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23rd Alabama Infantry (CSA)
Ancestor Info
Name: George William MoyeRank: Private Company: A

This private,age 17, joined 14Dec1860, in 36thReg, 1st Brigade, 6Div, of the Militia if the State of Alabama. When Ala, went Regular Army, this Regiment was renumerated as the 23rd Regiment, CSA. He followed his father, Lt./Capt. G H Moye, in the formation of Co. A, probably being one of the first Privates recruited. He was with the 23rd, at Vicksburg and in front of Grant and Sherman, 18 hours after every other Regiment,except 20th Al and Texas Regiment, was called back into the protection of Vicksburg...causing much injury to the enemy and little casualties, in their regiment. On 4July1863, he was parolled, but either signed as GW Moyer, or was misunderstood by the deaf US SGT, who was attempting to understand perfect Wilcox County English. Either way, his Honor was preserved, when he was parolled for 30 days, the Regiment was exchanged 100yrs, to the day of my birthday-12 Sept1863, re-equipped and sent to Bragg, Nov1863. In the winter of 1864, GW moye was captured, sent to Camp Chase, Ohio, but was not released until 31 July 1865! 90 days AFTER the cessation of hostilities and began his walk back to Patsburg-Luverne, Al...carrying the sabre, which has been in my possession, for 40 yrs. Evidently, he refused to sign the oath of allegiance to the USA...rebellious to the end. Attached to this Regiment, he saw some major battles, prior to his capture...Thank you GrGrGr Uncle George William Moye! I will Honor your service and sacrifice, forever.

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