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Unit Type

9th Alabama Infantry (CSA)
Ancestor Info
Name: Stephen S. RenfroeRank: Private Company: G

'This is the story of Stephen S. Renfroe. The following information is but a brief summary of the crooked and infamous life of this man, as taken from various sources. No copyrights have been infringed upon in retrieving this information. The historical information and dates were taken from the book STEPHEN S. RENFROE, ALABAMA'S OUTLAW SHERIFF, by William Warren Rogers & Ruth Pruitt. This is intended to represent strictly the life and times of an incredibly complicated individual, presented here in the form of a rough time-line of events. Stephen S. Renfroe, or Steve Renfroe, was born in Georgia in 1843, the son of JG and MAP Renfroe. JG Renfroe and his family had come from Georgia to Butler County, AL, about 1852 or 1853. On June 6, 1861, at the age of 18, Stephen, a good-looking gentleman of a man, enlisted for duty in the Civil War, serving in Captain EY Hill's Jeff Davis Rangers, which later became Company G of the 9th Alabama Infantry Regiment. He served as a private until January 30, 1864, when he deserted.'

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