   
Elijah was born 22 Feb 1824 in Pine Hill, Wilcox Co. Ala. He was about 39 years old when he enlisted in aforesaid county on 1 Aug 1863. He had 5 other Autrey family members in this Regiment and same Company some of which had served in Robin's Independent Co. of Vols. 1 Dec 1863 he is assigned to the regimental commissary. He has 3 cards in his archival file. He served honorably until the end. Was paroled at Selma, Ala in June 1865. He married Winifred Dumas. and they are buried at Enon Cem. at Pine Hill, Wilcox Co. Ala.
  Ancestor added by Phillip Thomas on 3/28/2021
 Cpl Thomas Handley Tupper  
16th Wisconsin Infantry - Co. I   
Thomas Handley Tupper: DOB: 27 Sep 1831; POB: Cornwallis, Kings County, Nova Scotia, Canada; Passed On: 16 Nov 1862; Place Died: Grand Junction, Mississippi; Thomas' parents: father: James Henry Tupper (1808-1892); mother: Mary Ann Gates (1809-1899).

Thomas Handley Tupper married Elizabeth Augusta White on 24 May 1853 in Jefferson County, Wisconsin, USA.

Spouse: Elizabeth Augusta White: DOB: 13 Jan 1838; POB: Augusta, Kennebec County, Maine, USA; Passed On: 26 Jun 1916; Place Died: Stevens Point, Portage County, Wisconsin, USA.

Children: Harriet Evelyn Tupper: DOB: 17 Mar 1856; POB: Polk County, Wisconsin, USA; Passed On: 21 Jan 1936; Place Died: Stevens Point, Portage County, Wisconsin, USA.

James Henry Tupper: DOB: 13 Aug 1858; POB: Belmont, Portage County, Wisconsin, USA; Passed On: 8 Feb 1910; Place Died: Darrington, Snohomish County, Washington, USA.

Alice Almeda Tupper: DOB: 10 Feb 1861; POB: Wisconsin, USA; Passed On: 30 Oct 1944; Place Died: Nisqually, Thurston County, Washington, USA.


This letter was written by 29 year-old Thomas H. Tupper (1832-1862) who enlisted as a corporal in Co. H, 16th Wisconsin Infantry. Due to the loss of men, companies H and I were consolidated into Company I in early November 1862.

Tupper wrote the letter on 17 March 1862 to his wife from Cairo while enroute to Pittsburg Landing on the Tennessee River where Gen. Grant hoped to concentrate his forces for a move on the rebel stronghold at Corinth. The 16th Wisconsin was as yet, without drill and untested, when they were instantly thrown into the melee of battle when Beauregard’s army lunched his surprise attack on the Union encampment in the early dawn of April 6th—three weeks after this letter was penned.

To say that the 16th Wisconsin was in the thick of the fight at Shiloh may be an understatement. Miraculously, the entire six-man color guard were all killed on 6 April 1862, the regiment fighting from 5 o’clock in the morning until 3 o’clock in the afternoon, without rations no less. Tupper survived this ordeal by fire only to die of disease at Grand Junction, Mississippi, on 16 November 1862, leaving behind a wife, Elizabeth, and two children, Harriet and James, ages 6 and 3.

Cairo [Illinois]
March 17, 1862

Dear wife,

I now take an hasty opportunity of address a few lines to you to let you know how I am getting along so far. I am getting better and if nothing happens to prevent, will be well in a few days. We are now in Cairo but will not stay long. We are all on board of the boat yet. We have been aboard of cars or boat ever since we left Madison. We do not know where we are going.

The boat has now started out again and we are going up the [Ohio] river but perhaps not far. I have not time to write much now. I want you to write as often as you can and let me know how you get along and how much money you have received. Tell me in every letter until I write back that I heard from your money.

I have no more time to write, I have to send it ashore to the post office.

From — Thom. H. Tupper

To E. Tupper
  Ancestor added by Jeff Hazlett on 3/28/2021
 Pvt Hugar / Hugh Adams  
7th Alabama Cavalry - Co.   
Hugar was born 11 May 1823 in Marion Co. SC. He was a Baptist Minister. In 1860 he is in Wilcox County Ala. He has one card in his archival file and it does not give date of enlistment or Company designation. The unit was formed in July 1863 and served in the Pensacola Fla area until the Fall of 1864 when it reported to Corinth, Miss under the command of Gen Nathan Bedford Forrest. He served until the end of the invasion.
  Ancestor added by Phillip Thomas on 3/27/2021
 Pvt Horace Lee Caldwell  
2nd Missouri Light Artillery - Co. A   
My GG Grandfather who joined the Union Army in Cape Girardeau, MO. He is buried in Thebes, IL.
  Ancestor added by William Z. Caldwell on 3/23/2021
 2 Lt James Preston Richardson  
10th South Carolina Infantry - Co. A   
James was born 14 Nov 1839 in Georgetown Co. SC. He enlisted 19 July 1861 at White's Bridge in aforesaid Co. Enlisted as 1st Sergeant in Capt P.C. J. Weston's Co. SC Vols. He was promoted in the field on 13 March 1863 to 2nd Lieut. He has 22 cards in his archival file. He was wounded at Chickamaga on 20 Sept 1863 and again on 26 July 1864 near Atlanta, Ga. He is the father in law of my 4th cousin 3 x removed. He died 23 March 1875 and is buried at Duncan Memorial UMC Cem. in Georgetown CO. SC. Thank you for your service and my God grant you peace.
  Ancestor added by Phillip Thomas on 3/22/2021
 Pvt Andrew Jackson Bland  
30th Virginia Infantry - Co. C   
A. J. Bland was my GGG Grandfather and was a sharpshooter in the 30th Battalion VA Sharpshooters, Clarke's Battalion, Co C and D.
  Ancestor added by William Z Caldwell on 3/22/2021
 Unk Joseph Houston Wassum  
23rd Battalion Virginia Infantry - Co.   
Joseph Houston Wassum was a member of the 23rd VA Inf. before joining the 63rd VA inf. He was my GG Grandfather and lived to be 91. He died in 1922 and was from Smyth County VA.
  Ancestor added by William Z Caldwell on 3/22/2021

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