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9th Alabama Infantry (CSA)
Ancestor Info
Name: William Eppa FieldingRank: Other Company: F

This is my great grandfather. Enlisted 1861/06/04 Residence: Athens, Alabama. Was single and school teacher. Company Muster Roll for September and October, 1864, last on file, shows him present, ''Sergeant Major of the regiment.'' His name appears on a Register of Payments on Descriptive Lists, which shows he was paid January 13, 1865 for service from August 31, 1864 to December 31, 1864. In his personal diary, he wrote of the battle of the Crater, July 30, 1864, where ''Grant tried to blow us up by mining under a South Carolna battery....they put 8000 pounds of powder under us and blew out a hole about 30 feet deep and 60 feed across between daybreak and sunrise. They sent over ten or fifteen thousand men and got possession of several hundred yards of the works on each side of the hole or ''Crater'' as it is called, but got no farther. Our division commanded by Gen. Malone was on the right of our line and was sent around to retake it. The Va. brigade and the Georgia brigade were sent in successively and retook part of our works as far as their front extended, after a fierce hand to hand fight, but did not get possesion of the ''Crater.'' Finally our brigade, the 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th and 14th Alabama regiments was sent for and I remember we took a ciruitous route nearly back to town and formed in a small ''swag'' or ravine two or three hundred yards in rear of our works, and about 1 oclock charged across the field under a hot fire and retook the works at the bayonet''s point. Here I saw dead men lie thicker than I ever saw them before or since, mostly negroes. What was left of the enemy in the Crater hoised a white cloth on a stick over the edge and surrendered and came jumping over the wall like sheep and nearly ran over me as I stood right in their path. I was then Sergeant Major of the 9th Alabama. I was, I think, the second or third man to go into the hole which was lined on the inside with dead men.''

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