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Unit Type

22nd North Carolina Infantry (CSA)
Ancestor Info
Name: alney burginRank: Captain Company: K

Alney Burgin (#1521A) John McDowell Burgin (#1521A1) George Whitson Burgin (#1521A2) John Albert Burgin (#152125) Benjamin M Burgin (#152146) Rufus Bradshaw Burgin (#152149) William S Burgin (#152316) George Patton Burgin (#152613) Ben Logan Burgin (#152633) John Mann Burgin (#15265) Merritt Burgin (#15267) Joseph Benjamin Burgin (#15291) Charles Hardy Burgin (#15292) John Burgin (#156215) Thomas Albartus Burgin (#15624) John Davis Burgin (#156242) Daniel Augustus Burgin (#156243) Jesse David W Burgin (#1563B) James Lee Burgin (#15646) Robert Burgin (#15647) John D Burgin (#15648) Merritt Burgin (#15649) Harriet Burgin's Husband (Samuel M Young) Elizabeth Burgin's Husband (Elisha Neal) Mary E Burgin's Husband (John Carr) Louise Burgin's Husband (John Davidson) Rachael Burgin's Son (Wm. B. H. Whitaker) Rachael Burgin's Son (James L Whitaker) Rachael Burgin's Son (Joshua Burgin Whitaker) Margaret Burgin's Husband (John Maderson Jordan) Ann Burgin's Husband (Thomas Young Lytle) Lucy Burgin's Husband (Hamilton Adley Osborne) 'Their fidelity and devoted sacrifice shall be celebrated in song and story, and shall be borne in loving memory while time shall last.' - Graham Daves - -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- During the War for Southern Independence, Captain Alney Burgin was in command of Company K, 22nd Regt, North Carolina Infantry. His lieutenants were his son, John McDowell Burgin and two of his first cousins, Charles Hardy Burgin and Joseph Benjamin Burgin. The body of the company was mostly comprised of other Burgin boys and allied familes; in-laws, cousins, etc; And in as much as they were all from McDowell County, they were better known as 'The McDowell Boys.' One officer described their performance at Seven Pines thusly: 'In all my readings of veterans, and of coolness under fire, I have never conceived of anything surpassing the coolness of our men in this fight.' Captain Burgin would lose two sons during the ensuing battles. His first-born, Lt. John McDowell Burgin, died from wounds received at Gettysburg and his second-born, Private George Whitson Burgin was killed in the Battle of Gains Mill or at Mechanicsville, Virginia, June 26th or June 27th 1862. Burgin's other two lieutenants were also casualties. Charles Hardy Burgin was wounded at Shepherdstown, Virginia and died of disease & fever at Fredricksburg, Virginia. Joseph Benjamin Burgin was captured by Federal Troops near Chancellorsville (see footnote).

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