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 3rd Cpl Elbert Boswell  
41st Mississippi Infantry - Co. C   
Elbert was born 8 Sept 1828 in Clark Co. Ala. He enlisted 21 April 1862 in [Old] Co. H 41st Regt. Miss. Infantry. When he was wounded 31 Dec 1862 at Murfreesboro his unit is noted as [New] Co C. Enlisted at Marion Station, by Capt J. M. Hicks for 3 years. After he is wounded he is given a 40 day furlough. It is noted that in Aug. 1863 he has rejoined his Company. 1 Dec 1863 he is promoted to 3rd Corporal. He reenlisted for the war on 29 Jan 1864. He is captured near Jonesboro Ga. on 31 Aug 1864. Data on where he was held as POW is not known. He was paroled 10 May 1865 at Meridian, Miss. He died 13 Jan 1909 in Madison Co. Texas. Buried in Willowhole Cem. North Zulch, Madison Co. Texas. He is in my ancestor tree as a very distant relative by marriage. PS: for researchers his Regiment was consolidated near the end of the war with what was left of the 7th, 9th, 10th & 44th Regiments plus a sharpshooters company.
  Ancestor added by phillip thomas on 1/22/2020
 Pvt Aaron Dickson Burton  
7th South Carolina Cavalry - Co. E   
Aaron was born in Newberry, Newberry Co. SC 16 May 1844. He enlisted at age 17 on 3 Dec 1861 in Capt J. P. Spearman's Co. C Holcomb's Legion. He has 11 cards in this file. This evolved into Co E 7th Regiment SC Cavalry. He suffered a gunshot wound to his hip during the Petersburg Siege and was admitted
1 June1864 to the Jackson Hospital at Richmond. He was paroled at Appomattox Court House 9 April 1865.
Prior to 18 March 1864 his duty was with Holcomb's Legion. At this point I have not documented his action with that unit.
We are related thru a distant marriage on my paternal line.
  Ancestor added by phillip thomas on 1/20/2020
 Pvt William Benjamin Pullam  
33rd Arkansas Infantry - Co. E   
William was born in Union Co. Kentucky 6 Aug 1823. He enlisted at Camp Bragg, Arkansas on 13 Dec 1863. He has two cards in his archival file. Enlisted by Capt Grinsteh for 3 years . Camp Bragg was a camp of Instruction later moved to Camp White. His first major engagement would have been the Red River Campaign conducted mostly in Louisiana. It is believed he was home sick when the last CMR was completed as it states he is Absent sick , awol since 1 Feb 1864. One source gives his Company as Co. A. He died 16 March 1894 in Clark County Ark. He was married several times and it is noted that his last wife Milberry Kizer filed for CSA pension in 1901. I have not located that pension. We are related by a distant marriage.
  Ancestor added by phillip thomas on 1/19/2020
 Pvt James Shelby Grisham  
5th Arkansas Infantry - Co. I   
James was born in Good Springs, Alabama on 20 Oct 1839. He has 18 cards in his archival file. He was 21 years old when he enlisted in Capt Gingles' Co. State Troops at Brownsville on 14 Jun 1861. He was mustered into Confederate Service at Pocahontas, Ark in July 1861. His unit was reorganized for the war at Corinth, Miss. on 12 May 1862. His first weapon was M1816/M1822 .69 Cal. flintlock. They upgraded by scavenged weapons from the battlefield from dead yankee's at Shiloh. His first battle was at the Siege of Corinth April-June 1861 and was engaged in most when not out sick until the last fight at Bentonville, NC March 19-21 1865. He is buried at Oakwood Cem, Tuscumbia, Colbert Co. Ala. We are related thru a distant marriage.
  Ancestor added by phillip thomas on 1/17/2020
 Pvt George Washington Sherrel / Sherrill  
4th Alabama Cavalry - Co. E   
George was born 11 Oct 1844 in Frankfort, Franklin Co. Ala. I have been unable to find his archival file. This data comes from his gravestone and the 1907-1921 census files [ Alabama census of Confederate Soldiers ] He enlisted at age 19 on 29 Sept 1862 at Russellville, Ala. in Co E 4th Regiment Ala. Cavalry [Roddy's]. He was paroled at Pond Springs Ala. on 16 May 1865. He married Sepuata Frances Killingsworth on 30 Dec 1869. I have posted the Regimental History of the 4th [Roddy's] That provides a running account of where he was and actions he was engaged in... If anyone has found his "CMR's =company muster roll's" please contact me. He and his wife are buried at Barton Cem. Barton, Colbert Co. Ala.
