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27th Georgia Infantry (CSA)
Ancestor Info
Name: C. S. CASONRank: Private Company: E

My g-grandfather joined the CSA in Augusta, Georgia, at age 16 in August 1863. He states he was surrendered by J.E. Johnston to Sherman, April 1865 after the Battle of Bentonville. He mentioned paroled at Rockingham Station. I have copies of Application for CSA Pension, the examining doctors statement, that he was partially blinded due to paralysis of the optic nerve, damage to his spine and 'other' physical problems. I want to know: at what battle was he wounded, I want his medical records; when he was transferred to 'Limited Duty' Inf. and why. Noted that in September & October 1864 he was absent from Muster due to: absence due to being in the hospital. Muster was at White Marsh Island.

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Contact Name: Leanora Phipps
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