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Most Recently Added Ancestors/Relatives
Pvt Orville Myer
20th Indiana Infantry - Co. A  
Last name could be listed as Collins as his birth name and widowed mother married Larkin Myer in Indiana.
-- Entered by Sally Baker on 2/16/2019
Pvt John Bender Weeks
66th North Carolina Infantry - Co. D   
John was 23 years old when he joined [Old] Co D 8th Battalion NC Partisan Rangers. Enlisted at Trenton, Jones Co NC on 15 Sep 1862, mustered on the 22nd. Served as a Courier thur Mar 1863. Supplied his own horse. This unit was then changed to New [Co C]. He was capture 13 Feb on the Dover road by the 55 Pennsylvania Regt. and paroled on the 21 of Feb. Consolidated into Co D 66th Regiment NC Inf. C...
-- Entered by Phillip Thomas on 2/16/2019
Pvt Martin V. Hill
27th Mississippi Infantry - Co. B  
This was my 2nd great grandfather and could be listed as Marlin v Hill.
-- Entered by Larry Strickland on 2/16/2019
Cpl William Burton Addison Teasley
46th North Carolina Infantry - Co. E  
William was from Orange Co NC. 20 years old when he enlisted on 2 May 1862 in Granville Co. NC. On 5 May 1864 he was wounded in the Battle of the Wilderness and sent to the hosp. He was captured [ records to not say when or where] Sent to Point Lookout Md. and on to Hart's Island POW camp in New York harbor. Released 19 June 1865 after swallowing the 'Yellow Dog'. He is related by marriage
-- Entered by Phillip Thomas on 2/15/2019
Pvt John Shepard
34th Ohio Infantry  
No Comments
 -- Entered by John Shepard on 2/14/2019
2 Lt Robert Hinton Jones
2nd North Carolina Infantry - Co. G  
Robert was 20 years old when he enlisted on 16 May 1861 and elected as 3rd Lieut. Promoted to full 2nd Lieut. 13 July 1862. Oct 1861 finds him sick in the hospital at Fredricksburg, Va. Under fire at Battle of Chancelorsville Va. July 1-3 was in the battle at Gettysburg. 9 April 1865 unit surrender at Appomattox and swallowed the 'Yellow Dog' He is related thru marriage of my 2nd cousin 3 x remove...
-- Entered by Phillip Thomas on 2/14/2019
Sgt Thomas Jefferson Davis
60th Georgia Infantry - Co. F  
He was a sergeant in company f 60th ga infantry regiment
-- Entered by Tammy McDaniel on 2/14/2019
4th Cpl Jessie J. Spry
8th North Carolina Infantry - Co. B  
Jessie was 18 years old. He has 18 CMR's in his archival file. Enlisted 11 Oct 1862 in Currituck Co. NC. 14 May 1864 wounded in action. 1 June 1864 promoted to 4th Corporal. 30 Sep. 1864 captured at Chapens Farm during attack on Fort Harrison Va.sent to Fort Monroe then to Point Lookout, Md. He is the father in law of my 2nd cousin 3 x removed.
-- Entered by Phillip Thomas on 2/13/2019
Pvt Henry Wesley Grubbs
5th Alabama Infantry Battalion - Co. C   
No Comments
 -- Entered by Laura D Wraight on 2/13/2019
Pvt Haywood Teasley
3rd North Carolina Artillery - Co. H  
Haywood was about 25 years old. Has 3 cards in his archival file. Enrolled on 29 Jan 1862 at New Bern, Craven County in Capt Alexander Latham's Co. [Branch Artillery] NC Vol's. Mustered into active Confederate Service at Morehead City, Carteret Co.NC. He was taken prisoner at New Bern NC on 14 Mar 1862. Their is one source that indicated that after parole that he served in Morehead City, NC in 18t...
