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2013 MHO Spring Muster - November 1 - 3, 2012 Gettysburg, PA

If you have any questions, contact Chris Army at:

Friday, November 1, 2013

Tour # 1 9:00 am- 12:00 pm - Day Three on Culp's Hill presented by LBG Charlie Fennel.
Last year we walked the ground of upper Culp’s Hill to study the July 2nd movements and attacks. This year we will focus on the actions of Culp’s Hill that took place in the early morning of July 3rd and was part of over 7 hours of sustained fighting as the Confederates continued to try to take the hill. Meet at Spangler’s Spring.

Tour #2 1:30 pm - 4:30 pm – “Pickett’s Charge before all the shootin’ started!” Presented by NPS Ranger & Author Bill Hewitt
Join NPS Ranger and Author Bill Hewitt to discuss Lee’s Planning prior to the launch of Pickett’s Charge. Meet at the Virginia Monument.

Friday Evening - 6:00 p.m. –9:00 p.m. (cocktails 6:00p.m. – 7:00 p.m.)
Join us for Dinner at the Dobbin House
Dinner fee is separate from Muster Registration Fee (see below)

Dinner Presentation
NPS Ranger and Author John Hoptak
will be our dinner speaker. Topic TBD

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Tour # 3 – 9:00 am – 12:00 pm - In the Footsteps of Pickett: July 3, 1863 at Gettysburg with Wayne Motts
Join LBG, and the CEO of the National Civil War Museum Wayne Motts on a three hour tour of what we now call Pickett’s Charge. This tour will address all you want to know from the aiming point, objective, troop movements, fencing, casualties, second wave, etc. The tour will be walking over 1 mile of uneven terrain. Meet at the Peach Orchard for the first part of the tour. We will then travel over to the VA Monument, but please plan on carpooling and leaving some vehicles at the Angle (where we will finish the tour)

Tour #4 - 2:00pm - 5:00 pm - “Waiting for Pickett: The Repulse of Pickett’s Charge” presented by LBG John Zervas
This tour is most often viewed from a Southern Perspective. What did the Confederates do wrong? Was Lee’s plan flawed? Was Longstreet sufficiently aggressive? This presentation will build on a comment from General George Pickett himself when asked about the failed charge he exclaimed “I think the Yankees had something to do with it!” John will take us on a tour of the men waiting for Pickett on the Union side – hear their stories and a discussion of the repulse of the Charge. Meet at the old Cyclorama Parking lot. The tour will include walking to the Angle on relatively even ground.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Tour # 5 - 9:00am – 12:00pm "The Road to Emmitsburg." presented by LBG and Author Tim Smith
This tour will be a walk along the Emmitsburg Road, highlighting sites (farms, monuments, etc.) along the way and their association to local history and the battle. Meet at the flag pole in the old Cyclorama parking lot. We will end in the vicinity of the Peach Orchard.

Tour # 6 – 1:30pm – 4:30pm East Cavalry Field presented by LBG and Author Jim Hessler
Join award-winning and nationally renowned LBG James A. Hessler, author of “Sickles at Gettysburg.”

The July 3 fight at East Cavalry Field featured some of the greatest cavalry stars of the entire war. Our tour of ECF will focus on Gregg and Custer’s defense of the Hanover Road / Low Dutch Road intersections, the fighting on the Rummel Farm, Custer’s role in the victory, the competing theories on Stuart’s objectives, and the different tactics employed by both sides. Decide for yourself: did the fighting at East Cavalry Field impact the battle’s ultimate outcome? (Note that we currently have permission to venture onto the privately-owned Rummel farm.) Meet at the Hanover Road entrance to ECF. Tour ends on Gregg Ave.

Several of the presenters will have maps for their tours. Our plan, in order to keep our costs down, is to scan these maps and make them available to you prior to the Muster via Dropbox. If you would like a copy of the maps, please include your email address on the registration form and a link will be sent to you. If you are not subscribed to Dropbox, don’t worry – we will send you an email to set it up and tie into the link. Dropbox is a free service.

Please note that all tours & times are subject to change. ALL PROCEEDS WILL BE DONATED TO THE ADAMS COUNTY HISTORICAL SOCIETY.

SPECIAL NOTE: Be sure to visit Battlefields and Beyond bookstore across from the Travelodge and tell Bern you are with MHO for the Muster to receive 10% off all purchases during Muster weekend!!!

How to register for the 2013 MHO Muster:

It is our intention that we keep the costs to a minimum so that everyone can participate in the Muster. The cost for a single person is $30.00 dollars. The cost for a family is $40.00 for the entire family. Not too bad for the lineup that we have! I’m sure you will agree that this is indeed a bargain! Please note that the entire amount collected will be used to pay the Licensed Battlefield Guides and any left over funds will be donated to the Adams County Historical Society and their dedication to Civil War preservation efforts.

Dinner at the Dobbin House
The cost is $21.00 per person (taxes and gratuity included). Half price for children 10 and under and free to children 3 and under.

Salad and Bread Bar:
  Lavish 25 item Salad Bar
  Fresh Baked Breads
  Chicken Coq Au Vin
  Baked Ham with Pineapple Raisin Sauce
  Stuffed Shells and Tomato Sauce
  Rice Pilaf
  Oven-Roasted Red Potatoes
  Buttered Dilled Carrots
  Green Bean Almondine
  Fudge Brownies
  Blueberry Trifle
  Gingerbread with Lemon Sauce
  Colonial Pudding Cake
  Iced Tea
Tax and Gratuity are included in the price.
There will also be a cash bar available.
Dinner items are subject to change

NOTE: We will not be able to refund the dinner registration after October 25th. Please register early for dinner as there are only 75 spaces available.

