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Unit Type

50th Virginia Infantry (CSA)
Ancestor Info
Name: Chapman K KingRank: Private Company: I

Brother to Thomas Baker King and Russell Robert King. Chapman King joined the Confederate Army on April 2, 1862. He was a private in the 50th VA Infantry, Company I. He was later in the 8th VA Cavalry and the 5th VA Infantry. He was captured at Lewisburg, West Virginia on May 23, 1962. By May 30, 1862, he was being held at Wheeling, West Virginia before being sent to Camp Chase, Ohio June 30 to August 25, 1862. He was received for exchange near Vicksburg, Mississippi on September 11, 1862 and declared exchanged on November 10, 1862. He was captured again on May 8, 1864 in the Wilderness and held at Point Lookout, Maryland from May 17 to August 10, 1864 when he was transferred to Elmira, NY. On December 16, 1864, Chapman stated his desire to take the Oath of Allegiance, saying he volunteered for the Confederate Army in 1862 to avoid being conscripted and that he also desired to go to Charleston, West Virginia “where he has relatives residing.” Chapman died at Elmira, NY on April 18, 1865 of chronic diarrhea and was buried at Woodlawn Cemetery in Elmira, NY. Chapman was described in 1864 as 5’ 11” with hazel eyes, dark hair and no whiskers.

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