  Ancestor added by phillip thomas on 1/17/2020
 1st Cpl William Anderson  
50th Tennessee Infantry - Co. D   
Enlisted 9 December 1861 in Company D, 1st (Colms') Tennessee Infantry Battalion; he was 18 years old.

The 1st Tennessee Infantry Battalion was commanded by Major S. H. Colms. The battalion was temporarily consolidated about 1 November 1862 with the 50th Tennessee Infantry Regiment. The consolidation became permanent 24 February 1864 with formation of the 50th Tennessee Infantry Regiment (Consolidated). Company D was combined with Company C to form Company K.

William Anderson was captured by Union forces on 16 February 1862 at Fort Donelson; his name appeared on a Roll of Prisoners of War dated 27 August 1862,, at Camp Morton, Indiana. Thereafter, his name was included on an undated list of exchanged prisoners received at Vicksburg, Mississippi. He was reported by his commanding officer as among those reporting at Jackson, Mississippi on 12 September 1862. He was promoted 7 January 1863 to 1st corporal. and, reported, "at camp near Port Hudson, Louisiana, 21 April 1863."

William Anderson's name appears on an undated register of patients in Ocmulgee Hospital, Macon, Georgia, He had been admitted on 29 March 1865 with what appears to have been a leg wound, and transferred on 18 April 1865 to an unidentified location, His name appeared on a report dated 30 April 1865 as among prisoners captured during the month of April 1865 by members of the 1st Brigade, 2nd U.S. Cavalry Division, Macon, Georgia.

Sources: Company Muster Rolls for Company D, 1st (Colms') Tennessee Infantry Battalion dated 6 January 1862 through February 1864; undated List "of exchanged prisoners received at Vicksburg;" Roll of Prisoners of War at Camp Morton, Indiana, 27 August 1862; Company Muster Roll for Company K, 50th Tennessee Infantry Regiment (Consolidated), for March and April 1864; undated Register of patients in Ocmulgee Hospital, Macon, Georgia; and, Report dated "Hdqrs, 1st Brig., 2d Cav. Div., Macon, Ga., 30 April 1865"
  Ancestor added by Jim Denison on 1/14/2020
 Pvt Allen Anderson  
50th Tennessee Infantry - Co. D   
Enlisted 9 December 1861 in Company D, 1st (Colms') Tennessee Infantry Battalion which was temporarily consolidated about 1 November 1862 with the 50th Tennessee Infantry Regiment. The consolidation became permanent 24 February 1864 with formation of the 50 Tennessee Infantry Regiment (Consolidated), and Company D was combined with Company C to form Company K.

Pvt. Allen Anderson was captured by Union forces on 16 February 1862 at Fort Donelson. He appears on an undated Roll of Prisoners of War at Camp Morton, Indiana, in June 1862. He died of pneumonia at Prison Hospital, Indianapolis, Indiana, on 26 April 1862 and was buried in Greenlawn Cemetery. Greenlawn was closed to new burials in 1890, and by 1899 efforts to relocate it entirely were underway. During the relocation process, it was discovered that most of the graves had been robbed and the bodies stolen. In 1931 industrial development around Greenlawn Cemetery resulted in the remaining bodies of Confederate prisoners being moved to the privately owned Crown Hill Cemetery where they were interred in a mass grave known as Confederate Mound.

Sources: Company Muster Roll for 6 January 1862 to 1 August 1862; undated Roll of Prisoners of War at Camp Morton, Indiana, June 1862; undated Report of prisoners of war who died at Prison Hospital, Indianapolis, Indiana, 15-30 April 1862; Report dated 26 December 1862 of deaths in the 1st (Colms') Tennessee Infantry Battalion; and undated Register "of Officers and Soldiers of the Army of the Confederate States who were killed in battle, or who died of wounds or disease."
