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Books by John Barratt

Armada 1588

The Battle of Marston Moor

The Civil War in South-West England 1642-1646

The First Battle of Newbury: 1643

Cavalier Generals

The Great Siege of Chester

The Battle for York: Marston Moor 1644

Cavalier Generals

Related Links 
Related Links 
by John Barratt

There are a large number of web sites dealing with various aspects of the Battle of the Atlantic, notably U-boats. Those listed below are ones which I have found particularly useful, and which mostly contain valuable additional links to other sites.

"Battleship Bismarck"

An excellent site dealing with the German battleship, and with a first rate discussion page. Also includes material on "Tirpitz". Useful links to other sites, including RN vessels.
"U-boat net"

The most comprehensive site dealing with all aspects of the U-boats and the Battle of the Atlantic. A wealth of useful information and excellent discussion boards.
"Subsim Review"

Claims to deal only with submarine simulation games, but in fact includes other naval games and related information as well. Pending the anticipated release later this year by SSI of "Silent Hunter II" and "Destroyer Command", there are not currently many Battle of the Atlantic simulations. Sierra's "Aces of the Deep" still has some interest, and SPI's excellent solitaire boardgame "Wolfpack", dealing with the climatic convoy battles of spring 1943, has recently been released as a PC game by For surface actions, SSI's "Fighting Steel", though disappointingly limited by not including any provision for air operations, is good. For updates on new games is an essential reference.
German Kriegsmarine Encyclopaedia

A good site for information on the Kriegsmarine as a whole. Includes technical specifications, useful links, and sections on models and naval computer wargames. Downloadable from here is a campaign game add-on for "Fighting Steel", which has interesting potential, although the version currently downloadable is so "buggy" as to be largely a source of frustration.
"Canonesa, ConvoyHX72 and U-100"

An excellent site covering many aspects of the Battle of the Atlantic, with useful links.
"The Mariners Museum - Battle of the Atlantic"

A useful web page from this well-known maritime museum (Newport News Virginia) containing summaries of significant aspects of the Battle.
"The HMS Hood Association"

"The official website of the veterans and families of the HMS Hood.  It is dedicated to the preservation of the memories of Britain's most famous warship of the 20th Century."

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Written by John Barratt. If you have questions or comments on this article, please contact John Barratt at:

About the author:
John Barratt has authored many books to include: Armada 1588,  The Battle of Marston Moor, The Civil War in South-West England 1642-1646, and Cavalier Generals.

Published online: 12/15/2002.
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