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Most Recently Added Ancestors/Relatives
Richard Festervand
13th Louisiana Battalion Partisan Rangers - Co. F  
Great Great Grandfather
-- Entered by Frances Collins on 4/24/2019
Pvt Thomas Benton Ragland
45th North Carolina Infantry - Co. F  
Thomas was conscripted at age 25 on 1 Sept 1862 from Rockingham Co.NC. He reenlisted at Drewys Bluff on the James River, Va for 3 years on 5 Oct 1863. Captured at Spottsylvania Court House, Va on 20 May 1864. Sent to Point Lookout and on to Elmira, NY arriving 3 July 1864. Released on 17 May 1865 after ' Swallowing the Yellow Dog'. At some point he was charged $11 for losing his bayonet. Thomas is...
-- Entered by Phillip Thomas on 4/24/2019
Pvt James Fields
8th Virginia Infantry - Co. E  
Born 1833 died 1908 Wounded in shoulder and arm
-- Entered by Van Maletich on 4/24/2019
Pvt Absalom B. Fry
26th North Carolina Infantry - Co. H  
Absalom was 31 years old when he enlisted as Pvt in Co H 26th NC Infantry in Moore Co. NC. Wounded in the left breast on 3 July 1863 at Gettysburg. [ His gravestone has the following inscription] * One of the few NC Troops that crossed the stone fence of the yankee position in Pickett's charge. He was captured and taken to Davids Island in MY Harbor. Transferred to City Point and exchanged 8 Sept ...
-- Entered by Phillip Thomas on 4/23/2019
Pvt William Christopher Moore
26th North Carolina Infantry - Co. H  
Christopher enlisted at Carthage,NC on 3 June 1861. Mustered into Confederate Service 31 Ag 1861. He was captured at Bristow Station 14 Oct 1863 and was POW at Old Capitol Prison in Washington DC. Moved to Point Lookout 27 Oct 1863 and exchanged 18 Feb 1865. He was the father in law of my 5th cousin 3x removed. He has 14 CMR's in his archival file. He died in 1926.
-- Entered by Phillip Thomas on 4/23/2019
Pvt Duncan Black
50th North Carolina Infantry - Co. H  
Duncan is 24 years old. He enlists 24 Mar 1862 in Lillieville, Harnett Co NC. He musters into Confederate Service on 21 April 1862. His is a farmer 5 foot 6 inches tall. He has 5 CMR's in his archival file. His first battle is the Washington NC 7 days battle 25 June - 1 July 1862. and his last was at Bentonville, NC. He survived the invasion and died 1916 in Moore Co NC. He was the father in law o...
-- Entered by Phillip Thomas on 4/22/2019
Pvt John C. Terry
12th North Carolina Infantry - Co. D  
John was from Wake Co. NC. He was 34 when he enlisted at Raleigh, NC in 2nd Co D 12th Regt. NC Infantry. Enlisted by Col. Mallett for the war on 4 July 1864. He was detailed as Provost Guard in Pegram's Division. His CO was Capt. George Wortham known as the [Granville Grays]He arrived at his unit in Petersburg just after the battle of Cold Harbor. He spent the 8 months on the Siege line at Peter...
-- Entered by Phillip Thomas on 4/19/2019
Cpl Matthew Hugh Stutts
28th North Carolina Infantry - Co. E  
Matthew enlisted at age 20 on 1 Aug 1861 at Troy, Montgomery Co. NC for 1 year, enlisted by W F Barringer. He has 21 CMR's in his archival file. He was elected Corporal at time of enlistment. Company E was named [ Montgomery Grays. He later enlisted for 2 more years. His first view of the elephant was at New Bern NC 14 March 1862 and his last was when his regiment was scattered at the battle of 5...
-- Entered by Phillip Thomas on 4/19/2019
Pvt Jefferson Wiley Baker
38th Tennessee Infantry  
My great grandfather
-- Entered by Debra Collins on 4/18/2019
Pvt Amos Moore
33rd Virginia Infantry - Co. G   
enlisted 8/10/1862, age 19. Fought at 2nd Manassas, Sharpsburg (wounded, absent through 12/62), present at Chancelorsville, Gettysburg (severly wounded, left arm resection, POW on July 4 1863 sent to David's Island NY, paroled Oct 1863 at City Point Va). Attended UCV reunion at Dallas TX 1902, wrote of 'Civil War Experiences' in Shenandoah Valley Herald circa 1907, died in Virginia later that ye...
