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Step 2:  Find the Regiment and click on "Add My Relative".

If you need your ancestor's unit added, please e-mail me with the type of unit (Infantry, Artillery, etc.), the official name of the Unit, and the State it belongs to, and we will add it within the day.

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Unit Type

39th Missouri Infantry (USA)  

Relative NameCo.Contact Name
Holme, Charles Gustavus - 1 Lt
Karen Kotlarchik User HomepageEdit Relative Delete Relative
Stockton, Willard Parker - Pvt
ADee Hedenland Edit Relative Delete Relative
Coy, James - Pvt
BJim Coy User HomepageEdit Relative Delete Relative
Truslow, John J. - Pvt
CJill Crees Edit Relative Delete Relative
Bates, Edwin - Cpl
FEd Pinedo Edit Relative Delete Relative
Mc Sorley, James - Pvt
FCharles McSorley Edit Relative Delete Relative
James, Thomas Ezara - 1 Lt
HGreg James Edit Relative Delete Relative
Webber, Samuel - Pvt
HSally Down Edit Relative Delete Relative
Manning, Edward Dale - Pvt
IRichard Manning Edit Relative Delete Relative
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