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 Pvt Jacob T Huffman  
62nd Virginia Infantry - Co. E   
JACOB T HUFFMAN (Hoffman) born about 1841, son of Anthony & Martha Bennett Wells and brother to 3rd Sgt. Jasper M. Huffman, also Co, E. 62nd Virginia. Enlisted as Private, Company E, in Pocohontas County, August 26, 1862. Present on muster rolls through December 21, 1864. On detached duty with Captain Hill in Randolph & Barbour Counties, autumn 1864. Paroled with his brother Jasper, May 17, 1865, at Staunton, Virginia.
  Ancestor added by Ralph Bennett on 5/19/2022
 Sgt Green Berry Fuller  
1st South Carolina Infantry (McCreary's) (1st Provisional Army) - Co. I   
Enlisted as a private and later became Sergeant.

Born 1831 Died 1892
  Ancestor added by Katherine Parker on 5/19/2022
 Cpl Pendleton Fuller  
1st Georgia Infantry - Co. E   
1st Regiment, Georgia Reserves (Fannin's)

Enlisted when he was in his late 40's on April 28th (year isn't legible) in Atlanta GA.
He is from Paulding County (Fullerville/ Villa Rica area).

Was stationed at Andersonville where he was discharged on Sept. 3, 1864 and died on his way home in Meriwether County leaving behind his wife and 6 children (the youngest was only 5 years old).

I was able to see the Certificate of Disability for Discharge on the website however they are hard to make out what the reason is.

At this time we are unable to find a grave or death certificate to get a day of death all we know it it could be in 1865.
  Ancestor added by Katherine Parker on 5/15/2022
 Pvt James Michael Wells  
1st Heavy Artillery - Co. H   
James was born 17 Dec 1838 in Panola Miss. and died 30 Jan 1925 in Lockhart, Caldwell Co. Texas. He applied for and received a CSA pension. When he died his 2nd wife petitioned for and also received a pension. He enlisted 11 June 1862 at Galveston, Texas in Co H. 1st Regt. Heavy Artillery. He served his entire tour of duty in the Galveston area. He has 11 cards in his archival file. Entry for 5 Sept 1864 notes that he is on furlough to Caldwell Co. Tx. He is buried alongside his wife at Lockheart Municipal Burial Park, Caldwell Co. Texas. He was the father-in-law of my 5th cousin 3 x removed.
  Ancestor added by Phillip Thomas on 5/9/2022
 Pvt Joseph Issiah Tillman Jr  
4th Georgia Cavalry - Co.   
Joseph was born 26 Aug 1839 in Tattnall Co. Georgia. He is not to be confused with Joseph Tillman from nearby Bulloch Co, Ga who served at age 44 in the 29th Ga Infantry. [Their records are intertwined in the archives] My Joseph has 3 cards in the Archives 4th Reg Ga. Cav Clinch's. not to be confused with another Ga. 4th Cav called Avery's. This unit was formed in Jan 1863 using the 3rd Cav Battn: as its nucleus. It served along the Georgia coast until summer of 1864 when it was assigned to M.E. Hammonds Command. Joseph died of unknown cause on 24 Feb 1865 at Quitman, Brooks Co Ga. I have not found his grave. His wife Sarah Jessie Everett in 1867 remarried Edison Oliver Arnold and moved to Lockhart, Caldwell Co Texas.
  Ancestor added by Phillip Thomas on 5/7/2022
 Pvt Isaac Jasper Brock  
29th Georgia Cavalry - Co. A   
Isaac was born 7 Jun 1842 in Decatur Co. Ga. He enlisted on 15 July 1863 at Bainbridge, Ga by Capt. Camfield for the war. He was paid $50 bounty. He has four cards in his archival file. His unit was assigned to the Ga. Fla, Carolina Dept. Served along the coast and was active in the defense of Savannah. Officers Lt. Col. Arthur Hood and Major Charles H Camfield. Regiment was surrendered at Tallahassee, Fla. by Maj. Gen. Sam Stone CSA commanding on 10 May 1865. He was the father-in-law of my 4th cousin 4 x removed.
