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Red Blood, Yellow Skin

Red Blood, Yellow Skin
by Linda L. T. Baer 

List Price: $16.95 
Hardcover: 342 pages
ISBN: 163299027X
Publisher:  River Grove Books
Publish Date: May 5, 2015 


New in Print

Review by Angela Kent

This is a heart-gripping tale of a woman’s survival first in North Vietnam and then into South Vietnam. This riveting story grabs your attention straight from the introduction where she witnesses her father’s murder from the Viet Minh when she was only four years old. Then she is torn from her home to live with her abusive stepfather, a wealthy doctor in a new city. However, with the battles raging in North Vietnam the family soon lost everything and had to move to South Vietnam.

South Vietnam was a constant struggle for food for the family. They moved to several small villages and were often split up and divided amongst other families for work. The author herself left her family at a very young age and took on any menial job she could find from being a maid, to a personal assistant, to selling products on the black market. Despite the constant exposure to drugs, alcohol, and prostitution in war-torn Saigon, she was still able to keep her morals intact and make a living.

In this first edition, there are a few editorial errors and contradictory dates. However, I loved the authentic pictures to back-up the story. Later in the story the author included more of the ages when things happened so it was easier to follow. Earlier in the story I would have liked to have known how old she was when certain things had happened. However, I also understand she may not have known how old she was at the time. Overall, I would highly recommend this story. It was difficult to put down. I love a good story of survival -- especially a woman’s perspective and it helped me to really understand what was happening in Vietnam at the time.

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