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10th Connecticut Infantry (USA)
Ancestor Info
Name: Joseph A LombardRank: Sergeant Company: I

Sgt. Jospeh A. Lomard, Company I, shot in the head, battle of New Bern, died 3/14/62. “Arrival of U.S. Steam Transport Haze, from New Bern, N.C. The United States mail steamship transport Haze, Capt. J. E. Williams, arrived at New York Wednesday morning from Newbern, N.C. after a passage if forty-five hours. She brings the mails from Gen. Burnside’s division and about one hundred passengers. Also a large amount of express freight to Adam’s Express Company, and eighteen bodies of deceased soldiers belonging to the 51st New York, 9th New York, 10th Connecticut, and 2d Massachusetts. The following are the names of members of the 10h Connecticut regiment, whose bodies are from Newbern: Sergeant J. Lomdard, Company I, Greenwich, CT.; privates James McDonald, Co. I, Greenwich, CT., Silas Hubbard, Co. C, Bristol; Noyes A. Treat, Co. C., Milford; Silas A. Sears, Co. C, New Haven, and Henry A. Downs, band, Milford. These bodies were under the charge of Dr. Henry Botsford, of the sanitary commission department, detailed to accompany them”. Source: New London Daily Chronicle (New London, CT). Arrival of U.S. Steam Transport Haze, from New Bern, N.C. May 9, 1862. Volume: XV. Issue 109. Page 2.

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