  Ancestor added by Phillip Thomas on 5/6/2022
 Pvt James Monroe Ellard  
11th Georgia Infantry - Co. A   
James was born 14 Jan 1843 in Spring Place, Murray Co. Ga. and died 9 June 1913 in Baldwin, Habersham Co. Ga. He has 31 cards in his CSA Archival file. He is listed on the 1860 census as being 17 y/o in Military District 1013, Murray Co. Ga. Enlisted 3 July 1861 at Atlanta Ga by Major J.L. Calhoun. Described as 19 y/o with blue eyes, light hair, standing 5ft-9 inches tall. He fought in numerous battles including, Seven Days, Sharpsburg, Gettysburg, Cold Harbor, 2nd Manassas, 1st Winchester and Fredericksburg. Wounded 1 April 1864 which resulted in his left arm being amputated. He was the father-in-law of my 4th cousin 4 x removed. He is buried at Leatherwood Cem. Banks, Habersham Co. Ga.
  Ancestor added by Phillip Thomas on 5/6/2022
 Pvt Oliver Perry Baggett  
29th Georgia Cavalry - Co. A   
Oliver was born 18 May 1829 in Thomas County, Georgia. On the 1860 Census he is 30 y/o and the PO is at Thomasville. He enlisted 2 Nov. 1863 at Camp Lamar - Cobb located in Lumpkin Co. Ga. ake [ Camp of Instruction ] : Enlisted by Capt. Charles H. Camfield for the war. He is paid $50 bonus and $26.60 cents for the use and risk of his horse. He has 8 cards in his archival file. His unit is assigned to the Fla, Ga, Fla Dept and did not leave that area. It served along the Georgia coast and Eastern Florida. The Battalion was active in the defense of Savannah and in March of 1865, totaled about 300 total in officers and men. Lt Col. Arthur Hood was the commander. They surrendered and were paroled on 10 MaThomas Countyuy 1865 at Tallahassee, Florida. He was the father-in-law of my 4th cousin 4 x removed. He died after 1880 In Thomas County Ga.
  Ancestor added by Phillip Thomas on 5/5/2022
 Pvt Jackson D Lumpkins  
34th Mississippi Infantry - Co. G   
Jackson Lumpkins is my fourth great grandfather. He served in the 34th Mississippi Infantry Co. G as a Teamster. He was capture in the battle of Look out Mountain and sent to Rock Island, Illinois. He was transferred for exchange on March 13th, 1865. It is unclear when he passed away or how. His probate document date was January 21st, 1867. If anyone had information on him or a photo feel free to send me a email.
  Ancestor added by Koltin Massie on 4/28/2022
 Pvt Thomas Massie  
23rd Texas Cavalry - Co. B   
Thomas Massie is my fourth great grand father. He was born in Missouri in 1830 living there until 1861 when he would move his family to Clarksville in Red River County, Texas. He would enlist in the 23rd Texas Cavalry Co. B on March 1st, 1862 serving throughout. After the war he would stay around Red River and Fannin Counties in Texas. He passed away in 1872 but it is unknown where exactly he is buried. If anyone has information or photos of my ancestor please feel free to reach out.
  Ancestor added by Koltin Massie on 4/28/2022
 2nd Cpl Andrew Jackson Smith  
22nd Georgia Infantry - Co. E   
Andrew Jackson Smith is my 3rd Great Grandfather. He was born in Fulton County, Georgia on June 2, 1844. By the start of the War Andrew was living in Milton County, Georgia where he enlisted with the 22nd Georgia Infantry Co. E. on February 22, 1862. His regiment would see heavy action throughout the war. On July 2nd 1863 at Gettysburg he would be captured and be sent to Fort Delaware where he would stay until 1865 before being paroled and exchanged.
If anyone has more information or photos of my ancestor please feel free to reach out.
