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28th Alabama Infantry (CSA)
Ancestor Info
Name: William Willis SmithwickRank: Private Company: C

Birth: 12 Nov 1824 in Georgia Death: Unknown in unknown (GA or AR) Sex: M Father: Edmond Smithwick b. 1789 in South Carolina Mother: Piety Skinner b. 1790 in North Carolina Burial: Unknown unknown (GA or AR) Military Service: Confederate States of America, Company C, 28th Alamaba Infantry, Private LETTER from William Smithwick to his sister Sarah Kirk written to her during the war. The Letter: 'Shelbyville Tenisee June 17th 1863 Dear sister I enbrace this present opportunity of riting to you & I can say to you that I am well & it is my desire that these few lines will come to your hand & find you all well & doing well. Well sister this is the first letter that I have rit to you sence I have bin in the army. Sarah I have not forgot you by no maeans but so much hardships that I have had to under go & do yet. I don'y have much spiret to rite to no body. Sister if yoy have thought hard off me for not riting to you you must forgive me. Sarah I cant discribe to you all the hardships & difficulties that poor solgers have to (?) live threw. You may be shure it is all bad a nough. Sarah I am sorry to say that we do not get a nough to eat but we can make out to live on it but we suffer a heap off times. Sister we ar fortifying hear for another fite we have 29 miles of brestworks nearly completed now if we do fite hear it will be a big fite. Murphee burough was a small one to what this one will be. We had only temperary works ther put up the nite before the fite commenced in the morning. Well Sarah I received a letter from Meary & Mother yestarday they were all well & I recin getting a long tollerable well. Sister I am mity tierd of this wicked war I do hope & trus that it will come to a close shortly & let the poor solgers go home & help ther wives provide for ther little children & enjoy each others company as they hane don in dayes that is past & gon. When I get to thinking over these things I hardly have good sence it appears to me. But sister I must give you some off my feeling Mother and Mary was a fraid I wood take up with bad habits hear in the army but I thank God that I have not yet & I have no desire to in dulge in open wickedness. & I can say to you that God blesses me hear often times & I can ask his blessing on me hear as well as I could at home. & Sarah if I am not permitted to see you no more hear on earth try & get to heavin for that is the place I am trying to reach & by the help of God let us try to be a family ther like we was with father and mother this is my great desire and prar to almity God. So I remain your brother for ever. (from Mike Hardage, descendant of Eve Kirk)

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