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5th Alabama Infantry Battalion (CSA)
Ancestor Info
Name: Charles Edwin DenisonRank: 2nd Lieutenant Company: A

Charles Edwin Denison was a distant cousin. Born circa 1838 in Otsego Co., NY, he emigrated sometime after 1850 to Alabama; in the 1860 U.S. Census he is identified as a painter living in Gainesville, AL. In the spring of 1861 he joined a company composed of young men and boys from Sumter County organized at Gainesville. It was named 'North Sumter Rifles.' In December 1861 this unit and three others became the 5th Alabama Infantry Battalion, assigned to the 5th (Archer's) Brigade, Army of Northern Virginia. The battalion participated in most of the major battles fought by the ANV. Reduced to only three companies after Gettysburg, however, the battalion spent the remainder of the War on provost duty in A. P. Hill's 3rd Corps. Charles Edwin Denison was wounded and captured 3 July 1863 during the assault on Cemetery Ridge (Pickett's Charge); he was admitted 19 July 1863 to USA General Hospital, Chester, PA, before being sent 2 October 1863 to Point Lookout, MD. He was sent 5 December 1863 to General Hospital, Johnson's Island, Ohio. On 16 September 1864 he was sent to Fortress Monroe, VA, for exchange. On 22 September 1864 he was admitted to General Hospital No. 9, Richmond, VA; the following day, he was transferred to General Hospital No. 4. On 9 October 1864 he was furloughed and returned to Alabama to convalesce. He was paroled 12 May 1865 at Meridian, MS. Sources: Military service records from the National Archives, including Rosters of the 5th Battalion Alabama Volunteers; Registers containing Rosters of Commissioned Officers; Company Muster-in Roll dated June 23, 1861; multiple Company Muster Rolls (1861-1865); List of killed, wounded and missing in Archer's Brigade, July 2 and 3, 1863; Inspection Report dated Jan. 31, 1865; and, Prisoners of War records.

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Contact Name: Jim Denison
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