  Ancestor added by Jim Denison on 1/13/2020
 Unk Anthony Triplett  
18th Virginia Cavalry - Co. A   
ANTHONY TRIPLETT- was born December 18, 1841 in the Dry Fork region of Randolph County WV., the son of John and Nancy Bennett Triplett. He enlisted in Co. A 18th Virginia Cavalry May 5, 1863 along with cousins Oliver and Jasper Wilmoth Triplett. Anthony was captured May 21, 1863 at Beverly, WV. He was forwarded to Fort Monroe, Va. where he was exchanged. While on detached duty on the night of March 20, 1864, Anthony and a squad of the 18th Virginia Cavalry were ambushed by the Union Home Guard ('The Swamp Dragons'), at 'The Sinks of Gandy', Randolph County. Anthony was severely wounded and left for dead but escaped and recovered from his wounds. His cousin Oliver was killed. Anthony was again captured in Highland County, Va. on May 29, 1864 by the Union 10th West Virginia Infantry and sent to POW Camp Chase. He was released by Oath January 10, 1865. After the war Anthony settled in Taylor County, WV., married Emeline Lake and raised two children. Anthony died at Webster, Taylor County December 13, 1925, and is buried with his wife in Lake Cemetery, Marion County, WV.
  Ancestor added by Ralph Bennett on 1/10/2020
 Unk william harrison reynolds  
5th Tennessee Infantry - Co.   
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 Pvt Job Evans  
53rd North Carolina Infantry - Co. F   
Enlisted 10 Apr 1863 in Alamance County, North Carolina. Mustered out 12 May 1964 at Spotsylvania Court House. KIA?
  Ancestor added by Carol Davis on 1/10/2020
 Pvt William A Ballard  
Captain T.C. Park's Company, Local Defense Troops - Co. F   
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 Pvt Joseph L Bennett  
62nd Virginia Infantry - Co. C   
JOSEPH L. BENNETT- was born 1841 in the Dry Creek area of Pendleton County, WV. He enlisted in 2nd Company C, Virginia 62nd Mounted Infantry on July 1, 1862 in Pendleton County, Colonel J. D. Imboden commanding. Joseph was a son of Moses and Susannah Bennett. His brother George W. enlisted in the same company the following month. Joseph was present for all Co. C musters until he was killed in action, May 15, 1864 during the Battle of New Market, VA. He is buried in the Confederate soldier section of St. Matthew Lutheran Church Cemetery in New Market.
  Ancestor added by Ralph Bennett on 12/31/2019
 Pvt Richard Parsley  
28th Tennessee Infantry - Co. I   
Originally enlisted in the 84th Tennessee infantry. November 1862. Consolidated into the 28th. Captured in the battle of Nashville sent to Camp Chase Ohio. Died refusing the oath January 1865
  Ancestor added by Blayne Parsley on 12/31/2019
 Sgt Robert J. Waybright  
17th Virginia Infantry - Co. H   
ROBERT J WAYBRIGHT- was born October 12, 1840 in Jackson County, West Virginia, the son of John Madison & Nancy (McCray) Waybright. He enlisted as a Private in Co. H, 17th Virginia Cavalry at Sissonville, Jackson County on October 10, 1862, as was later promoted Sgt. Robert was captured by the US 2nd Cavalry in a battle at Ninevah, near Front Royal VA. on November 12, 1864. He was sent first to Harper's Ferry and then transferred to the Union Point Lookout POW Camp. MD. Robert was released from Point Lookout by oath, June 9, 1865. He returned to Jackson County where he died August 12, 1866. Robert is buried in the Waybright Cemetery, Spencer, Jackson County, WV.
  Ancestor added by Ralph Bennett on 12/30/2019
 Pvt Levi Waybright  
62nd Virginia Infantry - Co. G   
LEVI WAYBRIGHT- was born in Pendleton County, then Virginia, in 1829. He moved to Sutton, Braxton County, WV. where he was employed as a carpenter. In 1854 he married the widow Mary Jane (Evans) Stephenson. The Braxton County 1860 census shows Levi as the father of three Waybright children, three Stephenson step-children and living on a large profitable farm. The 1860 census also shows him as the owner of six slaves. Levi enlisted in the Virginia 62nd Mounted Infantry on August 20, 1862. He was one of the about 40 soldiers from Braxton County who enlisted in Company G of the 62nd Virginia. He likely participated in the 1862 raids against the B&O Railroad. Levi died of Small Pox February 7, 1863 at Camp Washington near Romney, WV. He is likely buried in an unknown grave at what was Camp Washington or at Romney.
  Ancestor added by Ralph Bennett on 12/29/2019
 Cpl James Ellis Edding Sr.  