  Ancestor added by Koltin Massie on 4/28/2022
 3rd Sgt James Wiley Franklin Cook  
18th Texas Infantry - Co. B   
James Wiley Franklin Cook is my third great grandfather. He was born in Macon, Georgia in 1829. He would move to Alabama and meet his wife Mary Elizabeth Howell in 1857 in Russell, Alabama. They would move West to Cass County, Texas where James would help build Laws Chapel which still stands today. On April 2nd, 1862 He would enlist in the 18th Texas Infantry Co. B in Linden, Texas. It is said he left home with a double barrel shotgun and a bowie knife. He would serve through the war and stay in Cass County for the remainder of his life until passing in 1909 from Brights Disease. He is buried in the Laws Chapel Cemetery in Cass County, Texas. If anyone has photos or documents please reach out. Also any other descendants of the 18th Texas Infantry feel free to reach out as well.
  Ancestor added by Koltin Massie on 4/28/2022
 Sgt George W Hatch  
37th Arkansas Infantry - Co. C   
George Washington Hatch is my fourth great grandfather he enlisted in the 37th Arkansas Infantry Co. C on April 30th, 1862 in Augusta, Arkansas for a three year term his records only go until August 1862 before no more can be found. He survived the war and lived until June 19th, 1902. His second wife Elizabeth Hatch would be placed in later years in the Little Rock Confederate Home. If anyone is a descendant of other men of this regiment, kin or has any information, photos or records feel free to email me.
  Ancestor added by Koltin Massie on 4/28/2022
 2 Lt George SP Coble  
44th North Carolina Infantry - Co. G   
George Seymour Puryear Coble is one of my Great Great Grandfathers. Captured at South Anna Bridge June 1863. His brother David Coble was a private in the same company.
  Ancestor added by Don Unmussig on 4/26/2022
 Sgt James Carl Roberts  
42nd Indiana Infantry - Co. H   
I am the 3rd great grandson of James Carl Roberts, of Gentryville Indiana (1832). Served until Chickamauga. Take to Richmond, Libby, and Andersonville Prison. He paroled out at end of the war. Moved to Lauderdale Co. Alabama in 1887.
  Ancestor added by Cody Henson on 4/25/2022
 Sgt william buck Odom  
21st South Carolina Infantry - Co. F   
He joined in1861 and fought until his capture in 1865. He was sent to the infamous Hellmira pow camp in Elmira, New York. Survived and returned to farming in Pageland , South Carolina
  Ancestor added by Jack Odom on 4/23/2022
 Pvt William Armstrong Cavitt  
4th Texas Infantry - Co. A   
William was born 20 Oct 1842 in Yalobusha Co Miss. In 1860 he is 17 y/o living in DeWitt, Texas. He was enlisted by Capt J.C.G. Key on 18 March 1862 at Gonzales, this company was also known as [Hartman Rifles] He has 14 cards in his archival file and are under William C. Cavitt. He joined his unit in Virginia. He was captured at Suffolk Va. and paroled 13 May 1863 and exchanged at City Point. He was shot in the left leg at the battle of Chickamauga 19 Sept 1863 and had the lower third of his left leg amputated. He returned to Texas and applied for a pension which was approved 27 Mar 1905. He died 3 Sept 1918 in New Mexico. He was the father - in - Law of my 4th cousin 3 x removed.
  Ancestor added by Phillip Thomas on 4/20/2022
 Sgt John Peter Stineman  
19th Iowa Infantry - Co. G   
My great-great grandfather J. Peter Stineman of Grandview IA mustered into the army in Keokuk IA as a Private and mustered out in Mobile AL as a Sergeant. I have a medal given to him at a Reunion in the 1880''s. I also have a group photo of the 188? GAR reunion. I also have most of the names of the other veterans in the photo. I had to re-enter this info since I lost my old password and couldn't edit the info.
