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26th Arkansas Infantry (CSA)
Ancestor Info
Name: William Daniel ParlerRank: Private Company: G

William Daniel PARLER, born Sep 04, 1828 in South Carolina, died 1865 in Columbia County, Arkansas. He served in Company G, 26 Arkansas Infantry. He enlisted in Lewisville Arkansas for 3 years on May 22, 1892 in Capt Hamiter's Company G. A note from his daughter Laura Catherine PARLER, born Dec 06, 1855 in South Carolina, died 18 May 1946. 'There were so many anxious days and long nights before it [the War] was all over. One day we looked out and there was father, tattered and worn, coming across the yard. He was walking and had been on foot for days. He told us that the war was over, that he had come home bringing nothing but a pair of gold rim eyeglasses which he had found. In two years time, our hearts were broken again, for father died of a congestive chill. Then came unthinkable sadness, for we were left without a thing'. One day as my mother[Amarintha Snider-Parler] lay upon her bed, she raised up on her pillow and saw through a crack of the door a man approaching her house. Immediately she recognized him. 'It's brother William', she sighed with relief. And it was, for when Deacon Jacob Snider had learned of Daniel's death, he had sent William to bring Amarintha and the children home. William J. Snider, his sister and her children made the trip back to S.C. by wagon, boat and at Memphis they boarded the 'cars'. Amarintha returned to South Carolina from Arkansas in 1869 with her brother, William Snider. After Amarintha died, her father, Deacon Jacob Snider, took her children [Laura and Alex]in and raised them.'

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