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39th Alabama Infantry (CSA)
Ancestor Info
Name: Theophilus FloydRank: Private Company: H

During Deas' advance, Sergeant James of Company H felt a sharp pain in his lower leg. Looking down, he noticed with fright that he had been hit with a bullet. Sergeant James fell out of line, and headed away from the battle to find a hospital. A passing cavalryman lifted Sergeant James onto his horse and rode the sergeant to the brigade hospital. Doctor S. W. Jones of the 39th Alabama staff was at the brigade hospital. Soon, Private Thomas DeShaver of Company H was brought in the hospital on a stretcher; shot through the leg as well. Sergeant James, Private DeShaver, and Dr. Jones made light of the situation, and Sergeant James recalls the three laughing, as Sergeant James insisted that the doctor cut off DeShaver's leg 'right then and there'. The two men were stabilized by the doctor, when a flood of new wounded called the doctor away temporarily. Dr. Jones assured the two men that he would attend to them as soon as possible. When Dr. Jones returned a few moments later, Sergeant James shook Tom DeShaver to revive him. He couldn't, for DeShaver had lost too much blood and had died. Soon, another comrade, Private Theodore Floyd, arrived at the hospital, shot in the mouth. Private Floyd wasn't so lucky. He 'hanged on' for a couple of days in tremendous agony and pain before he expired. After the bloodshed of the day was over, the federal army withdrew from the field. The men of the Army of Tennessee had won an impressive, hard-fought victory, but had paid a terrible price. Of the 310 infantrymen that carried a rifle into battle for the 39th that day, 13 were killed during the assault, and 76 were wounded; eighteen of the killed and wounded being in Louis's company, Company I. One officer of the 39th was killed (Lieutenant W. T. Mitchell of Company F), and 6 more were wounded (including Captain Willis Banks of Company F with a bullet wound in both thighs). The 39th, in action for a total of roughly thirty minutes, lost nearly a third of it's number, including the forgotten heroes, Privates Thomas DeShaver and Ted Floyd.'

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