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11th Florida Infantry (CSA)
Ancestor Info
Name: Simeon Augustus BeauchampRank: Corporal Company: G

Simeon Augustus Beauchamp was mustered in to either the 2nd or 4th Florida Infantry Battalion in 1862 at the rank of Private. He was part of the consolidation of the 2nd and 4th Florida Infantry Battalions in June 1864 and was placed in the 11th Florida Infantry Regiment Co. G. He was then placed with the rest of the 11th Florida in 'Florida Brigade' along with the 2nd, 5th, 8th, 9th, and 10th Florida Infantry Regiments. He fought with the 11th FL Co. G at: Cold Harbor (June 1-3, 1864), Weldon Railroad (June 23, 1864), Battle of Globe Tavern (August 21, 1864), Battle of Belfield (December 9, 1864), Petersburg Siege (Winter 1864-1865), Battle of Hatcher's Run (February 5-7, 1865). He retreated with the Army of Northern Virginia during the late winter and early spring of 1865 until the first week of April where he and the majority of the 11th Florida were cutoff from the rest of the Army of Northern Virginia. He was captured by Sheridan's Cavalry on Thursday April 6, 1865 around Farmville, Virginia (about 30 miles from Appomattox, VA) at the rank of Corporal. The rest of the 11th Florida that had not been cut off fought at the Battle of Farmville on April 7 and surrendered at Appomattox on April 9 with 23 men (4 Officers and 19 Enlisted). He was interned at Point Lookout POW Camp in Maryland for two months and was released in June 1865. (Born: Coffee County, Georgia circa 1823/1824 | Died: Alliance, Jackson County, Florida 1897)

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