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Unit Type

23rd Arkansas Infantry (CSA)
Ancestor Info
Name: John W. WeaverRank: Private Company: I

John W. Weaver was born about 1837 in Wayne County, Tennessee and was brought to Arkansas by his brother, Ben, who helped him get established before returning to Tennessee. John became a well known farmer and stockman in the old Gilkerson Settlement, located a few miles west of Jonesboro, Arkansas. He joined the Confederate Army at Jonesboro on July 2, 1862 and served as a private soldier in Company I, McNeill's 30th Arkansas Infantry under Capt. Mitchell Adair. In mid-1864 he was transferred, along with his entire company, to Lyles' 23rd Arkansas Mounted Volunteers. At this time, at least part of the regiment, including Company I, was mounted and functioned as cavalry for the remainder of the war. John surrendered with Lyles' 23rd Arkansas Mounted Volunteers at Wittsburg, Arkansas, on May 11, 1865 and was paroled on May 25. His company, while serving with both regiments, was in many battles and skirmishes in Arkansas and Missouri. At some point during the war, possibly after Price's Missouri Raid, he returned home barefoot and in rags and refused to go back. He said they nearly starved to death and had to bury the dead in such a hurry that their arms and legs were sometimes left sticking out of the ground. He stayed home for a while but eventually rejoined his company and served out the remainder of the war. John was born about 1837 in Tennessee and came to Arkansas as a young man. According to a family legend he killed a man with a Claymore sword back in Wayne County, Tennessee and fled to avoid prosecution. He settled in the Gilkerson Township in Craighead County where he became a well known farmer and stockman. His brother, Benjamin, who accompanied him to Arkansas, eventually returned to Tennessee. John was married four times and had eleven children in all, his first wife being Mary Voss; second, Martha Broadaway; and third, Laura Keller. He died in the Gilkerson Township in 1910 and is buried next to his fourth wife, Fannie Branyon, in Bishop Cemetery west of Jonesboro, Arkansas.

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