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53rd Alabama Infantry (CSA)
Ancestor Info
Name: David James WilsonRank: Blacksmith Company: I

David James Wilson, son of Bradberry and Charlotte Wilson,of Lowndes County, Alabama signed up for the Civil War at Greenville, Alabama. He served as a blacksmith for the 53rd Ala Partisan Rangers, Co. I. At the end of the war he was stationed at a hospital in Courtland, Ala. In 1870 he moved his wife, Bethany Morgan Wilson, and children to Grant County Arkansas. C. C. Morgan signed up at Greenville also. Was that Bethany's brother by chance? D. J. was killed in December 1873 on the way back from selling cotton in Pine Bluff to his rural home in southern Grant County. Bethany's children: Henry and Jeff stayed in Grant County. Lavonia Wilson Hance moved with her husband to Coolidge, Texas about 1914 and Bethany went with them and died in Texas. We have D. J.'s powder horn made from a cow horn and it has A. D. J. Wils scratched into it plus: 1Y 1Y Does that mean he got one Yankee, one Yankee? His grandson, my grandfather, gave it to me in the 1970's. Lots of Alabama cousins remain: Bates Turkey Restaurant and Farm are descended from D. J.'s sister Charity Wilson Wood. The oldest son of D. J. and Bethany, Brad, stayed in Alabama. The late Ham Wilson of Montgomery, once executive secretary of the Ala. Cattlemen's Association was his grandson. Also, cousins are in Alabama descended from D. J.'s brother, Frank, who never returned home from the Civil War.

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Contact Name: Roy L. Wilson
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