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 2 Lt James Edward Bell  
Home Guard, Alabama State Troops - Co. H   
JE Bell was wounded and captured at Hatcher's run in March of 1865.

After the war, he became a Baptist Circuit Preacher and established First Baptist Church in Johnson City, Texas (still in existence), rode circuit as far west as Marfa, Texas.
  Ancestor added by Doug McMordie on 8/14/2019
 Pvt George Washington Webb  
4th Alabama Cavalry - Co. H   
George was born in 1826 in Waterloo, Lauderdale Co Ala. He enlisted there on 17 May 1861. His unit fought at the battles: Tuscumbia, Town Creek, Rode with Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest in raids at Athens & Pulaski. Harrisburg & Selma. The major element of his unit was captured at Selma. the remainder laid down their arms at Pond Spring. He was captured 7 Jan 1865 near his home. As POW moved to Camp Morton in Indiana. Exchanged at Akiens Landing on 15 Mar 1865. He is buried at Pisgah Church, Hamburg, Hardin Co. Tenn..
  Ancestor added by phillip thomas on 8/13/2019
 Maj James Callehan  
4th New York Light Artillery - Co.   
James Callehan died at Austin 25 March 1870 he was a Brevet Major at death of the 4 th Cav. but served in the civil war as second and then 1st lieutenant. Born in New York but family settling in Ohio. His younger brother Christopher Callahan noted in this database to have died from meningitis at Ft Corcoran in 1864. Any information about James would be welcome. Thanks KH
  Ancestor added by Katherine Hoover on 8/12/2019
 2nd Sgt Henry Alexander Blue  
8th South Carolina Infantry - Co. C   
Henry was 20 years old from Chesterfield District, SC. He enlisted at Cheraw, in that district on 14 April 1861. His unit moved to Virginia and his unit was engaged at 1st Manassas, however he was sick in hospital. He was given a sick furlough and died in Richmond Va. on his way home. He was single so his father filed for Settlement Certificate. It was for $76.00 Certificate # 6854. He has a CSA stone at Hollywood Cem. Richmond City Va.
  Ancestor added by phillip thomas on 8/11/2019
 Pvt Charles E Chapman  
4th South Carolina Cavalry - Co. A   
Charles was from the Chesterfield District of SC the Post Office was at Cheraw. He enlisted at age 17 at Cheraw, SC on 26 Dec 1861. Enlisted by Capt Craig for the war. 26 June 1863 he is on detached duty searching for cattle. 26 Feb 1864 he is in hospital at Raleigh, NC with Typhoid Fever. He never recovered and was sent home to Cheraw, SC on 60 day furlough where he died 15 Oct 1864. He was assigned to Butler's Brigade. Note on CMR to see 6th Regt SC Cavalry. Battles: Black River, Raid at Combahee Ferry, Lowe's Mill, & Cunningham's Bluff 24 Nov 1863.
  Ancestor added by phillip thomas on 8/11/2019
 Pvt Allen G Chapman  
8th South Carolina Infantry - Co. C   
Allen was age 20 when he enlisted at Cheraw, Chesterfield Co. SC on13 Apr 1861. Enlisted by W H Coit for 1 year. He was engaged at he 1st battle of Manassas, Va. 21 July 1861. 12 August finds him in the hospital at Orange Co Va. with Typhoid Fever from which he did not fully recover. He was discharged as being unfit for service on 13 Dec 1861 and paid $145.50cents on 11 Jan 1862. No record is know to exist after this data we do not know if he made it home...
  Ancestor added by phillip thomas on 8/10/2019
 Pvt Edward Daugherty  
31st Iowa Infantry - Co. K   
Buried in Danville National Cemetery, Danville, Illinois.
  Ancestor added by Phil Bailey on 8/10/2019
 Pvt Patrick Timmons  
159th Indiana Infantry - Co. B   
