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18th Georgia Infantry (CSA)
Ancestor Info
Name: James Lile LemonRank: Captain Company: A

Lemon began as 2nd Lt., Co. A (the 'Acworth Infantry') and served with distinction, rising to the rank of Captain of the Company at the time he was severely wounded inside the parapet of Fort Sanders, Knoxville, in Longstreet's attack on on that position on November 29, 1863. Captain Lemon eventually recovered from his head wound while a prisoner-of-war at Fort Delaware Prison and was one of the 'Immortal Six-Hundred' Southern officers brutalized and used as human shields against Confederate artillery fire at Charleston harbor before returning to Ft. Delaware for the remainder of the war. In 1995, the S.C.V. recognized Capt. Lemon's bravery and leadership in the ill-advised assault on Ft. Sanders by awarding him the Confederate Medal of Honor, the 43rd Confederate soldier to receive that honor. Capt. Lemon lived out the remainder of his life at his antebellum home in Acworth, Ga., which still stands today.

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Contact Name: J. Alan Holman
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