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Unit Type

37th Arkansas Infantry (CSA)
Ancestor Info
Name: Harvey GulleyRank: Private Company: I

Enl 20 May 1862 at Sulphur Springs, AR. Wounded and captured at Helena, AR. & sent to MP Alton, IL. Died Jan 1864 on Rock Island, IL.--- By Paul John---'On 10 May 1862 (his 31st birthday) Harvey Gulley, who was ten years married with six children, enlisted in the Army of the Confederate States and served with County I, 37th Ark. Inf. In a battle at Helena AR on 4 July 1863 he was shot in the right hip and captured by the Union Army. He was sent via USA Hospital Steamer R. C. Wood to Overton Hospital in Memphis TN. He was released from the hospital on Nov. 8 and received at Alton IL Military Prison 12 Nov. 1863. One of his service record cards contains the note, 'Died Jany 1864 on Rock Island.' This note is a puzzle. The records of Rock Island Prison, which was located 200 miles north of Alton, give no indication of his having been there. There is no record of his having left Alton, nor is there any record of his burial in either cemetery -- at Alton or Rock Island. At suggestion of James R. Cooper, Chief, Historical Office Department of the Army, Rock Island IL, we examined the original Alton Prison record available on microfilm from the National Archives. This helped clear the mystery. The microfilm record though dim is legible and reads, 'Died January 1864 on Pock Island.' This apparently refers to Smallpox Island (pock is dialectal for smallpox).'

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