-- Entered by John Sigler on 4/17/2019
Pvt William C. Vance
15th Mississippi Infantry - Co. E  
No Comments
 -- Entered by Henry Posey on 4/15/2019
Pvt George Washington Vance
15th Mississippi Infantry - Co. E  
Wounded Battle of Franklin, TN, Nov 30, 1864. Simple flesh wound of both legs. Captured Dec 18, 1864 Franklin,TN. POW at Camp Chase, MD. Point Lookout POW Camp June 22, 1865. Transportation ordered to Carroll Co Mississippi.
-- Entered by Henry Posey on 4/15/2019
Pvt James K Polk Vance
15th Mississippi Infantry - Co. E  
Killed Battle of Atlanta, GA July 23, 1864
-- Entered by Henry on 4/15/2019
Capt Daniel Patterson
2nd North Carolina Artillery - Co. H  
Captain Patterson was my great-grandfather. He was company commander of Co. H, 2nd N.C. Regt. (Artillery) which was incorporated into the 36th N.C. Regiment. He raised the company of men from Bladen, Robeson, Cumberland, Columbus, and nearby counties in 1862. Company H, the 'Clarendon Guards,' was initially stationed at Fort St. Phillip (now called Fort Anderson) at the site of old Brunswicktow...
-- Entered by David Lennon on 4/15/2019
Cpl Francis Halpenny
51st New York Infantry - Co. G   
My great great grandfather Corp Francis Halpenny(Halpin), an Irish immigrant was captured with his regiment at Popular Grove Church. No further information was provided in records. He lived in Roundout Village, Ulster, New York.
-- Entered by Janet Bagley on 4/15/2019
Pvt J S. Simmons
Consolidated Crescent Regiment Louisiana Infantry - Co. I  
Anyone with further info on J.S. Simmons, please contact me.
-- Entered by John McGrew on 4/13/2019
Pvt Nelson Burr
59th New York Infantry - Co. B  
Nelson served through all of the major battles of the war with the Army of the Potomac and was captured, I think, at the Jerusalem Plank Road fight. He was taken to Richmond and then to Andersonville where he died of dysentary
-- Entered by Dennis ELLIOTT on 4/13/2019
Capt George Harris Harrod
17th Arkansas Infantry - Co. F   
Their were [2] 17th Ark Infantry Regiments. Lemoyne's & Griffin's George served with Lemoyne's. under several Brigade commander's including Cock's Co F and Co K Hawthorns. He enlisted 21 July 1862 at Briggsville, Yell Co. Ark. and was elected Captain. He was severely wounded 7 Dec 1862 at he battle of Prairie Grove and was discharged as disabled. At that time it seems he was in 2nd Brigade command...
-- Entered by Phillip Thomas on 4/12/2019
William Joseph Buxton
13th Missouri Infantry - Co. E  
No Comments
 -- Entered by james Buxton on 4/11/2019
Capt William Joseph Buxton
80th Missouri Infantry - Co. G  
No Comments
 -- Entered by james Buxton on 4/11/2019
1 Lt John Fleetwood Buxton
22nd Ohio Infantry - Co. B  
No Comments
 -- Entered by james Buxton on 4/11/2019
John Fleetwood Buxton
22nd Ohio Infantry  
No Comments
 -- Entered by james Buxton on 4/11/2019
Cpl John Richard Edmonson
25th Arkansas Infantry - Co. F  
I will contact a close relative of Johns' and allow him the honor of posting here.. I have seen his research and am impressed.
-- Entered by Phillip Thomas on 4/10/2019
William B. Cecil
4th Virginia Infantry - Co. F  
No Comments
 -- Entered by Max Cecil on 4/10/2019
2 Lt Green Deberry Castle
43rd Mississippi Infantry - Co. D  
No Comments
 -- Entered by Lily Grace Castle on 4/9/2019
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