Tour Meeting Places/Carpooling:
Meeting Places not yet listed will be announced shortly. We ask that folks park at the GNMP Overflow lot and combine into vehicles to keep the traffic down. We don’t have any driving tours, but parking will be at a premium at most of the tour meeting places. Therefore carpooling is encouraged and necessary to keep the traffic flow to a minimum.

Registration Form:
Name of Attendee(s) for your name badge (hey, these things sell for big bucks on EBay!)




1. Registration Single (30.00) Family (40.00)

2. Friday Dinner Adults (21.00) Children 10 & under (10.50)

3. I would like to donate an additional amount to the Adams County Historical Society __________

Total ___________________________

MAPS: Here is my email address for the link to the maps: __________________________________

Please send your registration fee, form and dinner fee (remember the dinner fee is per individual) with a check payable to Craig Berkeley, CPA at:

Craig Berkeley, CPA
7655 Hillsboro Drive
Newburgh, IN 47630-9655

Please note “Fall MHO Muster” and number of attendees in the Memo field of your check. Remember to include the registration form with the check.

You may also register via email at:
If you wish to pay via PAYPAL, please send it to the same email address via PayPal and include an additional $3.00 for processing.

Registration Deadline


1. Who should Attend:
One of the primary goals of an MHO Muster is to provide a means to learn about the Battle of Gettysburg, thus anyone with an interest in the Battle will benefit from attending. Our musters typically include tours of various portions of the battlefield conducted by MHO members, Licensed Battlefield Guides, or authors. The purpose of a muster is to learn, don’t feel that you don’t know enough about the battle to attend.

2. What Should You Bring:
a. Clothes: Bring a variety of clothes to cover all types of weather. You can expect to experience temperatures as high as the mid 70’s during the day and down into the low 30’s at night. In the past we’ve stood shivering on the battlefield in winter coats while we observed a few stray snowflakes get blown past in the stiff breeze, other times we’ve been comfortable in shirtsleeves. Your best bet is to dress in layers that can be added or shed as the need arises. Remember we’ll be hiking around on rough ground in fields and woods.

b. Raingear: Tours typically proceed rain or shine, so be sure to bring adequate raingear. You may be walking through tall, wet grass so an umbrella or standard raincoat may not be enough, consider a rain suit.

c. Footwear: Most tours involve a considerable amount of walking over ground that may be rough and is often times muddy. Waterproof hiking boots are recommended. Sneakers are generally not recommended as footwear except for tours in the Town itself where walking will be on paved streets and sidewalks.

d. Depending on the weather, you may need sunblock, sunglasses and insect repellent. Bring them along just in case.

e. Some snacks or drinks for yourself will help quiet a growling stomach and give you some extra energy when needed.

f. A light backpack to carry extra clothing or other items in is always a good idea, but don’t over burden yourself (leave the books back in your hotel room).

g. Be sure to bring a camera. Between the beauty of the fall foliage, the monuments, and overall views of the battlefield (and of course some rather memorable MHO folks), you’ll find plenty of great photo opportunities.

3. What Not To Bring, What Not To Do:
Don’t feel that you need to bring a lot of books with you on the tours, they’ll just weigh you down and tire you out faster. Leave the books back in the hotel and refer to them after the tours.

Although some MHO members have compiled loose leaf books of maps copied from various books and magazines (Gettysburg Magazine for instance) which have proved useful on the tours, keep in mind that most tour leaders will have handouts providing information and maps relating to their specific tour.

4. Miscellaneous:
a. Car Pooling & Cell Phones: While most tours are conducted entirely on foot, some tours may require that we travel between various locations by car. In order to keep the number of vehicles to a minimum, it is suggested that we car pool as much as possible, using the larger vehicles in the group. In order to facilitate communication between cars or even between groups during walking tours, those with cell phones should consider having their phone number added to a contact list when they register. This way we’ll be able to keep everyone in touch.

b. Authors of books on the battle sometimes lead our tours, if you have a book written by a tour leader bring it along. If you’d like your copy autographed, they will most likely be more than willing to do so.

c. Buy your camera film, batteries, snacks etc. at home, Gettysburg can be very busy on weekends and you don’t want to waste time shopping when you could be touring.

d. Cameras: Be sure to have at least one spare battery for each camera you bring, most cameras today just won’t work without batteries. Consider purchasing a large memory card if you have a digital camera, that way you’ll have plenty of storage space for your pictures. Film camera users (we know there are still a few of you out there) bring plenty of extra film, you don’t want to run out while you’re somewhere out in the middle of the battlefield.

e. Keep an eye on the weather reports for the Gettysburg area prior to the Muster, if there’s been a lot of rain, the ground may be extra wet and muddy, if you have an extra pair of hiking boots consider bringing them in case one pair gets too wet. Pack extra pairs of socks. If rain is predicted for the days of the Muster, in addition to your raingear, you may want to consider packing extra changes of clothes.

f. A word of caution: In rainy weather protect your cameras and cell phones from the weather, the outer pockets in your raingear may not be the best place to carry these items.

g. The Muster Dinner: The Muster Dinner is a casual affair, don’t feel the need to bring your “Sunday Best” to attend.
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