21st South Carolina Infantry - Co. D   
James was born in 1824 in Chesterfield Co. SC. He was 32 years old when he enlisted at Cheraw, Chesterfield County SC on 20 Dec 1861 in Capt. M.G. Tarrh's Company of Sc Vols. He entered as Pvt but was promoted to Corporal when mustered at Georgetown on 10 Jan 1862. His archival file is large and has him present in camp sick on two occasions. 12 May 1864 he is wounded by gunshot and admitted to Chimborazo Hosp # 1 at Richmond, Va. Granted a 60 day wounded furlough. He rejoins his unit and fights until the end of the invasion. Battles: Charleston, Port Walthall Junction, Swift Creek, Drewry's Bluff x2, Cold Harbor, Petersburg Siege, Weldon Rail Road, 2nd battles of Fort Harrison & Fort Fisher, Carolina Campaign & finally Bentonville. James married x 3 and died 26 May 1894 at Cheraw, SC. Buried at that town in Old Saint Davids Episcopal Ch. His sacrifice for his homeland is not forgotten. We are related by a distant marriage.
  Ancestor added by phillip thomas on 12/28/2019
 Pvt Chapman Freeman  
21st South Carolina Infantry - Co. D   
Chapman was born May 1844 in Camden, Kershaw Co. SC. He enlisted at Cheraw, Chesterfield Co. SC on 20 Dec 1861 at age 15 in Capt. M.G. Tarrh's Company SC. Vol's. The unit mustered on 10 Jan 1862 at Georgetown, SC. He had some adjustment problems and was court marshaled and fined 1/2 months pay. In Aug 1863 he is on detached duty as sharp shooter. Captured 15 Jan 1865 at Fort Fisher, NC and sent to Elmira, NY where he arrived 30 Jan 1865. He took the oath aka [ swallowed the yellow dog] and was released 11 July 1865. His Company fought at Charleston. Swift Creek, Drewry's Bluff,Va. Cold Harbor, Petersburg Siege, Weldon Rail Road, 2nd Fort Harrison & 2nd Fort Fisher where he was captured. He was the Father in Law of my 3rd cousin 2 x removed.
  Ancestor added by phillip thomas on 12/27/2019
 Pvt David L Watson  
21st South Carolina Infantry - Co. D   
David was born in the rural community of Cash in Chesterfield Co. SC in 1840. He was 21 Years old when he enlisted at nearby Cheraw, SC on 20 Dec 1861. Enlisting in Capt. M.G. Tarr's Co. SC. Vols. Mustered at Georgetown, SC 10 Jan 1862. He was captured at Morris Island, Charleston on 10 July 1863. He was wounded [ gunshot wounds in both ankles] Taken aboard Steamer Cosmopolitan and taken to Union Gen. Hospital on Morris Island. Exchanged 23 July 1863. He recovered and rejoined his Company. In Nov 1864 he is suffering from chronic diaroheea and is in 1st Division Jackson Hosp. at Richmond, Va. Fought at Charleston, Swift Creek, Drewry's Bluff, Cold Harbour, Petersburg Siege, Weldon Rail Road, Fort's Harrison and Fisher, Carolina Campaign and the final battle at Bentonville, NC. We are related by marriage. He married twice and died 15 June 1916. He is buried at LDS Cem. Society Hill, Darlington Co. SC
  Ancestor added by phillip thomas on 12/27/2019
 Pvt William Elias Flowers  
8th South Carolina Infantry - Co. F   
William was born 12 Feb 1844 in Darlington Co. SC. He enlisted in Capt. T.E. Howle's Co SC Vols. 19 March 1862 at the County Court House. He was 18 years old and enlisted for 2 years or the war. He has 19 cards in his archival file. [also later served in Co. M] He fought in most of the major battles including Richmond, Maryland Heights, Sharpsburg, & Gettysburg. He was captured on 13 Sept 1864 on the Berryville and Winchester Pike near Opequah Creek, Va. He escaped and was re-captured at Harper's Ferry on 19 Sep 1864 and sent to the Union Military Prison at Champ Chase, Ohio. He was released on 2 May 1865 and walked home. His two brothers Cyrus and Mathis served with him. His Co Commander Capt. T. H. Howell died in battle leading his troops at Dunkard's Church. William is buried at Swift Creek Baptist Church, Darlington Co. SC. He was the Father in Law of my 3rd cousin 2 x removed.
