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37th Alabama Infantry (CSA)
Ancestor Info
Name: Henry Terrell BishopRank: Corporal Company: B

Enlistment Info:Daviston, Corporal, Military Engagement Info:Served until wounded at Atlanta. Battles: Fought on 25 Nov 1863 at Missionary Ridge, TN. Fought on 18 Jun 1864 at Kenesaw Mountain, GA. Regiment History: THE THIRTY-SEVENTH ALABAMA INFANTRY. The Thirty-seventh was organized at Auburn in the spring of 1862; sent to Columbus, Miss., from there to Tupelo. With Price at Iuka, September 19-20, 1862, it began its long roll of battles, and was highly commended by Brigadier-General Martin and by General Price. Both its colonel, J. F. Dowdell, and its lieutenant-colonel, A. A. Greene, were wounded in this fight, besides forty-three of the men. The regiment went into battle with 304 men, so that its loss was heavy. General Little, in whose division it was, was killed at Iuka. In the battle of Corinth, October 3-5, 1862, it lost heavily and its brigade commander, General Martin, was killed. Brigaded under General Moore, the winter of 1862-63 was spent in Mississippi. It took part at Chickasaw Bayou, was sent to Sunflower river, but returned before the close of the spring; was in the battles of Port Gibson, May 1, 1863, and Baker's Creek, May 16th, where it lost heavily.From that time till July 4th it formed part of the garrison at Vicksburg, and was captured with that place, where it had suffered greatly from losses and privations. For awhile, after being exchanged, the regiment was in parole camp at Demopolis. Later it was transferred to the army of Tennessee, and took part in the battles of Lookout Mountain, November 24th; Missionary Ridge, November 25th. After wintering at Dalton, brigaded under Gen. Alpheus Baker, the regiment was ever in the van of the army in the battles of the Georgia campaign, at Rocky Face mountain, May 9th and 10th; Resaca, May 14th and 15th; and New Hope church, May 25th, where it lost heavily, officers and men. In the battles around Atlanta its casualties were great. The regiment was sent for in the winter to do garrison duty at Spanish Fort, but early in the spring it was returned to the army of Tennessee, and again was in battle at Bentonville. Consolidated with the Forty-second and Fifty-fourth Alabama, commanded by Col. John A. Winter, it surrendered in North Carolina. This regiment was remarkable for the large number of its officers killed and wounded. Capt. Marion C. J. Searcy was wounded at Corinth and killed at Missionary Ridge. Capt. W. W. Meadows was killed, and Capts. Moses B. Greene, John 0. Davis and S. M. Robertson were wounded, at Corinth; Capt. J. C. Kendrick was wounded at Corinth and at Atlanta; Capt. J. J. Padgett was wounded; Capt. Joel G. Greene, at Atlanta; Capt. C. Pennington, at Resaca; Capt. J. M. Leach was killed at New Hope: Capt. C. E. Evans was wounded at Resaca and Atlanta; Capt. James H. Johnson wounded at Atlanta. Its field officers were Col. James F. Dowdell, captured at Vicksburg; Lieut.-Col. A. A. Greene, wounded at Iuka and at Missionary Ridge, and killed at Atlanta; Lieut.Col. W. F. Slaton, wounded at Corinth and captured at Lookout Mountain; and Majs. John P. W. Amorine and Joel C. Kendrick. Source: Confederate Military History, vol. VIII, p. 172

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