Patrick enlisted in the 19th Indiana Infantry Regiment in Indianapolis in June 1861. He served with the regiment from his enlistment until he was reported missing at Gettysburg July 1-3 1863. He was a cousin to a great great grandmother of mine. He was probably killed or died of his wounds outright during the battle and now lies in one of the unknown graves at the National Cemetery at Gettysburg alongside hundreds of other patriots who gave the last full measure of devotion. he was part of the famous Iron Brigade.
  Ancestor added by Paul D.Wingerter on 8/8/2019
 2nd Cpl John Mallory Wilks  
57th Alabama Infantry - Co. C   
John was 36 years old when he enlisted 12 Feb 1863 from Pike County Ala. He was promoted to 2nd Corporal 1 May 1863. He fought in the Dalton - Atlanta Campaign taking severe losses at battle of Peach Tree Creek. Engaged in battles of Franklin, Nashville and sent to North Carolina where his last fight was as Bentonville. He suffered a severe gunshot wound on 1 April 1865 and was sent on a 60 day medical furlough from hospital at Opelika, Ala. He was paroled 19 June 1865. He did his best against the invaders..God bless his soul.
  Ancestor added by phillip thomas on 8/7/2019
 2nd Sgt Alexander M Wilks  
21st South Carolina Infantry - Co. E   
Alexander was 30 years old when he enlisted at Chesterfield Co. Court House, Chesterfield Co. SC for 12 months in B T Davis' Co SC Vols'. Mustered in at Georgetown SC on 10 Jan 1862. He re-enlisted 8 Jan 1862. He suffered a gunshot wound on 18 June 1864. 21 Aug 1864 he is reported as captured at Weldon railroad and was reported as being in the hands of the enemy. He was sent to Point Lookout and then to City Point where he was exchanged 18 Sep 1864. He suffered numerous health issues during his term of duty.
  Ancestor added by phillip thomas on 8/7/2019
 Pvt Wiley G Gainey  
21st South Carolina Infantry - Co. E   
Wiley was born in Chesterfield District, South Carolina in 1835. He was enlisted at Chesterfield Court House by Capt B. T. Davis Co. of SC Vols. on 1 May 1862. this unit became Co E 21st Infantry. The unit served around Charleston and moved to Virginia in late 1863. He died in the Trenches in 1864. An exact date of death is not given... Suspect he is buried in one of the many mass graves in that area.. God rest his soul.
  Ancestor added by phillip thomas on 8/6/2019
 Pvt Daniel M Wilks  
21st South Carolina Infantry - Co. E   
Daniel was born in Chesterfield District, South Carolina in 1826. He enlisted at Chesterfield Court House on 24 Feb 1863. His unit was stationed at Charleston where he sustained a flesh wound to his left thigh by a conical ball on 10 July 1863. He was captured and treated at he USA Hosp at Hilton Head. He took the oath [ swallowed the yellow dog] and was exchanged on 23 July 1863. He rejoined his unit and was killed in action at Drewry's Bluff on 16 May 1864.
  Ancestor added by phillip thomas on 8/6/2019
 Pvt David Conzett  
5th Iowa Cavalry - Co. E   
After service as "90 Day Man" in 1st Iowa Infantry with General Lyons in Missouri in earliest days of Civil War; enlisted 17 Sep 1861 for 3 years; mustered 17 Oct 1861; promoted to Private 1 Nov 1861 at St. Louis, Missouri; taken prisoner near Dresden, Tennessee 7 May 1862, paroled at Corinth, Mississippi 14 May 1862; promoted to Saddler 20 Jun 1862; discharged 31 Dec 1863 by virtue of re-enlistment as a Volunteer Veteran with 5th Iowa Volunteer Veteran Cavalry 1 Jan 1864 at Pulaski, Tennessee; discharged due to death 20 Sep 1864. Died 30 Jul 1864, ~3:30 pm near Brown's Mill, Newnan, Georgia.

