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21st Arkansas Infantry (CSA)
Ancestor Info
Name: Elihu Chris BeckhamRank: 1st Sergeant Company: K

Elihu C. Beckham (1840-1923) wrote the first account of the Civil War from the perspective of a Confederate soldier from Arkansas. Son of Joshua Mayberry Beckham (1816-1888) and Catharine (Hinkle) Beckham (1819-1863), he emigrated with his parents, brothers and sisters, and grandfather William Hinkle (1792-1867) from Wayne Co., TN., to Izard Co., AR., in 1845. His war adventures with Company K were published in 1887 in the EXPOSITOR or THE EXPOSITION, the first newspaper at Mountain View, AR. His nephew's widow, Nellie (Hunt) Trevathan, published the account in 1908 in Batesville, AR., as WAR REMINISCENCES. The by-line was 'By Sergeant E. C. Beckham of Stone County.' The account was third published as WHERE I WAS AND WHAT I SAW DURING THE WAR as a pamphlet (1962) and as a serial that year in the STONE COUNTY LEADER in Mountain View, AR. This publication had a foreword by Stephen Dow Beckham. Elihu Beckham married 16 December 1869 to Rhoda Elizabeth Lancaster; the Beckhams had eleven children. Elihu, as a consequence of his war wounds, was paralyzed from the chest down on November 4, 1894, and was an invalid until his death in 1923. Elihu was a teacher, farmer, Stone County assessor, and, after his paralysis a bookkeeper who dictated financial accounts to his wife, Rhoda. In the 1890s Beckham was a member of the People's Party. Following his father's death in 1888, he and his wife moved from their farm in Round Bottom on White River to his parents' property on Rocky Bayou, a tract yet owned by Beckham descendants in 2011. Stephen Dow Beckham, Department of History, Lewis & Clark College, Portland, OR., 97219.

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Contact Name: Stephen Dow Beckham
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