  Ancestor added by phillip thomas on 12/26/2019
 Pvt Jesse Rufus Bryant  
21st South Carolina Infantry - Co. B   
Jesse was born 1 Feb 1830 in Darlington County SC. He was 32 years old when he enlisted at Darlington on 16 May 1862. He had several bouts of illness which found him present but sick in camp. His unit was engaged in most of the big battles of the war and was Captured at Fort Fisher, NC on 15 Jan 1865. He was taken as POW [ wounded in both ankles by gun shot] Moved to USA field hospital at Morehead City, NC discharged and sent via steamer Champion to Fort Monroe, Va. discharged as patient 19 Jan. 1865 and paroled 10 June 1865. He died 7 Aug 1907. He was the husband of my 3rd cousin 2 x removed.
  Ancestor added by phillip thomas on 12/24/2019
 Pvt Gabriel Mason Hanks  
42nd Alabama Infantry - Co. C   
Gabriel was born 15 Sep 1838 in Wilcox Co. Alabama. He was a devout Presbyterian. He enlisted at Camden, Alabama on 11 April 1862 in Co C 42nd Regiment Alabama Infantry. 24 Dec 1963 he is a patient in French's Hospital at Shelby Springs, Alabama. 3 July 1863 he is captured at Vicksburg. Paroled June 1865 at Selma, Alabama He died 8 May 1909 after falling into the river while checking his trot lines. He is buried at Ebenezer Presbyterian Church at Cotton Plant, Tippah County, Mississippi. We are distantly related.
  Ancestor added by phillip thomas on 12/22/2019
 Pvt Levi Waybright  
61st Virginia Militia - Co. G   
LEVI WAYBRIGHT- entered in 61st Virginia in error. Levi will be found in my entry for Co. G, 62nd Virginia Mounted Infantry.
  Ancestor added by Ralph Bennett on 12/22/2019
 Pvt Philp j Reilly (O'Riley)  
69th New York Infantry - Co. B   
Philip O'Riley joined the 69th NYS Militia in April of 1861, with big brother Bernard. Philip had just turned 12 years old and both fought at Bull Run with the regiment. The brother was killed in action in May 1864, at the North Anna River, shot in the forehead. Bernard Reilly is in Arlington Section 27, grave 411. Philip Reilly went into the stone business in New York and died an old man, living where LaGuardia Airport now is. His grandson James Reilly joined the 69th (165th) in 1939 as a Pvt and ended the war as a Captain. Philip's Great Great grandson, Richard Reilly, joined the 69th and New York National Guard as a 2nd Lt, later commanding Delta Company as a Captain. Assigned as Aide de Camp to the Commanding General Task Force Spartan Shield in the Middle East (2019). Richard Reilly is a member of NYPD, assigned as a Detective Brooklyn South.
  Ancestor added by Steve Reilly on 12/22/2019
 Pvt Elijah Clinton Wiggins  
4th Alabama Cavalry - Co. A   
Elijah was born in Monroe Co. Ala. he was 21 years old in 1860. He has 3 cards in his archival file. He enlisted at Camden, Alabama on 7 Aug 1862 in Co A 4th Regiment Ala. Cavalry [ Russell's] He is paid $58.40 for the use and risk for use of his horse. He is found on a Hospital Muster Roll at Saint Mary's Hospital in Montgomery, Ala. on 15 Nov 1864. He rode with Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest. I have written his Bio and attached the Regimental history. He is the father in law of my 4th cousin 3 x removed. May God rest his soul. Deo Vindice.
  Ancestor added by phillip thomas on 12/20/2019
 Pvt Jeptha Middleton  
Home Guard, Alabama State Troops - Co.   
Jeptha was born in 1812 and was 52 years old when he enlisted as a Private in Capt S. H. Dailey's Co. 1st Class Milita [Home Guard] Monroe County Alabama, Beats 5, 11 & 12. He enlisted 16 Sept 1864 along with four family members. It was late in the war and few had guns. Of the 100+ men only 13 had guns. Of the 5 Middleton's three had a weapon. Some of these home guard soldiers joined the Alabama Reserve units and fought in the last desperate days of fighting at Spanish Fort, Blakely and Mobile. May God rest their souls. I am distantly related to Jeptha by marriage.
  Ancestor added by phillip thomas on 12/19/2019
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