Personal recollection in undated speech by August Hammel, Cpl. Co. E in Dubuque, the precise date and location of the speech are unknown:

"Comrades and ladies, I am no public speaker, but I have taken a few notes of my experience on the famous McCook raid and my introduction at Andersonville. My service was with Company E, Fifth Iowa Cavalry Volunteers, from 1861 to 1865.
After returning from a successful raid through Alabama under Gen. Rosseau, we were ordered to participate in the desperate and famous McCook raid from Atlanta to Newnan, Georgia, on the afternoon of July 23rd, 1864, An order was read to the regiment, ordering all able bodied men and horses to get ready to participate in the contemplated McCook Raid. Out of our Company E of 80 strong at that time, there were only 22 able to answer to the call and to obey the order for this stern and desperate duty. Towards evening of the 23rd, the regiment left the camp and about midnight we struck the enemy's wagon train, which we burned and captured the men and mules belonging to the train, then in further advancing we meet the enemy in force. After desperate fighting we drove the rebels back and destroyed many miles of railroad, then advancing towards Newnan we encountered the enemy in such a strong force that we were compelled to halt and accept an engagement offered by the rebels, being virtually surrounded. After a consultation of our commanding officers, whether our command should surrender or cut our way through the enemy's ranks, it was finally decided to cut our way through the enemy's ranks, which we did with the loss of a great many good and true men, particularly one which I call to memory is David Conzett; he was just in the act of mounting when he was shot through the head and fell. I asked him: "Dave, what is the matter?"; he never answered. Poor Dave had answered the last roll call."

David died at the cabin of a minister whose family had fled when the fighting started; the cabin was used as a gathering point and Federal command post in the last hours of the battle. The site is now a part of Coweta County's Brown's Mill Battlefield Park, near Newnan, Georgia. When the minister's family returned in the hours afterwards, they found David and two other Federal troops' bodies. They buried them and, when David's brother returned at war's end to find his brother, the Minister was able to identify David and show Josiah where he was buried. 12 years later, his remains were disinterred and reburied at the National Cemetery at Marietta, grave 6104.
  Ancestor added by L Conzett on 8/2/2019
 Pvt John Wesley Coker  
1st South Carolina Artillery - Co. D   
John was from the Antioch Community of Darlington Co.[ District] SC. He was 16 years old in 1860. He enlisted at the Darlington District Court House on 20 Dec 1862 in Capt Warley's Co. D SC. Vols. This Artillery unit became 1st SC Artillery, aka 2nd SC Artillery and was commanded by Officers Lamar, Alston, & Lamar's Battery SC Light Arty. as well as Inglis' Light Arty. [Manigault's Battalion SC Arty.] Reference: Siege Train... Confederate Artillery in defense of Charleston SC.... John Wesley survived the invasion and died at his son's home in Birmingham, Ala. 13 Apr 1915 and is buried by his wife in Darlington Co. SC.
  Ancestor added by phillip thomas on 7/31/2019
 Pvt Sosthene Bernard  
Consolidated Crescent Regiment Louisiana Infantry - Co. A   
Enlisted March 10, 1862 in Lafayette as an Private in the 26th infantry - A company, the “Lafayette Prairie Boys”, under Captain Eraste Mouton.
(Captain Mouton was the cousin of Brigadier General Alfred Mouton and nephew of Governor Alexandre Mouton, the General’s father)

POW at Vicksburg, Mississippi July 4, 1863 but release July 8th after signing agreement not to take up arms against USA. However, he did rejoin the war.

Appears on a list of the 26th La. Infantry reported in camp for exchange at Alexandria, La., before April 1, 1864. Same report list Headquarter’s Allen's Brigade., Shreveport, La., March 29, 1864,

The 26th regiment later consolidated with others into 22d regiment.

He was part of the surrender at New Orleans on May 26, 1865.

Paroled at New Iberia, La. sometime in July or August 1865.