  Ancestor added by Jeff W. on 4/19/2022
 Pvt Stephen W Wall  
4th North Carolina Cavalry - Co. A   
Stephen was born in Black Jack Township, Richmond Co. NC Jan 1846. He is shown as age 14 in the 1860 census. His obit states that he was a Confederate Veteran and served in Co A 4th North Carolina Cavalry. He had several family members in that unit. I have not been able to find his archival record. He married twice 1st Sarah Ann Dockery born 1856 d. 1909. He married 2nd in 1912 a Mary Bostic. Stephen died 29 Oct 1925 and is buried with his first wife at Eastside Cem. Rockingham, Richmond Co. NC
  Ancestor added by Phillip Thomas on 4/12/2022
 3rd Sgt Henry Clay Wall  
23rd North Carolina Infantry - Co. D   
Henry was born in Black Jack Township, Richmond County NC in 1841. He enlisted with his brother Capt. William Covington Wall on 30 March 1861 at Rockingham, NC. He has four cards in his archival file for this unit. He was discharged by substitution 10 May 1862. He later re-enlisted as a Pvt in Co A 4th North Carolina Cavalry. He has five cards in that file. He served honorably until the end of the war. He married Mary Fanny Leak. He died 31 July 1899 and is buried beside his wife in the Leak Family cemetery near Rockingham, Richmond Co. NC
  Ancestor added by Phillip Thomas on 4/11/2022
 Capt William Covington Wall  
23rd North Carolina Infantry - Co. D   
William was born 29 April 1837 in Richmond County NC. He enlisted 30 Mar 1861 as a 2nd Lieut. & promoted to 1st Lieut. 6 May 1864 and on the 10 of May to Captain. He was sighing as Company Commander. He was assigned extra duty as assistant surgeon as he was medically trained. He has 64 cards in his archival file and was present in some 22 battles including Bull Run and Gettysburg. Command was Johnson's Brigade, Early's Division, 2nd Corps, Army of Northern Virginia. He was my 1st cousin 4x removed. He married Olivia Dockery and they are buried at Hernando Memorial Park in Hernando, DeSoto County, Miss. He died 2 July 1910 and she died 2 Aug 1922. He also served in 4th NC Cavalry aka 59th Regiment Nc Troops.
  Ancestor added by Phillip Thomas on 4/10/2022
 Pvt Henry Jefferson Hurley  
27th Mississippi Infantry - Co. C   
This is my ggg grandpa who was captured at lookout mountain. He was company C 27th regiment. The Fredonia Hards.
  Ancestor added by Sherry Wells on 4/4/2022
 Pvt Thomas Jefferson Brooks  
15th Alabama Infantry - Co. H   
No Comments
  Ancestor added by Craig Miller on 3/31/2022
 Pvt Daniel I Bryant  
51st Alabama Cavalry (Partisan Rangers) - Co. D   
My Great Great Grandfather, father of my great grandmother Willie Bryant Jennings, who was married to my Great Grandfather, John Henry Jennings, the father of my grandmother Eddle Jennings Rogers, mother of my father, Benjamin Franklin Rogers, Jr.
  Ancestor added by Anthony W Rogers on 3/31/2022
 Pvt John Walter Bullock  
51st North Carolina Infantry - Co. E   
John was born in Robeson Co. NC on 2 May 1828. He enlisted at Wilmington, New Hanover Co. NC. He was in his early 30's when he reported for duty. He has 22 cards in his archival file. The last CMR in his file is dated Nov-Dec 1864 and shows him as present. Battles: Goldsboro NC, Battery Wagner, SC, Drewry's Bluff, Va. Cold Harbor, Petersburg Siege, Bentonville, NC. The 51st was assigned to General Clingman's Brigade during the entire war. He was the father-in-law of my 4th Cousin 3 x removed Sarah Ann McCallum b. 29 Sep 1829 d. 29 May 1912. They are buried at Ashpole Presbyterian Church in Rowland, Robenson Co. NC
  Ancestor added by Phillip Thomas on 3/29/2022

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