-- Entered by Phillip Thomas on 2/13/2019
Pvt Walter Branch McNew
6th Virginia Infantry - Co. J  
No Comments
 -- Entered by Sean McNew on 2/13/2019
John Joseph Wax
1st Louisiana Infantry  
No Comments
 -- Entered by John A Siddons on 2/12/2019
Pvt Wax `` John Joseph
1st Louisiana Infantry - Co. E  
Injured at Gettysburg Battle of Culp's Hill. Leg amputated. David's Island NY as POW for 8 months. Prisoner exchange in March 1864 went to Richmond VA. At time of surrender he was in Georgia on his way home. Reached his home in New Orleans 2nd September 1865 Was made orderly sergeant after battle of Chancellorsville. Was mayor of Baton Rouge 1898 Died 1907
-- Entered by John A Siddons on 2/12/2019
Pvt Benjamin R. Evans
26th South Carolina Infantry - Co. I  
No Comments
 -- Entered by Gale Brandon on 2/11/2019
Pvt Theodore Erskine
59th New York Infantry  
Part of 59th NY Infantry. Died Sep 17, 1862 Sharpsburg/Antietem at West Woods.
-- Entered by David Lane on 2/11/2019
Cpl David Nelson Jennings
6th Illinois Cavalry - Co. I  
David Jennings was the son of Joshua and Eliza Louisa Jane Nelson Jennings. He was born in Greene County, Tennessee. When he was a boy, his family moved to Caldwell County, Kentucky, around 1848. They lived near Fredonia, on Good Springs Road. Around 1858, he married Mary Campbell, and they had two children (Victoria and Sarah). They moved to Hamilton County, Illinois, around 1860. (His parents an...
-- Entered by Ron Hames on 2/11/2019
Pvt Jabez Edward Weeks
27th North Carolina Infantry - Co. B  
Jabez was 22 when he first joined Co H 1st NC Artillery and Engineers. Enlisted at Newport, Carteret Co. NC on 1 Feb 1862. Assigned to Fort Macon on Bouge Banks. The Fort was overrun and he was paroled. Most because they had lost their artillery were re assigned to Co B 27th Regiment NC Inf. Their first fight was at New Bern, NC. He was in over 20 major battles. God Rest his Soul. He was the Fathe...
-- Entered by Phillip Thomas on 2/10/2019
Capt Isaac D. Wilson
10th Missouri Infantry - Co. F  
No Comments
 -- Entered by Justin Wilson on 2/10/2019
Pvt Elijah Butler Driskell
2nd Kentucky Infantry  
Enlisted with 2nd Kentucky Calvary CSA September 2, 1864
-- Entered by David Ray Driskell on 2/9/2019
Cpl Lpainterofmagic1967@ H. Bullock
7th Alabama Infantry  
margaret married the widow of james weldon civil war killed. cant find her husband his name is james weldon who was killed in civil war...Bullocks and weldons and widemans lived in shelby county together..(same area).
-- Entered by alan weldon on 2/9/2019
2nd Cpl Benjamin Franklin Hale
26th Arkansas Infantry - Co. B  
Benjamin was 28 years old when he enlisted on 3 May 1862 at Monticello, Drew County Ark. This was 50 miles from his home. Enlisting in Co B 26th Ark. Inf , Captain Gibson's Company. He served until the end of the war. He applied for a pension from Tecumseh, Pottawatomie County, Oklahoma in July of 1915 but died soon after on 12 Nov. 1915. We are distantly related by marriage.
-- Entered by Phillip Thomas on 2/8/2019
Pvt George Gibson
63rd Pennsylvania Infantry - Co. C   
According to the information I have, which came from Charles Veiock Jr. on, Private George Gibson lost his right leg due to wounds at the battle near Fair Oaks, VA. on 31 May 1862. That fighting is also known as Fair Oaks Station or Seven Pines.
-- Entered by Jeff Roberts on 2/5/2019
Pvt Peter Curry
52nd Virginia Infantry  
2d Great Grand Father
-- Entered by Jeffrey Hartless on 2/4/2019
Pvt Ruben Lewis Phelps
8th Mississippi Infantry - Co. F  
Ruben was about 19 from Clark Co. Miss. He enrolled and was mustered into service on 18 Oct 1861 at Enterprise, Miss. As Pvt in Capt. A McNeill's Co. 8th Regt. Miss Vol's. [Clark County Rangers]. He fought thru the war except for one sick furlough when he went home. His unit surrendered at Citronelle, Ala on 4 May 1865 and paroled on the 16th May. He is the husband of my 2nd cousin 4 x removed. DE...
-- Entered by Phillip Thomas on 2/2/2019
David Brandon
130th Indiana Infantry - Co. C  
From New Britton, Hamilton County
-- Entered by Jeff Cottle on 2/2/2019
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