  Ancestor added by Ann on 7/30/2019
 Pvt James Henry Jordan  
21st South Carolina Infantry - Co. E   
James was born near Patrick SC in probably Cole Hill Township in the Chesterfield District of South Carolina in 1838. He enlisted 20 Dec 1861 at Chesterfield District Court House in Capt. B T Davis' Co of SC Vols. This unit mustered into Confederate service on 10 Jan 1862 at Georgetown, SC. He served faithfully thru the war. He was captured at Black Creek, SC on 1 Mar 1865. He was admitted to hospital on 3 occasions for illness. He died in 1917 and is buried at Cedar Creek Baptist Church in Chesterfield Co SC.
  Ancestor added by phillip thomas on 7/28/2019
 Pvt John Nelson Jarrod Coker  
Battalion of State Cadets - Co. H   
John was born in 1828 in Sumter Co. SC. He was 33 years old when he enlisted in Co H 26th SC Inf. on 14 Feb 1863 at Mcellanville, SC. His Regimental history shows he was engaged at: Jackson Siege, Bermuda Hundred, Petersburg Siege where he was wounded. The Crater. Fort Stedman and Five Forks before his unit surrendered at Appamattox on 21 Apr 1865. His wounds affected him the rest of his life. He died 20 Dec 1893 at Tuberville, Clarendon Co. SC. He has a proper CSA stone.
  Ancestor added by phillip thomas on 7/20/2019
 1st Sgt George W McEwen  
49th Ohio Infantry - Co. H   
Killed in action May 27, 1864 at Pickett’s Mill, Georgia. Research says most were buried on the battlefield but reinterred in 1866 in the Marietta National Cemetery. No sign of George burial here. Any ideas how to find out if he is at Marietta?
  Ancestor added by Dawnlon on 7/18/2019
 Pvt Robert Laney  
Thomas' Legion - Co. I   
Father-in-law of 1st cousin 3 x removed. Enlisted and mustered on 3/15/1862 at Caldwell County, NC as a Private into "I" Co. NC 26th Infantry. Wounded 7/1/1862 Malvern Hill, VA (Left hand). Returned 9/30/1862. He was discharged for disability on 5/9/1863 (Paralysis of left hand). Applied for pension, 7/1/1901.
  Ancestor added by Glenn Land on 7/11/2019
 Pvt Thomas M. Hendricks  
27th South Carolina Infantry - Co. K   
Thomas M. Hendricks enlisted as a Private in Company K, 27th South Carolina Infantry on February 17, 1863 at Charleston, South Carolina. He was on detached service at Fort Sumter March - April 1864. He was captured near Petersburg, Virginia on June 24, 1864 and imprisoned at Bermuda Hundred yankee prison, Virginia and transferred to Fort Monroe yankee prison, Virginia on June 25, 1864. He was transferred to Point Lookout yankee prison, Maryland on June 27 and forwarded to Elmira yankee prion, New York onAugust 16, 1864. He died at Elmira of pneumonia on November 13, 1864. He was transferred to Company B of the 27th while a POW.
  Ancestor added by Charles Hendrix on 7/10/2019
 Pvt James P. Hendricks  
22nd South Carolina Infantry - Co. F   
Enlisted 18 Jan 1862 for 12 months...
  Ancestor added by Charles Hendrix on 7/10/2019
 Pvt Preston H Wooley  
44th North Carolina Infantry - Co. F   
Preston was from Mount Gilead, Montgomery Co NC. He was in poor health but insisted on enlisting, which he did on 2 Mar 1863. His unit moved to Richmond where he was afflicted by Typhoid Fever. He died 23 May 1863 about 10 weeks after enlistment.
  Ancestor added by phillip thomas on 7/4/2019
 Pvt John Lucius Phelps  
37th Georgia Infantry - Co. B   
My great grandfather. Confirmed by grave marker and application for Confederate Soldiers Pension in Florida (1920). Enlisted 21 July 1861. Re-enlisted April 1864. Wounded in Battle of Resaca on 15 May 1864.
  Ancestor added by James H Sterling on 7/1/2019
 Pvt William L Bechtel  
21st Pennsylvania Cavalry - Co. H   
At sixteen years, he enlisted in the Twenty-first Pennsylvania Cavalry, a three-year regiment, and participated in every engagement until mustered out August 16, 1865. After the Civil War he enlisted in the United States Infantry and, at the end of ten years, retired as a lieutenant. He applied for and received a pension for his service in 1891.
  Ancestor added by John Davis on 7/1/2019
 Capt George Hewitt Daniel  
8th Georgia Infantry State Guards (CSA) - Co. I   
George Hewitt Daniel, Captain and Adjutant of the 8th Regt., Georgia State Guard, on the Staff of Gen. Iverson was home on leave in Covington, GA when Gen. Sherman's cavalry under Brig Gen Kenner Garrard came through on a raid in late July 1864. Capt. Daniel, was captured, tried and executed.
  Ancestor added by John Davis on 7/1/2019
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