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50th Virginia Infantry (CSA)
Ancestor Info
Name: Thomas Howard Benton BarronRank: Private Company: A

Thomas Howard Benton 'Ben' Barron, Civil War Death 1864 Jul 9 1864, MONOCACY, MD. Monocacy, Md, July 9, 1864. Middle Department, 8th Army Corps, and 3rd Division, 6th Army Corps. During the operations in the Shenandoah Valley, Maj.-Gen. Lewis Wallace left Frederick on the evening of the 8th and by a night march took position on the left bank of the Monocacy river. Early on the morning of the 9th the Confederates moved out from Frederick City and began the fight in skirmish order, a little later bringing their artillery into action. The enemy's cavalry and artillery then moved around to the Federal left and charged vigorously on the 3rd division of the 6th army corps, but the attack was repulsed and a countercharge made, driving the enemy back. A second attack of Confederate infantry was repulsed, but with heavy loss to both sides. About 3:30 p.m. the enemy's batteries were brought into position to enfilade the Federal line and another assaulting force of four lines of infantry was moved into position. When Wallace saw the approaching column he ordered a retreat on the Baltimore pike, where Brig.Gen. E. B. Tyler had been skirmishing fiercely all day. The retreat was made in good order, Tyler forming the rear-guard. The Confederates followed for some distance, but darkness stopped the pursuit. The Federal loss amounted to 123 killed, 603 wounded and 568 captured or missing. The Confederate loss in killed and wounded was reported as being 700. Source: The Union Army, vol. 6 Dr. J. Tyler Conner added this on 2 Dec 2012 Thomas Howard Benton 'Ben' Barron, Civil War Death, July 9, 1864. William Nathaniel Gale Barron, Jr., was present at this battle, with his brother Ben, and found him mortally wounded.

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Contact Name: Jon Tyler Conner
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