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44th Georgia Infantry (CSA)
Ancestor Info
Name: John T HailesRank: Private Company: K

John T. Hailes was my grandfather. He was born 31 January 1845 in Greene Co., Georgia. Hailes, John T. - Enlisted as private in Co. E, 3rd Regiment, GA. State Troups 14 oct 1861. Mustered out at Savanah, GA April 1862. Enlisted as a private in Co. K, 44th Regt. GA. Inf. 18 May 1862. Left foot and ankle severely mangled when car was derailed, between Richmond and Staunton, VA. Appointed Musician Apr 1964. Surrendered at Appomattox, VA. 9 Apr 1965 . [This info from: Roster of Confederate Soldiers of Georgia, 1861-1865, Page 833. Although the above is the official record of the service of my grandfather I am of the opinion that something is omitted. My father who was raised to his sixteenth year by my grandfather and was his son stated that my grandfather, John T. Hailes, had a hole you could ''lay a hen egg in'' in his upper arm which he had received from a minie ball at Sharpsburg. I have found no record of his being hospitalized at any time, either for the train accident or the minie ball wound, but he must have been.

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Contact Name: Gordon Reid Hale, Jr.
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