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The Revenge
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Photos and Images

Contemporary illustration of the Armada campaign of 1588. The ship centre right is thought to be “Revenge” (National Maritime Museum)( NMM)

Scene of the battle. The island of Corvo is in the background (author)

Map of action (author) Early 17th century action between Spanish and Dutch ships. The Spanish vessel (center) is probably similar to the “Apostle” class. (NMM)

19th century view of the action. Note the swivel gun (center) and archer (left)

Sir Richard Grenville as a young man (National Portrait Gallery)

16th century tapestry showing last fight of “Revenge” (Woburn Abbey, England)

19th century reconstruction of a naval action between English and Spanish forces.Note the armor worn by combatants, and the variety of weapons in use, including anti-personnel swivel mounted guns. (Author)


Contemporary illustration showing vessel (foreground) which may be “Revenge” (NMM)


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